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Shiftmed Phone Number, Email ID Details, Benefits and Customer Care

Shiftmed Phone Number: An on-demand labour market and cutting-edge technological tools are combined in ShiftMed. A workforce solution for the healthcare industry. It gives medical personnel the freedom to decide when, where, and how frequently to work. Through the app, users can easily access thousands of available nursing shifts at nearby healthcare facilities.



Founded In2015
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Shiftmed Phone Number

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About Shiftmed

ShiftMed is a cutting-edge workforce management platform that links the greatest number and calibre of licenced nurses (CNAs, LPNs, RNs, PTs, and Community Health Workers) to healthcare facilities, assisted living providers, skilled nursing facilities, and in-home providers. ShiftMed, the top-ranked mobile app for nursing jobs in the App Store provides software tools and direct labour access for shift schedules to over 1,500 enterprise healthcare partners nationwide. More quickly than any other option, the ShiftMed on-demand platform allows healthcare providers to meet their staffing needs by providing them with compliant, credentialed workers. This significantly streamlines the delivery of care services. for additional details.

How does shift Med work?

Shift Med is a cutting-edge platform created especially to satisfy the demands of employers, job seekers, and healthcare professionals. Shift Med offers job seekers an easy way to search and apply for open positions, as well as a straightforward and user-friendly platform for healthcare employers to connect with and hire healthcare professionals on an as-needed basis.

With features like shift tracking, employee management, and shift management, Shift Med provides a comprehensive solution for healthcare employers. Employers can also quickly find skilled medical professionals, track labour costs, and fill shifts with the help of this platform.

Employers can also track shift performance and trends with real-time analytics and reporting.

Job seekers in the healthcare industry can create a profile on Shift Med, look for openings, and apply to any that seem like a good fit. Job searchers can quickly look through openings that fit their preferences and skill set and apply with just one click.

To stay informed about new opportunities, job seekers can also use the platform to receive alerts when new positions become available.

All things considered, Shift Med is intended to be a productive and successful platform that connects job seekers and healthcare employers. It provides a dependable service that eliminates the headache of locating and employing skilled medical professionals and gives job searchers the capacity to locate new opportunities quickly.

Shiftmed Phone Number


Not only do its nurses work flexibly, but ShiftMed makes sure they are fairly compensated. Professionals will receive a base hourly rate that is competitive. Additionally, overtime, differential, holiday pay, and on-call pay are available to those who go above and beyond.

Direct deposits allow for easy payment processing. Recall, however, that flexibility entails responsibility. Although ShiftMed offers optional health insurance plans to ease this aspect, nurses still manage their taxes and benefits as contractors.

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Customer Care

You can get in touch with ShiftMed over the phone at (866) 776-0296. If you would prefer to communicate by email, your query may be sent to

By visiting the Contact Us page on their website, you can quickly submit a customer support request. After that, you can choose the kind of question you want to ask, describe your problem in detail, and fill out the form with your personal information.

How do I cancel the ShiftMed shift?

There are several choices available to you on the ShiftMed platform if you need to cancel a shift that you have already accepted.

Using the app or website, you can manually cancel the shift as your first option. Go into your ShiftMed account and find the shift in the list of available shifts to accomplish this. There will be an “X” on the right side of the screen once you are on the shift page.

Just click the “X” to bring up a confirmation window asking you to affirm your selection. The shift will be deleted from your calendar. You will no longer be obligated to work it once you confirm the cancellation.

The second choice is to make a direct cancellation request to the staffing partner or employer. Please be aware that the employer or staffing partner has the final say over any cancellation requests you make. It is advised that you get in touch with the employer or staffing partner again to confirm that your request has been handled.

Cancelling a shift via the ShiftMed Customer Support team is the third option. Please use the “Help” section of the ShiftMed app or the “Contact Us” page on the ShiftMed website to get in touch with our team if you need help cancelling a shift or if you have any other questions.

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