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Amazon Human Resources Phone Number: Amazon is a global technology company with expertise in cloud computing, digital streaming, online advertising, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. Since 2002, the company has appeared on the Fortune 500 list. Amazon was ranked 492nd when it joined but is currently ranked 2nd. Analysing Amazon’s HR practices is essential to comprehending how such a massive company has succeeded.

Numerous factors have contributed to Amazon’s success. These include its innovative business strategy, focus on client satisfaction and potential for expansion. But employees are one of the most important components of Amazon’s success. Which is why it’s important to examine Amazon’s human resources.

According to a 2019 annual tech survey, 89% of Amazon workers said they were happy to work for the company. And 84% of respondents said they would recommend Amazon as a workplace. These numbers imply that job satisfaction among Amazon employees is very high. Undoubtedly, one of the factors contributing to Amazon’s great success is contentment.


Amazon Human Resources

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Amazon Human Resources Phone Number

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The Definition of Human Resource Management

Amazon Human Resources Phone Number: The definition of human resource management as the art and science of optimising human resources is intriguing. This definition of HRM intrigues me because it separates its two primary facets that it is both a science and an art. The “science” of HRM refers to the application of data and analysis to decision-making regarding individuals, while the “art” of HRM emphasises the capacity to inspire and comprehend workers. The foundation of human resource management (HRM) is the application of scientific principles, making it a science.

One of the common definitions of HRM was provided by Gary Dessler. He defines human resource management as the process of acquiring, developing, and allocating an organization’s human resources in a way that advances its strategic objectives. In light of this, examining Amazon’s HRM is essential to comprehend the relationship between HRM and strategic success within the company.

Research has demonstrated a positive correlation between worker productivity, engagement, and satisfaction and effective HRM practices. Organisations with good HRM practices are 1.3 times more likely to report organisational outperformance, according to a McKinsey study.

The Role of HR in the Amazon Organisation

Human resource management and corporate strategy at Amazon are closely related. This is in line with the organization’s adaptable and dynamic structure, especially the role of human resources within Amazon structures. The functional organisational structure of Amazon focuses on different business functions and components as the cornerstone for determining the relationships and reporting lines between these different components.

Below is a section of Amazon’s executive team organisational chart that emphasises the importance of HR.

According to the organogram, Beth Galletti, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, answers directly to the President and CEO of Amazon. 13% of HR directors at different companies report directly to the CEO, according to a recent analysis of the HR reporting structure. In terms of Amazon HR management, this is true. The outcomes probably show how much employers value human resources in the fast-paced workplace of today.

Amazon Human Resources Phone Number

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Amazon’s Human Resources

The management of human resources at Amazon is distinct and highly tactical. It stands for a distinct management paradigm. Amazon’s receipt of the 2018 Human Resource Management (HRM) Impact Award serves as proof of this. The main HRM procedures used by Amazon pertain to particular actions meant to guarantee equitable chances for every worker.

Amazon’s human resources management prevents discrimination in the workplace, according to the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which is available on the internet. Because discrimination is becoming a more significant problem globally, this shouldn’t be taken lightly. It complements safety and health policies, which are crucial for Amazon’s human resources, and contains anti-harassment provisions.

This is a serious matter, as discrimination is becoming a more widespread problem worldwide. They follow the SHRM principle, which argues that all decisions regarding human resources should be in line with the core goals of the company (Sagar, 2019). As per Amazon’s strategy, proficient human resources can aid in achieving sustained benefits.

Critical Reaction to Amazon Human Resources Management

The management of Amazon’s human resources has not been without criticism. An article titled “Inside Amazon’s Worst Human Resources Problem,” which appeared in the New York Times in 2021, examined a significant HR issue at Amazon. There have been serious allegations that Amazon’s HR department exploited its employees. The subject of the exploitation was employee unpaid leave.

After conducting investigations, The New York Times concluded that leave processing had gone wrong and was prevalent. This had a significant impact on how Amazon managed its human resources. The controversy tempted critics to accuse Amazon of mismanaging its HR division.

Amazon has faced criticism for several HR-related problems that have lowered output and performance. Poor pay, indifference to the work-life balance of employees, and insensitivity to personal workers’ concerns are a few of these problems.

The study will demonstrate how Amazon has suffered as a result of inadequate HR management. Only three out of ten Amazon employees who responded to a survey expressed satisfaction with HR turmoil. This comparatively low number may result in employees who are less engaged and motivated.

Although diversity and inclusion are part of Amazon’s HRM policy, they can also present challenges for the company’s HR department. Diversity in the workforce is an issue for Amazon. Because of this, Amazon has been charged with several crimes, including discrimination and sexual misconduct (Zhu, 2021).

In recent years, numerous women have sued Amazon for sexual harassment. Internal policies that are opaque, capricious, and unfair have also been the subject of complaints. Furthermore, it is alleged that Amazon promotes racial discrimination inside the company. The aforementioned individuals were fired following an investigation into a few of the complaints. However, these problems are still not entirely resolved.

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