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Publisher Clearing House Phone Number: Harold Mertz established Publishers Clearing House (PCH), an American firm, in 1953. It was first established to provide mass mail direct marketing of goods and periodicals as an alternative to door-to-door magazine subscription sales. Since their introduction in 1967, their prize-based games and contests have garnered the most attention from the public. They have been the owners of Wide Open Media magazines since 2020. Wide Open Spaces, which focuses on outdoor lifestyle, Wide Open Country, which features country music, and FanBuzz, which covers sports


Publisher Clearing House

NamePublisher Clearing House
Founded In1953
Phone Number+1 516-883-5432
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One of the biggest providers of magazine subscriptions in the US is Publishers Clearing House (PCH). Because of the perforated stamps that customers place on their subscription forms. The company is referred to as a “stamp sheet” marketer. The most well-known feature of Publishers Clearing House’s advertising campaign is its extravagant sweepstakes, which awards millions of dollars in prizes each year. PCH asserted in the mid-1990s that it was mailed at least once a year to 75% of US households.

But in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the company’s profits declined as a result of a string of lawsuits alleging misleading business tactics against it and its rivals. PCH, which is most known for its extravagant Prize Patrol that distributes the winnings. Continues to run its sweepstakes while its largest competitor stops giving them. Additionally, PCH offers consumer goods for sale on its website and through direct mail. Products include collectables, jewellery, books, music, movies, and beauty and health items. The founding Mertz family still owns a majority stake in the business, which is run as a limited partnership.

Disputation and Legal Actions

PCH was involved in several scandals, especially in the 1990s. There were rumours that they gave false information to clients regarding their odds of winning. The allegation made against them was that those who purchased magazine subscriptions had a biased chance of winning.

The government stepped in and passed legislation imposing stringent rules on direct mail companies. PCH had a difficult time during this time because of the negative exposure the proceedings generated, which led to a decline in sales. It was forced to let go of 25% of its staff.

Over the years, Publishers Clearing House has been the target of multiple lawsuits. In one instance, it delivered false personalised checks and mass mailings declaring, “You are a winner,” to persons who had not won the sweepstakes, falsely indicating they had. As a result, it was forced to pay a settlement of $18 million to 24 states. In 2018, there was a lawsuit alleging that the company used fraudulent marketing techniques in email and direct mail operations. Additionally, it was charged with targeting the elderly, a violation of both federal and state laws.

Publisher Clearing House Phone Number,

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How its Work

A direct marketing firm, Publishers Clearing House offers a variety of goods, such as books, jewellery, and magazine subscriptions. It is also the owner of a few gaming websites. Its magazine subscription business, which is based on a sweepstakes premise, is its primary source of income. This implies that you are eligible for a reward after purchasing a single magazine membership. Keep in mind that there are significant savings on the subscriptions under this strategy.

Every day there are draws when the winners are declared. There are several methods available for you to enter the PHC sweepstakes: You have three options: give us a call, apply by mail, or register on the internet. Using the internet platform is the most practical approach to enter the sweepstakes. To begin participating, simply go to the main website and follow a few instructions.

Since you need to submit several letters to register for the sweepstakes, the mail method is typically the least convenient. PCH is the operator of two gaming websites. These websites act as hosting facilities for a range of games, such as Lotto, video poker, and other popular online games.

It started by holding competitions on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace before creating iOS mobile gaming apps. It introduced play-and-win websites with a selection of video poker and air hockey games, such as PCH games. In 2010 it purchased and an online game startup named Funtank.


Over the years, Publishers Clearing House has seen its fair share of controversy. It was mired in lawsuits and charges of deceiving contestants about their prospects of winning at the beginning of the 1990s. It has paid millions of dollars in settlements as I write this, and it is understandably bound by stringent rules established by both State and Federal entities.

Its run-ins with the law have not improved its reputation. It has lost a lot of business since people are uncomfortable doing business with someone they don’t completely trust.

Nevertheless, PCH is a lawfully operating company that has given away over $483 million in prizes to users of its different services. It would have gone out of business if it hadn’t had to repeatedly adapt to stay up with technological improvements. Its 60-year survival is an extraordinary feat in and of itself, made possible by the fundamental use of data and analytics in its business strategy.

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