Spark Driver Phone Number

Spark Driver Phone Number +1 (855) 743-XXXX, Email ID Details

Spark Driver Phone Number: What is the PySpark or Apache Spark Spark driver? It is common knowledge that the Apache Spark or PySpark system runs on a cluster of computers with a master (driver) slave (worker) design. To complete the task, these machines communicate with one another via their network. In a Spark system such as this one, the only computer needed to manage these clusters is a Spark driver.

NameSpark Driver
Phone Number+1 (855) 743-0457
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Spark Driver Phone Number

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How long does it take to receive a Spark Driver approval?

Spark Driver Phone Number: Like users of other ridesharing apps, Spark delivery drivers are independent contractors who need to pass a background check, own a car, have auto insurance, have a smartphone to access the app and have a valid driver’s licence.

The approval process to become a Spark Driver may take one to two weeks. Although completing the forms and signing up just takes a few minutes, completely authorising your account may take a week or two.

The retailers in your area, the amount of orders placed there, and the results of your background check all affect how long it takes.

When can I reapply to be a Spark Driver?

Indeed. If your application is denied or your account is cancelled, you can always reapply to become a Spark Driver.

Should your application be turned down

Spark says you’ll get an email or text message if you’re accepted. You might not receive an email or SMS message if your application is denied. Your profile details contain the status information. You can get further information by getting in touch with Spark if your application is rejected. On your profile page, select “Support” at the top.

If your application is rejected because the background check indicates that you did not pass, there is little chance that it will be accepted.

Had your account been terminated?

To find out why your account was deactivated, get in touch with support. You can email to contest the rationale.

You can get in touch with Spark’s Tier 2 customer service by calling the toll-free number at (855) 743-0457 if you don’t hear back after a few business days.

The arbitrator, an impartial third party, will decide how things will turn out. The arbitration fees are your responsibility and normally run about $200. Consult the Driver4Spark help articles for further information.

Spark Driver Phone Number

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What distinguishes Delivery Drivers Inc. from Spark Driver?

Delivery driver services are provided by two different businesses: Spark and Delivery Drivers, Inc. Walmart owns Spark, and gig workers largely use the Spark Driver app to fulfil and deliver orders to Walmart.

Delivery Drivers, Inc. is a driver employment company. (DDI). For several major retail clients, such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon, the organisation finds drivers.

All DDI drivers work as independent contractors; neither DDI nor the stores where they complete orders employ them directly. On the other hand, DDI does provide drivers with access to their portfolio of retail clients, basic training, and uniforms (in certain cases). You need to get DDI and Walmart approval before you may drive for Spark.

Can a worker at Walmart operate a Spark vehicle?

Not in a formal sense. A Spark driver cannot be a Walmart employee. On this subject, a lot of false information is disseminated in blogs and internet forums.

You need to tick this box when you sign up to drive for Spark:

I am not a Walmart associate and I am older than eighteen. Delivery for the Spark Driver platform is not available to anybody under the age of eighteen or to Walmart employees.

This applies to all Americans who work for Walmart or its affiliate businesses. Any associate who provides a false employment status could face disciplinary action, which could even include termination.

Stated differently, a Walmart worker could only drive for Spark if they lied on their application, a move that may result in their termination or other hot water

FAQs of Spark Driver Phone Number

Q. When will the Spark Driver app allow me to log in?

Ans. Once your driving application has been approved, you can log in to the Spark Driver app.

Q. Do I have to finish the background check process?

Ans. When appropriate, background checks may be necessary, and reviews must be carried out in compliance with current laws.

Q. What is the duration of the background check?

Ans. Results of background checks are normally accessible in 1–7 business days, depending on county and state procedures. Throughout the procedure, you should anticipate receiving updates via email, and you’ll be informed of any noteworthy delays. You will receive an email confirming the findings of the background check along with instructions for the following stages.

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