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Phone Number Wordle, Email-ID Details, Founder & Networth

Phone Number Wordle:- Phone Number Wordle is a fun and engaging game that tests your word-guessing abilities by using phone digits. It’s a modern take on the old game of Hangman, except instead of guessing letters to make words, you’re attempting to guess the correct numerical sequence. The game was relocated to the Times website in February 2022 and is still free to all participants. Your goal is to guess one digit at a time to interpret the complete number. You only have a certain amount of correct guesses before the game is over.

Phone Number Wordle’s combination of logic and deduction is what makes it so appealing. With each guess, you analyse the feedback indications and apply them to eliminate wrong choices. It necessitates both analytical and intuitive thinking. Take the Phone Number Wordle challenge today and see how many phone numbers you can break! It’s a wonderful method to train your intellect while also having fun with numbers.

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Phone Number Wordle

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Phone Number Wordle Founder

Josh Wardle, a Welsh software engineer, devised and developed Wordle, a web-based word game. Players get six chances to guess a five-letter word, with coloured tiles showing when letters match or occupy the correct location providing feedback for each guess.

The mechanics are nearly identical to those of the 1955 Jotto pen-and-paper game and the Lingo television game show franchise. Wordle has a single daily solution in which everyone tries to guess the same word.

Wardle created the game to be played with his girlfriend before making it public in October 2021. Wardle enabled participants to repeat their daily outcomes as emoji squares in December 2021, which were widely shared on Twitter, and the game quickly gained popularity.

The New York Times Company purchased the game in January 2022. The game was moved to the Times website in February 2022 and is still available to all participants for free.

Net Worth

Wordle founder Josh Wardle has revealed additional details about why he sold the hit game to The additional York Times, stating that one of the reasons he accepted the buyout was to avoid the drama of dealing with wannabes and clones that immediately surfaced on app stores.

Wardle was apparently paid in the low seven figures for Wordle, which equates to at least $1 million. Wardle stated at the time of the sale, “I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t been a little overwhelming.” After all, I’m only one person, and it’s vital to me that Wordle continues to give a fantastic experience to everyone as it grows.”

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How to Play Phone Number Wardle?

Phone Number is a fun and interesting game that puts your word-finding skills to the test by using phone numbers. The fundamentals are simple, but mastering the game requires strategy and quick thinking. Are you willing to take on the task of becoming a Phone Numble champion? Let’s begin and learn how to play!

  • To begin, you will be assigned a random phone number between 0 and 9. Your objective is to generate as many words as possible. You can make use of the numbers. On a conventional telephone keypad, each digit corresponds to many letters.
  • The longer the term, the more points you will receive. Don’t forget about bonus points. If you find special hidden words within the given phone number. Your score will soar.
  • So go ahead and put Phone Numble to the test! Improve your linguistic skills while having a great time. Can you beat your own record? Begin playing right now and watch as those numbers turn into intriguing phrases at your fingertips!

Is a Wordle app available for Android or iOS? Is Wordle completely free?

If you look for “Wordle” in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, don’t confuse it with the genuine thing. The original Wordle, which Josh Wardle created and generously shared with the internet in late 2021, now only exists as a browser game that can be found right here. If you play it anywhere else, it’s a shameless knock-off attempting to cash in on someone else’s success. And yes, it is still free.


Phone Number Wordle, commonly known as Phone Numble, is an entertaining and tough word-guessing game. This game offers an innovative twist to the conventional word puzzle genre by integrating numbers and letters. Phone Number Wordle has you covered whether you’re searching for a way to pass the time or want to challenge yourself cognitively.

Phone Number is a basic but addictive game. You can begin unravelling the mysteries behind each secret word with only a few touches on your phone’s keyboard. You’ll never run out of riddles to solve with hundreds of possible combinations waiting to be discovered. This will reduce your selections and boost your chances of success.

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