Labcorp Results Phone Number

Labcorp Results Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Pros and Cons

Labcorp Results Phone Number: Clinical lab company Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings is one. The company offers complete drug development services as well as clinical laboratory services. It functions via the subsequent segments: Covance Drug Development and LabCorp Diagnostics. Core, genomic, and esoteric testing are all included in the LabCorp Diagnostics segment. Businesses in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors can obtain drug development solutions from the Covance Drug Development segment. Founded in 1971, the company’s main office is located in Burlington, North Carolina.

Founded In5 Sep, 1978
Phone Number800-845-6167
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Labcorp Results Phone Number: National Health Labs, Inc. was established in 1978. Michael E. Lillig oversaw the organisation for seven years as it functioned as a nationwide blood and pathology laboratory owned by the Revlon Health Care Group. Before this, Lillig worked for Becton, Dickinson and Company. He increased National Health Laboratories, Inc.’s yearly sales by 43%, bringing the company’s revenue to $12 million by the end of his leadership. Lillig subsequently departed to establish multiple healthcare enterprises, encompassing Syscor, Inc., Intelysis, Inc., Asterion, LLC, and MetaCyte’s 3DR located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Pros and cons of Labcorp

Labcorp currently oversees 36 labs across the country. Although not owned separately, each lab is run by a dedicated team of individuals. Because of this, there are differences in customer service and available tests amongst locations. This influences the benefits and drawbacks of the entire Labcorp experience.


  • Without an appointment, walk-ins are welcome at many Labcorp locations.
  • Some Labcorp tests are available for purchase online without a prescription from a physician.
  • You can avoid going to the lab by providing samples for routine blood and urine testing at the office of your healthcare provider.


  • Labcorp does not accept all health insurance plans.
  • Tests that are not prescribed by a doctor are not covered by insurance.
  • There are differences in Labcorp’s customer service reputation. Long wait times and unprofessional service are common complaints about Labcorp locations.

Procedures at Labcorp to Anticipate

Labcorp Results Phone Number: Many medical professionals use Labcorp and tell their patients to do the same. Your doctor may automatically send your samples to the lab that accepts your insurance.

They might also advise you to schedule a test appointment at a particular facility. To find the location where you might have the best experience, look up the reputation of the nearby facilities. Even if walk-ins are welcome, make an appointment.

You will need to present your prescription for the test at the facility. Before you provide a sample, the front desk staff at Labcorp will estimate your bill. Make sure you are aware of the amount that will need to come from your pocket. Before moving forward, if needed, give your insurer a call for clarification.

The turnaround time for your test results is usually one week, though it can vary. Find out how long you should anticipate waiting for the results of your specific test. Patients must receive test results as soon as possible, according to a more recent law (Trusted Source). You can now get your laboratory test results immediately rather than waiting to hear from your doctor.

Many test results, though, are unclear and open to misunderstanding. Make sure you talk about them with your medical provider. Ask to talk with a pathologist at Labcorp to discuss the meaning of your results if your doctor isn’t available.

Labcorp Results Phone Number

Testing at home: Sending in Samples and Receiving Results

You will be given instructions on how to prepare for the test and submit a sample if you are taking an at-home exam. You will register your test online as soon as you receive it. Your sample will be mailed back in a stamped envelope.

In a few days, your results will be accessible online. Always talk to your healthcare provider about the results of your screening and diagnostic tests, as well as any necessary next steps.

What is the price of Labcorp tests?

At Labcorp, the price of tests prescribed by doctors can differ depending on your insurance plan, copay, and deductible. Speak with your insurer to find out how much you will have to pay out of pocket.

In-person Labcorp OnDemand tests

Online purchases of LabCorp OnDemand tests are possible without a prescription or physician referral. Health insurance does not cover the cost of these tests; payment must be made out of pocket. The majority qualify for FSA/HSA.

You can select the lab you want to go to for a blood draw when you purchase a Labcorp OnDemand test. Tests consist of:

  • Women’s health blood test: $199
  • Men’s health blood test: $199
  • General health blood test: $99
  • Comprehensive wellness blood test: $169
  • Vitamin deficiency blood test: $159
  • Anemia blood test: $179
  • Liver health blood test: $59
  • PSA prostate cancer screening test: $69
  • Hepatitis B immunity test: $69
  • Chickenpox immunity test: $59
  • Women’s fertility (ovarian reserve): $219
  • Total testosterone blood test: $69
Labcorp Results Phone Number

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The house Tests from Labcorp OnDemand

Additionally, LabCorp offers kits for at-home testing that eliminate the need for a lab visit. Samples that you provide at home, such as blood, urine, sperm, or faeces, are used in these tests. In the return envelope that comes with your test kit, samples are mailed to the laboratory. Online test results are provided through a private, secure portal.

  • Colorectal cancer screening: $89
  • Men’s rapid fertility test: $199
  • Diabetes risk: $79
  • COVID-19 + Flu + RSV: $0 with insurance, $169 without insurance

Which states comprise Labcorp?

There are Labcorp locations in 19 states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • West Virginia

Choosing if Labcorp is the right company for you

Quest Diagnostics is Labcorp’s primary rival in numerous states. You may be trying to decide which lab is best for you. You might want to take the following things into account when contrasting the two:

  • Does the lab offer the test you need?
  • Which lab accepts your insurance?
  • What are the customer satisfaction ratings for the labs closest to you?
  • Which lab does your healthcare professional recommend, and why?

FAQs on Labcorp Results Phone Number

Ques. Must I visit the Labcorp location that is closest to my home?

Ans. No. Your medical practitioner might suggest the facility that they have the most experience with. You are free to visit any laboratory, though. Keep in mind that laboratory services may be covered by your insurance in one location not in another. Before your test, confirm your coverage if you intend to travel a long distance or to a different state.

Ques. How long does it take to receive the results of an at-home test from Labcorp?

Ans. Wait times for the results of at-home tests are not disclosed by Labcorp. When we contacted the company, we were informed that most test results take 1-2 days to come back from the lab after your sample is received.

Ques. Does Labcorp cover laboratory tests for Medicaid and Medicare?

Ans. For tests deemed medically necessary in the majority of states, LabCorp accepts Original Medicare as well as select Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans. A copay or deductible may apply, based on the specifics of your plan.

Medicaid is a state-federal programme that is jointly managed. Each state determines whether LabCorp accepts Medicaid insurance.

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