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Capstone Logistics Phone Number: History, Salary, Email ID, FAQ and More

Capstone Logistics phone number: Capstone Logistics is a company that provides outsourced supply chain management services. They offer a range of solutions to optimize supply chain performance for their partners, including warehousing, fulfillment, freight management, and last-mile delivery. Here are some key points about Capstone Logistics:

1. Warehousing & Fulfillment:

  • The top supplier of warehouse labour management services in North America is Capstone.
  • They are present in more than 600 locations in both Canada and the US.
  • Through their services, manufacturing and distribution partners can generate efficiencies and outsource supply chain activities.

2. Transportation Management:

  • Capstone provides capacity solutions, including managed transportation, carrier sourcing, and hosting of RFPs.
  • They make the most of transportation options to guarantee dependable and effective freight movement.

3. Last Mile Delivery:

  • Brand protection is the main topic of the capstone, from purchase to consumer delivery.
  • Their last-mile department guarantees safe and prompt delivery of merchandise.
Company NameCapstone Logistics
CEOSteve Taylor
Phone NumberWarehouse Services: 770-414-1929
Freight Management: 847-509-0623
Last Mile & Order Tracking: 770-414-1929
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What is the history of Capstone Logistics?

Past of Capstone Logistics.

1986: LMS Intellibound is founded in Atlanta, GA.

1996: Progressive Loading Services is established in Memphis, TN.

1999: After moving to Atlanta, Progressive Loading Services renames itself Progressive Logistics Services.

2006: LMS operates in 40 distribution centers.

2009: LMS unloads more than one million trailers in one year.

2010: LMS acquires National Freight Handlers.

2011: LMS and PLS merge to form Capstone Logistics.

2014: The Jordan Company acquires Capstone Logistics.

2015: Capstone Logistics acquires Pinnacle Workforce Logistics.

2016: Capstone Logistics acquires Best Loading Service.

2018: Capstone Logistics acquires LoadDelivered Logistics, Logistical Labs, General Services of Virginia, and Rogers-Premier. Capstone enters the Last Mile Delivery space.

2019: Capstone Logistics acquires MileZero and Priority Express to expand last-mile delivery capabilities and technology.

2020: H.I.G. Capital acquires Capstone Logistics.

2022: Capstone Logistics acquires Insource Performance Solutions.

2023: Capstone Logistics acquires Rapid Response Delivery.

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What are some of the clients that Capstone Logistics works with?

Leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider Capstone Logistics works with a wide range of clients in numerous industries. These are a few well-known customers they serve:

  • Retailers: Capstone Logistics serves local convenience stores, dollar stores, hardware stores, office supply companies, big-box retailers, and national and regional grocery chains.
  • Foodservice Distributors: By providing effective supply chain management and logistical execution, they cater to food service distributors.
  • Manufacturers: Capstone provides warehousing and fulfillment services to manufacturers to maximize their supply chain operations.
  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG): They help CPG companies cut costs and streamline operations by offering logistics services.
  • Healthcare: Capstone Logistics works with healthcare institutions to guarantee the prompt and dependable delivery of medical equipment and supplies.
  • Other Industries: They have experience in several industries, such as food and beverage, retail, and more.

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Capstone Logistics phone number: FAQs

1. What is the Capstone Logistics salary range?

Ans: Experience, department, and location are some of the variables that affect Capstone Logistics’ salary range. Here are a few observations:

Average Salary: At Capstone Logistics, the average yearly salary is around $120,000. This comprises a $106,000 base pay on average and a $15,000 bonus on average.

General Range: Capstone Logistics pays salaries between $46,000 and $271,000.

Hourly Pay: Capstone Logistics pays $16.37 an hour on average.

2. What is Capstone Logistics’ work culture?

Ans: At Capstone Logistics, a high-performance ethos permeates the workplace. These are a few salient features of their culture:

  • Good Relationships: Capstone encourages good relationships between its staff members. Developing relationships is essential for fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation.
  • Results-Driven: The focus of the capstone is on producing observable outcomes. Workers put forth a lot of effort to accomplish their objectives and help the business succeed.
  • Community Involvement: Capstone is a proponent of giving back to the community. They give back to the communities in which they operate and actively participate in community service.
  • Communication and Transparency: We value clear channels of communication as well as transparency. Capstone seeks to act morally and keep its word by communicating clearly.
  • Challenge the Status Quo: The organization encourages staff members to look for creative solutions and challenge accepted wisdom. Improvement is a constant driver of progress in a culture.

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