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GolfNow Phone Number, Email Address, Features, Pros and Cons

GolfNow Phone Number: Tee times at golf courses can be reserved online with GolfNow. It was first founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2001 by Cypress Golf Solutions. In March 2008, Comcast purchased it through its Golf Channel division. Ever since Comcast acquired NBC Universal, the website functions under the NBC Sports Digital division.

Trade nameGolfNow
Phone Number +44 1761 472468
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GolfNow Phone Number: In 1999, Chris Ryan and Dr. Tom Giannulli used the domain name in Houston, Texas, to create the first online golf reservation system. The business continued to create and run the original website until 2001 under Ryan’s direction. Due to funding problems and slow reservation platform acceptance during the dial-up modem period. The company had to change its business strategy to one that was more content-focused. Brett Darrow and Frank Halpin formed Cypress Golf Solutions in Scottsdale in 2001, and they bought the domain name Over time, the company extended the reach of its GolfNow brand and operations to a wider geographic area; by 2006. It was operating at over 600 golf courses throughout 17 states.


More than 9,000 golf courses’ online booking services are accessible with GolfNow. Customers can browse user reviews, make reservations, and compare tee times across several courses at different prices.

Additionally, GolfNow provides a mobile app. The free version of the app provides the basic search and booking features, while the premium version requires a subscription and offers extra features for use during play, such as a scorecard, personal statistics, and an “on-course GPS” feature that gives access to overhead satellite maps of holes with distance measurements.

Pros of GolfNow for Golf Courses and Country Clubs


Increased Bookings

The more reservations that GolfNow can offer to country clubs and golf courses is one of its biggest advantages. GolfNow draws players who might not have known about a specific time by providing an intuitive booking tool. Additionally, it facilitates tee-time reservations for golfers, generating more income for the system.

Increased Visibility

The enhanced visibility that GolfNow offers to a country club or golf course is another advantage. GolfNow maintains a large user database of players searching for ways to play. Potential clients can find a class more easily when it is listed on GolfNow. Increased registrations and income for the course may result from this.

Easy Payment Processing

GolfNow provides a simplified payment processing technology that can facilitate client payments to golf courses and country clubs. In addition to saving time, this lowers the possibility of payment processing problems.

Customizable Pricing

For courses, GolfNow also provides customisable pricing choices. This enables country clubs and golf courses to modify rates in accordance with demand, seasonality, and time of day. This can aid practitioners in optimising their pricing approach and maximising revenue.

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Commission Fees

One of the most significant drawbacks of GolfNow is the commission fees that it charges golf courses and country clubs. While the costs vary depending on the method and the booking, they can be as high as 25% of the booking price. This can significantly eat into the system’s revenue from each booking.

Limited Control

Another drawback of GolfNow is the limited control that golf courses and country clubs have over their bookings. GolfNow handles all aspects of the booking process, from tee time availability to payments. This can lead to a lack of control over the customer experience, which can be frustrating for some course operators.

Branding Limitations

GolfNow also places some branding limitations on courses that use its platform. For example, methods cannot list their contact information or website on their GolfNow page. This can limit the ability of practices to build their brand and develop direct relationships with their customers.


According to the Orlando Sentinel, GolfNow has improved revenue for Orlando’s golf courses by attracting customers during what was before considered “off-peak” hours, including the early afternoon. “Getting our name and our prices to those golfers who normally would not drive past 15, 20 golf courses to come play here” is how the general manager of Orlando’s Dubsdread Golf Club expressed gratitude to GolfNow for helping customers find the course among other options in the area. Additionally, the programme was acknowledged for drawing new customers to already-existing golf courses and bringing in-the-know players to brand-new ones, like Tranquilo at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando. Orlando brought in $14.5 million from partner courses in 2015, making it GolfNow’s fifth-largest market.


GolfNow Phone Number: All things considered, GolfNow can be a useful tool for country clubs and golf courses trying to boost memberships and income. To decide whether or not to utilise the platform, it is necessary to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages. For some courses, there may be substantial disadvantages like as commission fees and restricted control over the booking process. Others, however, may find that the improved visibility and simple payment processing offset these worries. The choice to use GolfNow should ultimately be based on the unique requirements and objectives of each course or club.

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