Torrid Credit Card Phone No.

Torrid Credit Card Phone Number: Email, Official Website, Pros, Cons  and More Details

Torrid Credit Card Phone No.: Comenity Bank’s Torrid credit card is surprisingly straightforward for a retail card. Fans of the clothing company will benefit from the continuous 5% discount on Torrid purchases, in addition to the substantial sign-up bonus. There is no annual fee.

Trade Name Torrid Credit Card
Phone NumberInternational:  1-626-603-3190
United States: 1-866-867-7431  Canada:     1-855-847-9444
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How do I apply for a Torrid credit card?

Torrid Credit Card Phone Number

Use these procedures to apply for a Torrid credit card:

  • Go to Torrid’s official website.
  • After selecting “Apply Now,” complete the application.
  • Please share your personal details, such as your address, yearly income, and Social Security number.
  • Examine the data, then send in the application.

What is the Torrid Credit Card’s credit limit?

For those who are interested in fashion, Comenity Bank’s Torrid Credit Card is a simple and possibly useful store credit. What you should know about its credit limit is as follows:

  • Credit Limit: Depending on each person’s creditworthiness, the credit limit for the Torrid Credit Card may change. When it comes to rewards credit cards in general, store cards usually have lower credit limits. Remember that managing your credit limit sensibly is crucial because it has an impact on your credit scores.
  • Ongoing 5% Discount: One of the best things about the Torrid Credit Card is that it offers a constant 5% discount on all Torrid purchases, even with a credit limit. Customers who are regulars at the clothing store will find value in this simple perk.
  • Generous Sign-Up Offer: When a new cardholder opens and uses the Torrid Credit Card right away, they receive a 40% discount code good for one online purchase (no cap). This discount does not apply to in-store purchases or clearance items.

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How can I pay my Torrid credit card bill?

Use these procedures to pay your Torrid Credit Card bill:

Register: Visit the Torrid Cards website to apply for registration using a credit card.

Paperless Billing (Optional): Make sure you never forget a payment by setting up paperless billing, which will send you reminders when your statement is ready.

Get into your account: Enter your login information to access your Torrid account. Input your rating code and bank account details.

Plan Your Payment:
Make sure to plan your payment well in advance of the date that appears on your bank statement.

Torrid Credit Card Phone No.: Pros and Cons

Torrid Credit Card Phone Number


No Annual Fee: For people who regularly shop at Torrid, the Torrid Credit Card is an affordable option because it doesn’t have an annual fee.

Welcome Offer: 40% off your first online purchase at and a $15 coupon for purchases of $50 or more are yours when you are approved for the card. For new cardholders, this is a fantastic incentive.

5% Off Torrid Purchases: Cardholders receive a continuous 5% off of Torrid purchases made online and in-store.

Store Loyalty Programme: Insider, Loyalist, and VIP are the three tiers of Torrid’s loyalty programme, which is connected to the Torrid Credit Card. Free shipping, free returns, and birthday gifts are just a few of the benefits that become available as you accumulate points.

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High APR:  The card has an extremely high annual percentage rate (APR) of 29.99%. The interest costs on a balance you carry can mount up quickly.

Limited Rewards: The Torrid Credit Card doesn’t provide a lot of benefits outside of the first discount and continuous 5% off Torrid purchases, in contrast to some other store cards.

Not Ideal for Frequent Use:  This card is best suited for infrequent use, like utilising coupons or special offers, because of its high APR and few rewards.

Torrid Credit Card Contact Details

You can use the following contact information to get in touch with Torrid’s customer support team if you need help with your credit card:

International:  1-626-603-3190

United States: 1-866-867-7431 

Canada:     1-855-847-9444

Torrid Credit Card Phone No.: FAQs

1. Can I only use Torrid as the place to use my credit card?

Since the Torrid Credit Card is a closed-loop card, its only possible uses are at Torrid. To put it another way, you can only use it to buy products from Torrid stores or their website.

2. What is the Torrid Credit Card’s interest rate?

The variable purchase APR for the Torrid Credit Card is 29.24%. Especially when compared to the average annual percentage rate (APR) of credit cards that impose interest, this interest rate is relatively high.

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