Duke Energy Phone Number

Duke Energy Phone Number, Email Address, FAQs, Pros and Cons

Duke Energy Phone Number: Duke Energy Corporation is an American holding company that provides natural gas and electricity.

Duke Energy Renewable Services’ top priorities are the creation, management, and operation of various types of power plants across the country. This division is in charge of the company’s 1,700 megawatts of generation. There were plans for 1,500 megawatts of additional wind power and 240 megawatts of wind power under construction. DERS revised its estimates for future wind power capacity on September 9, 2008. It would have more than 500 MW of nameplate wind power online by the end of 2008. An additional 5,000 MW is under development.


Duke Energy

NameDuke Energy
Founded In1904
Phone Number1-407-629-1010
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Duke Energy Phone Number

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The largest publicly traded gas and electric utility company in America is called Duke Energy Corporation. It gathers, processes, and distributes natural gas in the Midwest, Northeast, and Gulf Coast. And serves about two million electric customers in North and South Carolina. The $7.7 billion merger of Duke Power Company. PanEnergy Corporation in 1997 combined the company’s electric and natural gas businesses to form Duke Energy. Duke Power spearheaded the merger, which tripled revenues. Turned Duke Power from a local electric utility into the global energy services behemoth that Duke Energy stood for in the late 1990s.

Regarding the electrical division of the company, Duke Energy utilised coal, gas, and nuclear power plants to supply its clients in the Carolinas. The natural gas assets of the company comprised over 37,000 miles of pipeline. Duke Energy also participated in several joint ventures to expand its interests across a wide range of industries, including wireless telecommunications, residential and commercial real estate services, and international energy development projects.

Duke Energy Customer Service Phone Number

Duke Energy Website HelpCustomer Service Online
Customer Service Phone Numbers(800) 777-9898 – Carolinas. (800) 452-2777 – Carolinas. (800) 700-8744 – Florida. (800) 521-2232 – Indiana(800) 544-6900 – Ohio and Kentucky

Headquarters Address

You may want to contact corporate if your local Duke Energy office cannot provide you with the support you require. A certified letter to the corporate headquarters is a good way to accomplish this. You’ll need this address if you ever need to file a lawsuit in small claims court. Keep it handy.

Duke Energy Headquarters

526 S. Church St.

Charlotte, NC 28202

Duke Energy Phone Number

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Pros and Cons of Working for Duke Energy


  • Competitive Benefit Plans
  • Benefits for Workers
  • Discount Programme for Employees
  • Good Culture at Work
  • Programme for Professional Development
  • Having a Beneficial Effect on the Society
  • Leader in the Industry for Innovation


  • Restricted Room for Growth
  • Ineffective Instruction
  • Extended Hours
  • Difficult Work
  • Salary Less than the National Average


Q. What can a customer or consultant ask a utility to provide?

Ans. Customers must be treated fairly with similar customers if the electric service is regulated. If the power source is out of control, you should ask for fair prices. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible in both situations.

Q. What distinguishes regulated behaviour from unregulated behaviour?

Ans. The only part of the system that is competitive and unregulated in deregulated states is the electric generation or power supply. Distribution and transmission are invariably controlled.

Q. Which factors affect the most the cost of constructing electric infrastructure at a location?

Ans. On-site electric infrastructure, such as transformers and substations, as well as the acquisition and building of new transmission rights of way, are significant cost factors. Very large users are occasionally served directly from the transmission lines because of special needs or load requirements. If this is the case, please remember the following:

  • If it turns out that building right-of-ways is the most economical way to provide service, the utility will pay for the construction of those rights.
  • If customers choose transmission service when the utility has decided that distribution lines are the most effective way to provide service, they are responsible for this expense.

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