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Audible Phone Number: Customers can buy and stream audiobooks and other spoken word content through Audible. An American online audiobook and podcast service. You can buy this content separately or as part of a subscription plan that gives you access to a selection of videos that are accessible for on-demand viewing and “credits” that you can use to buy content every month. The biggest manufacturer and retailer of audiobooks in the US is Audible. Audible, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Newark, New Jersey-based, Inc., is the owner of the service.



Name Audible
Founded In1997
Phone Number1- (888)-283-5051
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1995 Audible became a separate business and released a digital audio device. The customers could buy to listen to their preferred audiobooks. Owing to technological limitations in the mid-1990s. The device could only store approximately two hours of audio in Audible’s exclusive format. Following the unexpected heart attack death of former CEO Andrew Huffman, the business experienced some difficult times. But Audible persisted, and by 2003 the business secured an agreement with Apple to supply books for iTunes.

Audible Phone Number

In 2008, the corporation launched its audiobook production endeavours under the Audible Frontiers label. Amazon noticed Audible’s growth and paid $300 million to acquire the company later that year. Since then, Audible has kept up its impressive rise to become one of the best places on the internet to get digital audiobooks. Audible Studios is the brand under which original Audible books are produced today; it is the world’s largest producer of audiobooks under the Dow label. You can quickly access the website by logging in using your Amazon credentials once Amazon acquired the website. Many podcasts without advertisements are also available on the service.

Membership Plans and Benefits

In addition to hundreds of hours of audio entertainment, Audible members enjoy several special features that enhance their listening experience and help them save money.

Plan Name1 Month Recurring
PriceINR 199
Credits1 per month
Listen all you want to the Plus CatalogueYes
Credit Rollover Limit5 credits maximum
30% Discount Off Additional AudiobooksYes
Note: To register or make purchases on Audible, your payment method must be linked to an Indian billing address.

You can cancel the One monthly recurring plan at any time. And you will receive bills every thirty days. You will forfeit any unused credits on your account when it is cancelled. Since titles bought with a credit or a credit card are yours to retain, we advise using them first.


  • Podcasts, audiobooks, and original works in a variety of areas and genres
  • Use no credits to stream or download audio content from the Plus Catalogue.
  • Weekly additions of new audio content
  • Browse chapters, rate, bookmark, and view audiobook metadata.
  • Set a timer and alter the narration’s speed.

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Audible Phone Number

Pros & Cons

  • The 30-day free trial for both Audible Plus and Premium Plus
  • trial membership
  • available via numerous devices
  • Access point to an almost infinite library
  • You own your audiobooks forever.
  • Superior audiobooks
  • If you don’t like the book, you can return it.


  • Membership plans cost more than those of its rivals.
  • usually introduces samples that aren’t as long as the Kindle eBook samples

To be honest, even if Audible offers a lot of benefits, these are the drawbacks I noticed when I contrasted it with other companies, including Scribd. View my comparison of Audible and Scribd.

Contact Info

  • If you are a journalist, send them an email at
  • Here is how to get in touch with their customer service team:
  • For customer assistance, give them a call at 1-888-283-5051.


Q. Is it possible to buy a book using the Audible App?

Ans. Yes, you know. This was not the case, though, as many complaints from the previous year indicated that users could not purchase audiobooks straight from the app. Thank goodness Amazon fixed it.

Q. Can I use Amazon Prime to access the Audible free trial?

Ans. Sadly, no. Amazon and Audible—despite being owned by the same company—have different membership requirements, so you cannot utilise your Prime account. However, when they begin the Audible Premium Plus trial, Prime members will receive two premium selection titles.

Q. When I officially join, how many books will I get sent to me per month?

Ans. As soon as you sign up for Audible Premium Plus, you will get at least one credit. This implies that you will have the opportunity to receive one free Audible book each month; all other books will need payment. You will receive many credits each month if you upgrade to an annual membership plan.

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