Veyo's Phone Number

Veyo’s Phone Number, Email ID Details, Contact with Customer Service

Veyo’s Phone Number: Veyo is a business that provides medical transportation services that are not emergencies. To oversee the transportation benefits of their Medicaid and Medicare populations. The full-service NEMT broker collaborates with state governments, managed care organisations, and healthcare providers. By giving drivers the freedom to choose their schedules and only work when it’s most convenient for them, Veyo hopes to revolutionise the patient transportation industry.

Phone Number1-888-482-8458
Founded In2015
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Veyo's Phone Number

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Customer Service

Veyo’s Phone Number: In a nutshell, Veyo does have a customer service division that is prepared to assist its customers. Veyo offers both drivers and passengers a customer service option, similar to other ridesharing services.

You can get assistance from customer service representatives with any questions, concerns, or other issues. Veyo offers three ways to get in touch with them: via email, over the phone, or through their website contact form.

Nevertheless, customers who need to file complaints are usually the only ones who have access to the email and phone numbers.

How to Speak with Customer Service at Veyo

A good deal of information about Veyo and its services can be found on its FAQ page. Nonetheless, using the online contact form is the most effective method to get in touch with their customer support team.

Online Form

If you have any questions about any of the following. Please use the Veyo support and contact us form to get in touch with us:

  • Press Inquiries
  • Driver inquiries
  • Customer complaints or compliments
  • Sales
  • Provider inquiries

By using the online form, which is quick and simple to complete. You should be able to resolve your issues quickly.

If a customer support representative doesn’t answer your contact form. You can always reach out to them again via phone or email.

Veyo's Phone Number

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You can also use a dedicated phone number and email address to contact them with complaints. If you would rather talk to someone right away, though, sending an email or making a phone call might be a better option.

Making a call to Veyo’s customer service via their dedicated line at 1-888-482-8458 is the best way to speak with a live agent. You will not have to deal with the back and forth of email correspondence, and you will receive a record number for the call along with the name of the person you spoke with.

Email, however, might be more effective if you want a written record of your conversation. The email address for Veyo’s customer support is

If you would rather not speak with Veyo directly, you can also ask for help from the Member Service division of your health plan. The situation will be handled by someone in that department, saving you the trouble.

Do You Need to File a Complaint Without Using Veyo Customer Support?

Occasionally, you might have an issue that you just can’t seem to work out with the company; in that case, you might want to think about finding a different source. For instance, it’s possible that they didn’t meet your expectations or that the customer service division was the source of your issue.

At that point, you can ask to have your issues resolved by speaking with a manager or staff member above customer service. You can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if the problem is serious.

It’s crucial to use this option only in cases where Veyo is unable to resolve your issue. It involves unethical business practices. BBB complaints are usually limited to major business violations. That could be an unsafe driver in Veyo’s case or something illegal, like theft.


Veyo’s Phone Number: For those who have trouble travelling to doctor’s appointments or who require non-emergency medical assistance, Veyo can be a very helpful service. You can use the website’s Contact Form to get in touch with Veyo if you have any inquiries concerning their offerings or about signing up as a driver.

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