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CA Edd Phone Number: The Employment Development Department (EDD) is the governmental organisation in California in charge of overseeing the programmes for Paid Family Leave (PFL), Disability Insurance (DI), and Unemployment Insurance (UI). In addition, the agency gathers employment and labour market data for the state. It offers employment support programmes along with the Franchise Tax Board and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. EDD is one of California’s three main taxing authorities. The department oversees the reporting, collection, and enforcement of the state’s income taxes in addition to collecting unemployment insurance taxes.


CA Edd

NameCA Edd
Founded In1935
Phone Number(877) 238-4373
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CA Edd Phone Number

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CA Edd Phone Number: As a component of the Unemployment Reserves Act, the Legislature created the Department of Employment in 1935. The act’s goal was to create a reserve to protect the broader public from the detrimental social effects of unemployment. The department’s duties included overseeing a network of employment agencies around the state. Paying out unemployment compensation to eligible unemployed people.

The Legislature launched the employment agency as a legacy scheme in 1915 to link unemployed job seekers with employers. This was before the establishment of the Department of Employment. For a brief period, the Department of Industrial Relations served as their home.

As part of Governor Reagan’s 1968 Reorganisation Plan, the Department of Employment was combined into the Human Relations Agency. In the same year, Chapter 1460 was signed, renaming the department the Department of Human Resources Development and taking over all of the duties and obligations of the former entity. In 1974, the department underwent yet another name change, becoming the Employment Development Department.

During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, weekly checks for self-employed individuals were added to the unemployment compensation plan. There were not many measures in place to stop ineligible individuals from receiving these cheques. A $20 billion scam wave resulted from this, making it “possibly the largest fraud wave in history.”

EDD Services

Millions of Californians benefit from a wide range of services provided by the Employment Development Department (EDD), including labour market information, unemployment insurance (UI), state disability insurance (SDI), and workforce investment (jobs and training). The EDD manages payroll tax audits and collections and keeps track of employment information for more than 17 million Californians. It is the state’s biggest tax-collection organisation.

The EDD, one of the biggest state offices, employs thousands of people in hundreds of service locations around California to deliver a wide range of crucial services to millions of people annually, including:

  • helping employers with their workforce requirements.
  • assisting job searchers in finding jobs.
  • implementing workforce investment programmes for adults, displaced workers, and youth that are sponsored by the federal government.
  • helping underprivileged beneficiaries achieve self-sufficiency.
  • managing the UI and SDI programs to assist jobless and disabled workers.
  • collecting and managing employment-related taxes (UI, SDI, Employment Training Tax, and Personal Income Tax withholding) to support governmental operations and welfare programmes.
CA Edd Phone Number

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Branch of Workforce Services

One million job seekers and businesses are connected annually by the Workforce Services Branch (WSB), one of the biggest public employment services enterprises in the world, which operates out of hundreds of service facilities around the state.

Federal Wagner-Peyser money is provided to California for employment programmes. Placement services, job search workshops, job referrals, and further assistance for individuals facing difficulties in securing employment are among the services offered to job searchers.

Employers can make use of services like targeted recruitment efforts and the matching of competent applicants with job openings. CalJOBSSM is an online labour exchange system with thousands of job postings. The largest pool of job searchers in California. It is another service provided by the Workforce Services Branch.

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