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OUC Phone Number: A public utility owned by the city of Orlando is the Orlando Utilities Commission. That serves the residents of Orlando, Florida, as well as some surrounding unincorporated Orange County areas. And St. Cloud, Florida, in Osceola County, with water and electricity. OUC is the second-largest municipal utility in Florida and the fourteenth-largest in the nation. The Florida Legislature passed a special act that established it in 1923. OUC provides air conditioning, chilled water, lighting, and power to more than 240,000 users.



NameOrlando Utilities Commission
Founded In1923
Phone Number 407-423-9018 
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OUC Phone Number

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About OUC

East Orange County’s Curtis H. OUC-managed OUC is the owner and operator of Stanton Energy Centre. The 3,280-acre property, which can produce more than 1,800 megawatts of electricity, is home to the most varied generating site in the state, utilising solar, coal, landfill methane gas, and natural gas. In addition, OUC owns a 40% share in Lakeland Electric’s McIntosh Unit 3 in Lakeland, the Indian River Plant close to Cocoa, and a 6% share in the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant close to Ft. Pierce. A five-person commission, which includes the Orlando mayor, oversees the business and sets all operational guidelines.

In addition, OUC maintains a distribution network spanning more than 1,700 miles and owns and runs seven water plants. To lessen the need for additional chemicals, OUC treats its water, which is pumped from the Lower Floridan Aquifer using ozone treatment.


A strong benefits package offers you and your family a financial safety net. OUC understands the need for a competitive and all-inclusive benefits package to draw in and keep top talent. The benefit package offered by OUC is available to both full-time employees (those who work more than thirty hours per week) and part-time employees (those who regularly work at least twenty hours per week).

Benefits Package

  • Dental and Medical Insurance
  • Prescription Medicine Card: Employee Support Programme
  • Life Assurance
  • Insurance Against Unexpected Death and Dismemberment
  • Free Term Life Assurance
  • Plan for Defined Contributions Pension
  • Plan for Deferred Compensation
  • Holidays Paid
  • Vacations That Float
  • Paid time off for vacation, paid time off for accidents, and paid disability insurance
  • Programme for Assistance with Education
  • Free Parking in the Downtown Area Credit Union Membership
  • Plan for Purchasing a Personal Computer
  • Accounts for Flexible Spending
  • Recreational Resources for Staff and Visitors Discounts on Hotels, Car Rentals, and Themes
  • Adaptable Work Schedules
  • Paying Dues for Professional Association Memberships
  • Opportunities for Paid Conferences and Training
  • Business Casual Atmosphere
OUC Phone Number

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Founded in 1923, the Orlando Utilities Commission is a municipal utility serving residents of Orlando, St. Cloud, and portions of unincorporated Orange and Osceola counties with electricity, water, chilled water, and lighting capabilities. Orlando, Florida is home to their headquarters.

FAQs about OUC Phone Number

Q. Why do I get a message saying that my information is not found when I try to register?

Ans. The email link that you were sent to access your myOUC account expires in thirty minutes. Please re-register and finish the link process within 30 minutes if it has been longer than that. You need to use your OUC account number and PIN to log into myOUC to finish your registration. To find out where your PIN and account number are, click this link. Verify again that the data you entered matches exactly what is shown on your OUC statement. You must enter all characters, digits, punctuation, and spaces exactly as they appear on your bill. To maintain online security and billing accuracy, OUC needs this precise match to your information.

Q. Why is a deposit required?

Ans. We may need a security deposit before service(s) are started because we perform services before they are billed.

Q. How and when will I get my deposit back?

Ans. The amount of your deposit refund will appear as a credit on your final bill. The account holder will receive a refund cheque if the credit exceeds the final bill. After two or more years of consistent payments, your residential deposit may be credited back to your account with interest, depending on the status of your account.

Q. How can I launch a new service?

Ans. You can initiate your service by calling 407-423-9018 and choosing the start service option from the menu, or by going to OUC.com, creating a much online profile, and choosing service request/start service.

Q. How can I terminate my service?

Ans. You can cancel your service by calling 407-423-9018 and choosing the stop service option from the menu. Choosing service request/stop service.

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