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Burlington Credit Card Phone Number (877) 213-XXXX, Email Address

Burlington Credit Card Phone Number: Even the most devoted Burlington Coat Factory customers can probably do better than the perks offered by Comenity’s Burlington credit card. Its prizes are quite valuable, but you won’t accumulate them at the best rate, and there isn’t much of a sign-up bonus.

For most consumers, a standard cash-back credit card will be a superior choice. Better rewards are available on secured credit cards designed especially for people with poor or no credit than on the Burlington credit card.

Trade NameBurlington
Founded In1972
Phone Number(877) 213-6741
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Burlington Credit Card Phone Number

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The Burlington Credit Card’s advantages

The Burlington Credit Card has several advantages. Among the advantages of credit cards are the following:


There is a rewards program available with the Burlington Credit Card for each purchase you make. You may exchange your points for items, travel, or cash back for every dollar you spend. Your ability to accumulate points is unrestricted, and they will never expire.

No Annual Fee

You can use the Burlington Credit Card without worrying about incurring any additional fees because there is no annual charge. Furthermore, the Burlington card comes with a 0% APR offer.

Adaptable Modes of Payment

You can pay off your Burlington Credit Card debt in full each month or over time thanks to its flexible payment choices. To guarantee that your bill is always paid on time, you can also set up automated payments.

Account Management Online

The ability to access your bills, check your balance, and make payments online is another advantage of owning a Burlington Credit Card. To monitor account activity, you can also set up email or text alerts.

Fraud Defence

One of the main advantages of the Burlington Credit Card is fraud prevention. so that you may use your card with assurance knowing that your data is secure. You can acquire a replacement card and report your card lost or stolen right now.

Pros and Cons of Burlington Credit Card Phone Number


  • Benefits and Drawbacks of the Burlington Credit CardFair credit score holders might be able to get a credit card.
  • The three main credit bureaus receive reports from the company.
  • Application procedures are quick and simple.
  • Customers quickly receive their new cards.
  • First-time cardholders can receive 10% off their purchases.
  • Superb incentive scheme: one point for each dollar spent


  • Secured credit card
  • There is no information on the website; customers must visit their neighbourhood store to find out.
  • high APRs on purchases, often 30%
  • There are a considerable number of unfavourable customer service reviews

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Is the Burlington Credit Card a worthwhile application for me?

The Burlington Credit Card may or may not be a suitable fit for you, depending on your unique situation. Although this card has benefits and reward points, you should think about how you spend and make payments on a personal basis.

Make sure this fits with your needs and tastes as you may need to accrue a particular amount of points before using them. To find out if the card is right for you, examine its characteristics and consider your financial circumstances.

Rewards and points have an expiration date

As soon as Burlington cardholders reach 100 points—which may be exchanged for a $5 certificate—they can start redeeming prizes. Only purchases made at Cohoes Fashions, MJM Designer Shoes, and Burlington stores are eligible for certificates. Additionally, make rapid use of them as they expire 60 days following the date of issue.

It’s important to frequently convert points to certificates because they expire 12 months after they are put into the account.

The interest rate is high

The Burlington credit card carries a purchase APR of up to 33% as of this writing, which makes carrying a balance from month to month very expensive. Pay up your credit card debt in full and on time, if at all possible, to avoid incurring interest fees and to safeguard your credit score.

Credit Card Services in Burlington

Burlington Credit Card Phone Number: Burlington provides its Burlington Credit Card customers with a range of services, including merchant account services, fraud prevention, and online credit card processing. They also offer training and client assistance. Owners of Burlington Credit Cards are entitled to several advantages and services that improve the affordability and convenience of their shopping. The following benefits are available to Burlington Credit Card holders:

  • Several advantages and savings are available to you when you shop at the business. These consist of the ability to use the card for both in-person and online transactions, as well as early access to sales and alerts.
  • Cardholders can conveniently pay their bills and manage their Burlington account online.
  • Furthermore, cardholders frequently qualify for exclusive financing offers and promotions.
  • Cardholders may maximize their shopping experience and save money by using the Burlington Credit Card.
  • Outstanding customer service and fraud protection are top priorities for Burlington Credit Card services.

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