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Hopper Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Pros and Cons

Hopper Phone Number: Hopper is a recognised travel provider. We have partnerships with travel agencies, lodging establishments, rental car companies, and airlines all over the world. You can be sure you’re getting the best deal on the ideal trip. In North America, Hopper is the most downloaded travel app! Our goal is to become the world’s most enjoyable and best travel booking platform. More than 75 million travellers have saved thanks to Hopper!

Founded In2007
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Hopper Phone Number

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In April of 2007, two executives from Expedia Group, Frederic Lalonde and Joost Ouwerkerk, founded Hopper. It began life as a tool for trip planning that allowed users to look up various locations and things to do.

In 2012, Hopper secured $12 million in Series B funding from investment funds like OMERS and Atlas Venture, and Dakota Smith became a third co-founder.

After building its platform for more than six years as a startup and new technology incubator. Hopper was introduced in January 2014. More specifically, from 2007 to 2014, during the first stages of development. Hopper created technology that searched through more than two billion web pages for travel information and added it to the Hopper database. Seth Kugel covered Hopper’s online research reports in April 2014, providing information on how travellers could minimise their travel expenses. In May 2014, Hopper changed its business strategy and evolved into a big data-driven website. That assisted travellers in selecting their flight route and time of purchase.

How Does Hopper Work?

Through the Hopper app, users can directly search for and book flights. By using a sophisticated algorithm, the company claims to be able to forecast future prices and notify users. When it is best to book their flights, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars.

According to Hopper, their data science has gathered and examined a massive archive of trillions of flight prices. With this information, they have been able to provide their clients with insightful forecasts that routinely anticipate flight prices with an accuracy of 95%.

Hopper offers the following key services:

Price Prediction and Watch: Hopper’s algorithm for predicting prices is one of its best features.

To book at the best possible time, users can “Watch” particular flights or hotels, and Hopper will notify them when it thinks the price will be at its lowest.

Trip Planning: Hopper assists users with trip planning as well by making recommendations for itineraries, activities, and nearby sights based on their interests.

Hotel Booking: Hopper helps users find the best deals on lodging by forecasting hotel room rates, just like its flight booking service. Through the app, users can make direct hotel reservations, which streamlines and expedites the process.

Hopper App Pros & cons


Possibility of large savings: Hopper’s price prediction algorithm has the potential to result in large savings on lodging and airfare. Which makes it a desirable choice for tourists on a tight budget.

User-friendly interface: It’s simple to search for flights, and hotels, and arrange trips with this app’s intuitive design.

Particularised advice: Hopper makes trip planning more enjoyable and personalised by offering recommendations for hotels, flights, and activities based on personal preferences.

Hopper Phone Number

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  • Restricted flexibility: Hopper may not always display the most convenient flights or lodgings due to its price prediction focus. Which can be an issue for travellers with particular needs or busy schedules.
  • Dependency on the app: To fully utilise Hopper’s features, users must feel at ease using the app and getting notifications.
  • No assurance on forecasts: Although Hopper’s algorithm produces generally accurate results. There is no assurance that the anticipated drops in price will materialise.

Is Hopper Worth It?

Give Hopper a try if you’re looking for reliable and efficient travel software. It has firmly established itself as a popular choice for tourists on a tight budget thanks to its many features and benefits.

In particular, the app’s accuracy in predicting future flight costs is excellent. Finding the best deals also requires setting up price alerts for particular flights and travel dates. Hopper’s variable dates feature is particularly noteworthy as it enables me to compare shop ticket prices for various dates to find the best offer.


Q. Is Hopper secure?

Ans. Indeed, using the Hopper travel app is safe. The software encrypts all user data to protect sensitive information, and security features are added regularly. Additionally, Hopper has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Q. Does Hopper charge extra for extras?

Ans. No, Hopper doesn’t have any unstated fees. Before a customer books, the application shows all costs, including taxes and fees, and provides a summary of the total cost. Additionally, Hopper offers a price guarantee, which ensures that there are no hidden costs and that the amount you see is the amount you pay.

Q. Is a passport required for Hopper reservations?

Ans. Most of the time, domestic travel within your home country doesn’t require a passport. A valid passport is required to make travel arrangements abroad. Hopper will ask for your passport details when you book an international ticket.

Q. How can Hopper find flights at a discount?

Ans. Hopper uses data analysis and robust algorithms to forecast flight costs. In addition, Hopper partners with airlines and travel agencies to offer customers exclusive rates and savings.

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