transform credit phone number

Transform Credit Phone Number, Email ID Details, Pros and Cons

Transform Credit Phone Number: A lender called Transform Credit provides services for establishing credit as well as personal loans. Those with no credit history or a bad credit history who want to borrow up to $7,000 with a cosigner are the target audience for its loans. It’s ideal for people who want to improve their credit score and have a family member or friend with good credit who is willing to give a reference because of its cosigner policy.

Company NameTransform Credit
Founded N/A
Phone Number (505) 476-4885
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transform credit phone number

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Transform Credit believes that everyone who is trustworthy should be given fair and honest credit, which is why they founded a lender based on good old-fashioned trust. In essence, Transform Credit is the business that Transform Credit would like to borrow from.

How does Credit Builder Transform?

With no financial investment required, CreditBuilder is an excellent first step toward realizing the advantages of raising your credit score.

Here’s how it works:

  • Upon registering with CreditBuilder, you initiate the process of improving your credit score over 24 months.
  • You make a $5 monthly payment that we report to the credit bureaus as interest on a loan that is held on your behalf.
  • These on-time payments build up your credit history, which improves your credit score.

If you’re already an account holder and want to access your account, click here to log in.

Why Transform Credit Exits

Borrowing money is a common occurrence for many of us. You can take out a loan for a new business venture, a wedding, home renovations, buying a new automobile, or even something as basic as a new cell phone. It’s a good thing that most consumers can shop about and select from a variety of banks that provide honest and open offerings.

But sometimes those solutions are just not available to certain folks. This is typically the result of anything going wrong in the past for them or something “atypical” regarding their financial situation. We all experience problems from time to time. We don’t think anyone should continue to bear the brunt of their previous setbacks.

Pros and cons of Transform Credit Phone Number


  • An intriguing fix for people with bad credit.
  • Quick delivery of funds and ease of application.
  • less expensive than payday loans, which are usually the only option.


  • Only a few states have access to it.
  • The “Credit builder” optional service is feature-deficient.
  • It is a lot to ask of a friend or relative to become a cosigner.
transform credit phone number

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Key Features

  • loans with cosigners. The organization helps borrowers with short credit histories or low credit scores be authorized for loans they might not otherwise be eligible for by offering loans that a friend or family member with good credit history can co-sign.
  • No fines for early payments. Prepayment penalties are not assessed by Transform Credit, so borrowers who pay off their loans early won’t incur additional costs.
  • useful sources. The organization offers tools and resources, such as instructional materials and individualized assistance, to assist borrowers in managing their loans and raising their credit ratings over time.


  • Positive reviews. Customers have left positive ratings for Transform Credit on several review websites, including Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Clear terms and conditions. On its website, the company clearly outlines the conditions, rates, and fees of its loans, enabling consumers to make well-informed selections.
  • safe website. The financial and personal information of the clients is safeguarded using industry-standard encryption.
  • governed and licensed. Transform Credit conforms to both state and federal rules because it is licensed and governed by the Utah Department of Financial Institutions.
  • open and honest application procedure. Borrowers can apply for a loan online with the organization easily. They will hear back in a matter of minutes.

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