Hugo Insurance Phone Number

Hugo Insurance Phone Number: Email ID, FAQs and More Details

Hugo Insurance Phone Number: Hugo Insurance is a vehicle insurance provider that provides pay-as-you-go and on-demand coverage. Customers of Hugo can only pay for the days they drive, and they can use text messaging to turn their policy on or off. Hugo is a California-based company that wants to reinvent auto insurance by eliminating hidden costs, micropayments, and down payments.

Santa Monica, California’s 225 Santa Monica Blvd., 10th Floor, serves as the home base for Hugo Insurance. With the help of smart plans and micropayments from Hugo Insurance, you can select coverage for as little as three days at a time. With their ground-breaking on-demand model, you can save money when you don’t need insurance and activate it when you do.

Name of TradeHugo Insurance
LocatedCalifornia (U.S.)
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Hugo Insurance Phone Number


What types of insurance does Hugo Insurance offer?

Hugo Insurance offers three different kinds of coverage plans to meet various needs:

1. Flex Plan:
If you want liability coverage but don’t drive frequently, this plan is great for you. Important characteristics consist of:

Flexible Micropayments: Purchase insurance for as little as 3, 7, 14, or 30 days at a time

Simple Daily Rate: Just pay for the days that you drive.
Instantaneous Insurance Proof: Obtain coverage verification as soon as possible.

No Upfront Fees: There is no need for a down payment.

Turn Off and Pay $0: With Flex plans, you can discontinue insurance without incurring any fees.

2. Unlimited Basic Plan: The Unlimited Basic Plan is a suitable option for individuals who drive frequently and seek affordable liability coverage. Characteristics comprise:

  • Flexible Payments: Purchase insurance for a few days, a week, or a month.
  • Auto Reload: There is no additional charge when your coverage renews itself.
  • Coverage Extension: Hugo extends your coverage and provides you with additional days to make payments.
  • Instant Proof of Insurance

3. Unlimited Full Plan: The Unlimited Full Plan provides full coverage at a cost-effective payment schedule. It includes the following benefits:

  • Flexible Payments: Purchase insurance for a few days, a week, or a month.
  • Auto Reload: There are no additional fees for renewing coverage.
  • Coverage Extension: Additional days are payable.
  • Instant Proof of Insurance

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Hugo Insurance Phone Number

How do I file a claim with Hugo Insurance?

With Hugo Insurance, submitting a claim is simple. Here’s a detailed how-to:

1. Online Claim Process:

  • Sign in: Get online at Hugo Insurance and sign into your account.
  • Navigate to Claims:  Seek out the “Claims” area or a comparable choice.
  • Provide Details: Complete the required fields pertaining to your claim. You’ll probably have to provide information about the incident, including the date, time, place, and description.
  • Submit: Once the form is filled out, submit it online.

Real-Time Updates: Hugo will provide you with real-time updates on the status of your claim.

2. Customer Support:

Hugo’s customer support is available if you need help or have any questions throughout the claims process:

  • Email: Please contact by email.
  • Account for Members: Click the “?” icon or the Help tab after logging into your member account

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hugo insurance?


  • Flexible coverage with micropayments.
  • Turn coverage on/off as needed.
  • Same-day policies.
  • No down payment is required.


  • No SR-22 insurance.
  • Higher rates for drivers with spotty records.
  • Full-coverage policies are available only in IL and CA.

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Hugo Insurance Phone Number: FAQs

1. What is SR-22 insurance?
Some drivers are mandated by their state or court order to obtain an SR-22, which is a certificate of financial responsibility. This form is submitted to your state rather than being a real “kind” of insurance. This document is proof that the minimum liability coverage required by state law is met by your auto insurance policy.

2. What documents do I need to buy insurance from Hugo?

Ans: Hugo will require the following paperwork in order for you to purchase insurance:

  • Identity Proof: All of the following are acceptable forms of identification proof.
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport

Proof of Address: A document proving your address must be submitted. Popular choices consist of:

  • Utility bills (like water or electricity bills)
  • Rental Agreement
  • Voter’s ID

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