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Angie’s listed Phone Number: Owned by Angi Inc., a publicly traded subsidiary of IAC Angi is an American home services website. Angie Hicks and William S. Oesterle founded it in 1995, and it lets consumers look for contractors who will do paid home remodelling work. The service was first created as a database of testimonials for nearby businesses. For most of its existence, Angie’s List was a subscription-based service; however, in July 2016, it switched to a freemium business model. In 2017, following its acquisition by IAC, the company merged with HomeAdvisor. Angi Leads was once HomeAdvisor.



Founded In1995
Phone Number1-888-811-ANGI or 711 
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Angie's listed Phone Number

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Angie Hicks and William S. Oesterle established Angie’s List in 1995. Hicks came up with the concept while looking for a reputable builder in the Columbus, Ohio, suburbs on behalf of Oesterle, his boss, a venture financier. Hicks relocated to Columbus to work with Oesterle on starting Columbus Neighbours, a periodical and call-in service that offers evaluations of nearby lawn and home care providers. Indianapolis, Indiana’s Unified Neighbours influenced the idea and name. Hicks knocked on people’s doors to collect ratings of local tradesmen and recruit clients to become members. After Hicks successfully attracted over 1,000 members in Columbus in only one year, she appealed to Oesterle for assistance in finding investors to fund the expansion of her business.

Investors in Angie’s List expressed concern in 2013 as the firm had been operating for over 18 years without generating an annual profit. In their opinion, the company’s valuation was exorbitant considering the revenue the business brought in. On the other hand, 2015 growth forecasts indicate a significant rise in earnings per share, with a 19% long-term growth rate. When you consider this along with the projected 13.3% increase in stock prices in 2015, many research firms, like Zacks Investment Research, believe that ANGI is well-positioned for future profit expansion.

How It Works

There are numerous ways for customers to locate a contractor. Angi offers articles, searchable categories, and popular projects to assist clients in determining what they might require. Responding to the landing page’s “How can we help?” query is the quickest way to find a contractor match. The website will collect data. And the user, compares the user’s location and needs with its database, and presents nearby contractors that appear suitable. Clients get access to information about specific contractors, reviews, information about their licences and areas of expertise, and the ability to click through and seek estimates from any of Angi’s chosen contractors or individual contractors.

Pros and Cons


  • Clients can select from local professionals by project.
  • Within minutes, customers can acquire quotations or bids.
  • simplified and intuitive app and website
  • extensive resource library arranged according to project type


  • It takes a name, phone number, and email to browse local services.
  • Consistent phone calls and emails as follow-up

Customer Service

If you have a membership, you can contact Angi’s Customer Support directly by messaging. Gold Membership holders can contact them by phone. Additionally, there are several topic-based FAQ sites available. Only services scheduled and paid for through Angi are guaranteed by Angi, and only after any damage has been compensated for by the client’s renters’ or homeowners’ insurance. Claim submissions must be made via an email-based process, and claims must be examined within a specific time frame (which varies depending on the type of project and payment method). Depending on the service, different warranties are provided for HomeAdvisor Concierge and Angi Project Advisor Services.

Angie's listed Phone Number

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Angie’s List information: contacts, address, founders, CEO, services, and products

The founders of the worldwide corporation Angie’s List, Oisin Hanrahan, the current CEO, and Brandon Ridenour, the former CEO, are based in Denver, Colorado. The company was established in 1995. In the online content and information sector, Angies List operates as a review site and online marketplace. The most recent report states that Angies List made US$1.132 billion in revenue in 2018 and US$77.507 million in net income.


Q. When did Angie’s List get its start?

Ans. Angies List was founded in 1995.

Q. In which market does Angies List participate?

Ans. In the Internet Content and information sector, Angie’s List is a competitor.

Q. Which services are Angie’s List providing?

Ans. The online marketplace and review site industries are where Angies List provides its services.

Q. How can I file an Angie’s List complaint?

Ans. You can use the unbiased complaint writing and response system offered by to lodge a complaint against Angie’s List and get a response from the list’s administrators. This dedicated Angies List complaint section is where you may file any issues about product distribution, payment, correspondence, billing, or any other part of Angies List services.

Q. Is Angi connected with Angie’s List?

Ans. Angi has replaced Angie’s List. The same top-rated professionals and vetted neighbour testimonials that you have come to rely on for over two decades are still available. To make taking care of your house even simpler, you can only have access to fast booking, upfront pricing, and more right now.

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