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Tractor Supply Phone Number: Tractor Supply Company, sometimes called TSC or TSCO. The Tractor Supply Company began operations in 1938. Landowners, pet owners, recreational farmers and ranchers, and those in the home improvement, agricultural, lawn and garden maintenance, livestock, and pet care industries, are all served by the American retail chain Tractor Supply Company. The company is based in Brentwood, Tennessee, and operates 2,000 stores. With the ticker symbol TSCO, it is a publicly traded Fortune 500 company on the NASDAQ.

NameTractor Supply
Founded 1938
Phone Number1 615 4404600
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Tractor Supply Phone Number

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Charles E. Schmidt had a doctorate in economics, but the Great Depression prevented him from finding high-paying employment. He launched his own company in 1938 and called it Tractor Supply Company (TSC), which supplied tractor parts via mail order. He compiled a list of goods and produced the Tractor Supply Co. Blue Book catalogue for the company.

The gamble paid off; in the company’s first year, sales totalled $50,000. Schmidt had saved up enough money by the end of the second year to open a retail store for tractor parts in Minot, North Dakota. He added numerous new locations over the following 20 years. He submitted an IPO application in 1958, and TSC started trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

The following few decades were turbulent. TSC merged with National Industries in 1969, but Fuqua Industries bought it less than ten years later, in 1978. After a few years of hardship, it regained its independence in 1982. It was bringing in $125 million a year at this point, with 135 stores. It was able to change things in a matter of years.

By 1990, TSC’s primary clientele consisted of part-time farmers, and the company’s focus had shifted to agricultural supplies in general. To raise money for a significant expansion, it went public once more in 1994 and started trading on the NASDAQ. It opened over 90 stores in the ensuing years, many of them in the South, which attracted customers because of the region’s burgeoning population and plenty of available real estate.


The goal of Tractor Supply Company is to earn money while working hard and enjoying life by offering excellent products and services at consistently low prices.


Between 15,500 and 20,000 products are available at Tractor Supply, including home goods, fencing, truck beds, chicken coops, pet food, and feed for farm animals in addition to work and recreation apparel. About 15% of the products sold in-store are exclusive to the area around the store. Online, the business sells between 125,000 and 150,000 products across thirteen product categories.

The category of livestock and pet products constituted 47% of the company’s sales in 2020. Hardware, tools, truck and towing products, as well as seasonal items like toys, gifts, and lawn and garden equipment, tied for second place in terms of sales at 21% apiece. With 7% and 4% of sales, respectively, apparel footwear and agricultural products came next. In 2021, exclusive brands at Tractor Supply accounted for 29% of overall sales.

Tractor Supply Phone Number

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Relationships with Customers

The majority of TSC’s customer relationships are self-service in nature. Clients purchase and utilise the company’s goods with little to no interaction from staff. Its website features a “Know How Central” section with advice on several topics, including fencing, lawn and garden maintenance, and livestock care.

In addition, the website offers access to an email newsletter and responses to commonly asked questions. There is a component of personal assistance despite this orientation. At its Store Support Centre in Brentwood, Tennessee, the business runs a customer solutions centre that offers email and phone support.

FAQs on Tractor Supply Phone Number

Q. Who are Tractor Supply’s founders?

Ans. Charles Schmidt is the founder of Tractor Supply.

Q. When did Tractor Supply get its start?

Ans. In 1938, Tractor Supply was established.

Q. In which market does Tractor Supply operate?

Ans. Tractor Supply is a competitor in the retail sector.

Q. How can I file a Tractor Supply complaint?

Ans. The impartial complaint writing and response system offered by can be used to file a complaint regarding Tractor Supply and receive a response from Tractor Supply representatives. The dedicated Tractor Supply complaint section can be used to file complaints regarding product shipment, payment, correspondence, billing, and any other aspect of Tractor Supply’s services.

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