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Onstar Phone Number, Email ID Details, Services, Benefits and FAQs

Onstar Phone Number: General Motors subsidiary OnStar Corporation offers turn-by-turn navigation, remote diagnostics systems, in-car security, emergency services, and subscription-based communications across the US, Canada, China, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Under the names “ChevyStar” in Western Europe and “Vauxhall/Opel OnStar” in Latin American regions, comparable services were offered. The head of OnStar said that the service had more than six million users in September 2011. After Groupe PSA acquired Vauxhall Motors and Opel from General Motors on May 9, 2018. Vauxhall Motors stated that Vauxhall OnStar and Opel OnStar services would terminate on December 31, 2020.

Trade NameOnStar
Founded 1996
Phone Number1-888-466-7827
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History of Onstar Phone Number

OnStar Phone Number: Approximately two decades ago, General Motors launched OnStar. It was primarily intended for usage in emergencies because there weren’t many cell phones available at the time. Following a vehicle accident in a remote area, the driver had limited options, and since drivers were not accustomed to feature-rich smartphones that could do everything, OnStar was more concerned with safety than convenience. Its main purposes included discouraging theft, remotely opening the car doors in case the keys were left inside, and alerting an OnStar operator to an accident. Over time, additional functions have been added, such as navigation, vehicle maintenance management, and connectivity options. Let’s examine the options available in new GM cars that come equipped with OnStar.

Services and Benefits

In addition to the most recent emergency services, OnStar’s menu has expanded to include contemporary infotainment system capabilities. Many OnStar features are still accessed by pushing the blue or red buttons in the rearview mirror rather than through the infotainment system. Roadside assistance, automatic crash reaction (using sensors integrated into the car), and a connection to an OnStar operator for other emergency or crisis circumstances are examples of emergency features. Security features allow the owner to remotely slow down or turn off the ignition of a stolen vehicle, track a stolen GM vehicle using GPS, and get a warning if the car alarm goes off.

Remote vehicle access and diagnostic report running are made possible by a smartphone app. Additional features of the system include position tracking, navigation, and onboard communications via 4G LTE and an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot.

Onstar Phone Number

Requirements and Cost

The majority of new and late-model GM cars come equipped with OnStar. Certified pre-owned and new cars come with a trial subscription. The price of OnStar then varies according to the age of your car and the amount of service you want. For five years, GM vehicles manufactured after 2014 come with a basic plan that only covers maintenance and diagnostic services. Three membership packages are available: $19.99 per month for protection, $199.90 for security, and $34.99 per month or $349.90 for guidance. Location services and data subscriptions for cars with 4G LTE are available as add-ons.

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How OnStar Works

Being involved in a car accident is a nightmare because, after it’s over, you’re usually furious, perplexed, and unsure of what to do. But if your car is equipped with GM’s OnStar service, you won’t have to search for your phone. You can obtain support from the system. Among other things, it can make hotel reservations, read your email hands-free, and unlock your car if your keys are locked inside.

Car accidents are a nightmare because, when they’re over, you’re usually angry, confused, and don’t know what to do. You won’t need to look for your phone, though, if your vehicle is outfitted with GM’s OnStar service. The system can provide you with assistance. It can, for example, make hotel reservations, check your email hands-free, and unlock your car if your keys are locked inside.

FAQs on Onstar Phone Number

Q. How can I become an Onestar member?

Ans. To join up or receive assistance from an advisor, visit your GM Account. Alternatively, you can phone 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) or press the blue OnStar button in your car. You can enrol whenever you choose, and any time left on your trial plan will be added to your paid OnStar service plan if you are currently enrolled in one.

Q. What is my Onestar pin?

Ans. To access certain functions, you must set an OnStar PIN when creating your OnStar account. You can chat with an advisor by visiting your GM Account, pressing your blue OnStar button, or calling 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) if you’ve forgotten your PIN or would like to update it.

Q. How can I reach an Onestar Advisor?

Ans. To reach an advisor, simply press the blue OnStar button or give us a call at 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827), day or night, 365 days a year. For assistance, if you are hard of hearing, deaf, or have speech impairments, call 1.877.248.2080, our toll-free TTY line.

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