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Kost103.5 Phone Number: KOST (103.5 FM) is a commercial radio station in Los Angeles, California. Owned by iHeartMedia, it is an adult contemporary radio format that begins airing in early November and concludes with Christmas music on Christmas Day. On West Olive Avenue in Burbank, it shares studio space with sibling stations. Ellen K. is based at KOST; portions of her morning show are broadcast to other iHeart AC stations on Saturday mornings.

First air date1957
Phone Number800-929-5678
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kost103.5 phone number

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Kost103.5 Phone Number: The station signed on as KGLA for the first time on October 9, 1957.

Renowned radio host Gordon McLendon acquired KGLA in the 1960s and changed the call letters to KADS in November 1966. The call sign was chosen because McLendon experimented with an all-advertisement format with clearance from the Federal Communications Commission. One of its advantages was that similar to classified advertising in a newspaper, listeners could buy their commercials on KADS. In the 1960s, FM radios were still uncommon, and the experimental format proved to be unsuccessful.

Beautiful music

Perched on Mount Wilson, the transmitter is similar to other Los Angeles television and FM radio stations.

The FM stations, including KOST, are grandfathered in as “superpower” stations because their effective radiated power (ERP) peaks at a higher altitude than the FCC’s maximum for Class B FM stations.

KOST broadcasts employ HD Radio technology. HD2 digital subchannel carries a rebroadcast of co-owned talk radio station KFI 640 AM. The iHeart soft adult contemporary format “The Breeze” used to air on the HD3 subchannel. As of now, the HD3 subchannel is not in use.

KOST began to incorporate more voices in the early 1980s, and on November 15, 1982, the station made the transition to an adult contemporary format. Bryan Simmons, a former radio personality in Sacramento, hosted KOST’s inaugural show after the station switched to a new format

Mark Wallengren and Kim Amidon took the helm as KOST’s new morning anchors on February 3, 1986. One of the longest-running radio programs in Los Angeles was The Mark & Kim Morning Show. Which aired for more than 20 years before coming to an end in 2007.

HD programming

KOST transmits on three internet-based subchannels:

  • KOST-HD1 is the name of KOST’s digital transmission of its analog transmission.
  • KFI (640 AM) co-owns KOST-HD2, an HD simulcast designed for talk radio.

Run by the Christian contemporary hit radio station Air, KOST’s HD3 broadcast carried the station from November 2013 to February 2015. When the station’s HD3 signal went black at the beginning of February, the Air1 feed was moved to a co-owned KHHT (92.3 FM) subchannel. In November 2018, the HD3 signal reappeared; however, it is currently inactive.

kost103.5 phone number

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The radio station stood out because KADS allowed listeners to purchase their favorite advertising. It wasn’t until later in the 1960s that McLendon found out that there was a free option for ads. In the past, the best thing that residents could do was buy newspaper advertisements. Before the arrival of radio stations, classified advertising was widely used. But KADS was merely experimenting, and it didn’t work out.

Target listeners

News broadcasting provided the foundation for the establishment of the Los Angeles station. Over time, though, the goal shifted to concentrate on a particular group of peopleā€”in this case, adults. The goal of the gentle, lovely music and adult contemporary programming was to appeal to adults over the age of thirty-five. KOST FM 103.5 targeted the entire United States, even though the majority of its listeners were in Los Angeles.


Kost103.5 Phone Number: The radio station’s transmitter is located atop Mount Wilson. Although KOST was the first station to pitch their transmitters here, most Los Angeles stations have since done the same. It may be found in Burbank on West Olive Avenue. KOST has made significant investments in Listen Live streaming because it is the most attractive service available.

Major competitors

  • KBIG 104.3
  • KJOI (98.7 FM)
  • KAMP-FM 97.1 AMP.
  • KPWR-FM Power 106
  • KCBS-FM 93.1 Jack FM
  • KRRL-FM REAL 92.3
  • KYSR-FM ALT 98.7

The majority of these rivals joined after 1956 when KOST was already operational. They have expanded and presented fierce rivalry, but in actuality, they are adopting and adhering to KOST’s guidelines because it was the pioneer in Los Angeles.


Radio & Records magazine nominated the station in 2007 for an “Adult Contemporary Station of The Year” award for the top 25 radio markets.

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