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Virginia State Police Phone Number: History, Email ID, Official Website and More

Virginia State Police Phone Number: Virginia, or the Commonwealth of Virginia as it is officially known, is a state in the United States’ Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions, situated between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coast. Richmond serves as the state capital, Virginia Beach is the most populous city, and Fairfax County, a portion of Northern Virginia, is home to slightly more than one-third of Virginia’s 8.72 million residents as of 2023.

Across the western and southwestern regions of the state, there are the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Piedmont region makes up the majority of the state’s central region. The Middle Peninsula forms the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, and Eastern Virginia is a part of the Atlantic Plain. The fertile Shenandoah Valley is home to the most productive agricultural counties in the state, while technology companies and U.S. federal government agencies, such as the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Department of Defense, dominate the Northern Virginia economy. The biggest seaport in the area and the largest naval base in the world, Naval Station Norfolk, are both located in Hampton Roads.

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Commom NameVirginia State Police
Formed1932; 92 years ago
Operations jurisdictionU.S
HeadquartersNorth Chesterfield, Virginia
Parent agencyVirginia Secretary of Public Safety
Phone Number(804) 674-2000
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Virginia State Police Phone Number



An estimated 17,000 years ago, nomadic hunters made their way to Virginia. Evidence from Daugherty’s Cave in Russell County indicates that 9,800 years ago, people frequently used it as a rock shelter.[5] Tribes merged during the late Woodland period (500–1000 CE), and farming of corn and squash was initiated. By the end of the period, beans and tobacco were brought in from the southwest and Mexico.

The first palisaded towns appeared around 1200, and by the 1500s, about 50,000 aboriginal people were living within the present-day borders of Virginia. At the time, the region was home to several sizable populations, including the Siouan-speaking Tutelo to the west, the Nottoway and Meherrin to the north and south, and the Algonquian in the Tidewater region, whom they called Tsenacommacah.

Virginia State Police

Conceived in 1919 and founded in 1932, the Virginia State Police, formally known as the Virginia Department of State Police, serves as the state police force for the U.S. state of Virginia. Originally serving as a highway law inspector and enforcer, the agency was part of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Under Secretary Brian Moran’s direction until his resignation in January 2022, it is presently one of the Cabinet Secretariat of Public Safety’s fourteen agencies. Gary T. Settle took the oath of office as Superintendent of the Virginia State Police on January 18, 2018. Colonel Settle took over for Colonel W. Steven Flaherty, who had been in retirement since 2003.

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Trooper Training

There are two stages to trooper training:

Phase 1: Academy Training (15,536 hours of instruction spanning over 100 courses, over 29 weeks)

Phase 2: Field Training (six to eight weeks in length)

Structure of Organisations

The Superintendent’s Office and three bureaus—Administrative and Support Services, Criminal Investigations, and Field Operations—make up the Department of State Police

The Superintendent’s Office oversees;

  • Public Relations Office (PRO)
  • Office of Professional Management and Internal Controls (OPMIC)
  • Office of Internal Affairs (OIA)
  • Executive Protective Division (EPD)
Virginia State Police Phone Number

The three bureaus are:

Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI):

  • Division of Criminal Intelligence
  • Field Offices (Divisions 1 through 7)

1: Culpeper

2: Richmond

3: Appomattox

4: Chesapeake

5: Wytheville

6: Salem

7: Fairfax

  • Division of High Tech Crimes
  • Division of Support Services

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Bureau of Field Operations (BFO):

  • Richmond, Abingdon, and Lynchburg are the three aviation bases that make up the Aviation Division.
  • Field Offices (Divisions numbered 1 through 7)

1: Culpeper

2: Richmond

3: Appomattox

4: Chesapeake

5: Wytheville

6: Salem

7: Fairfax

  • The BFO Divisions are subdivided into 49 “area offices” for further organisation.
  • The Motor Carrier Safety Unit (MCSU) and the Virginia Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Program are part of the Safety Division.
  • Special Operations Division
Virginia State Police Phone Number

Bureau of Administrative and Support Services (BASS)

  • Division of Communications
  • Information Services for Criminal Justice
  • Human Resources Division
  • Division of Information Technology
  • Division of Property and Finance
  • Training Section
    • Department of State Police (commanded by the Colonel)
    • Bureaus (commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel)
    • Divisions (commanded by a Captain)
    • Areas (commanded by a First Sergeant)

Virginia State Police Phone Number: FAQs

1. Who is the Virginia State Police?

Ans: The Virginia Department of State Police, also referred to as the Virginia State Police, was founded in 1932 after being conceptualised in 1919. For the American state of Virginia, it functions as the state police force.

2. Are the phone numbers of the Virginia State Police changing?

Ans: There haven’t been any formal announcements regarding changes to the Virginia State Police phone numbers as of the most recent update. To find out the most recent updates or modifications, I advise visiting their official website or getting in touch with them directly.

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