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Reliant Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Service locations FAQs

Reliant Phone Number: Reliant Energy, a Houston-based business, serves Texas’s deregulated power markets. Reliant, a division of NRG Energy Inc., supplies electricity to over a million homes and businesses in the Lone Star State. Residential and commercial electricity users can choose from fixed-rate, variable-rate, prepaid, and green energy programmes offered by Reliant Energy.

Trade NameReliant Energy
Founded 2000
Phone Number 866-222-7100
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Reliant Phone Number

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History of Reliant Phone Number

Reliant Phone Number: Reliant Energy, is a division of NRG Energy with its headquarters located in Houston. Texas is one of the biggest electrical suppliers in Texas, providing service to more than 1.5 million residents. Every year, Reliant supplies more than 23 million megawatts of electricity to its residential and commercial clients.

In June 2009, NRG Energy purchased Reliant Energy’s retail electricity operations. With 1.8 million customers at the time, Reliant was Texas’s second-biggest supplier of electricity. The remaining wholesale company changed its name to RRI Energy, which it kept, after receiving the trademark Reliant Energy. Ultimately, in 2012, RRI Energy was closed.

The rationale behind selecting Reliant Energy

Best renowned for its adaptable plan options and top-notch customer support is Reliant Energy. The business offers a range of customer service choices to address your inquiries about energy.

Reliant Energy provides:

  • Prepaid, variable, and fixed-rate plans
  • Plans that include free weekends and evenings
  • Designs for both commercial and residential buildings

Rate types that Reliant Energy offers

While looking for a new plan or supplier, you might come across a variety of electrical options. These are the most common plan types that Reliant Energy offers in the state of Texas.

  • Fixed-rate plans: With these, your monthly payment for each kilowatt-hour of power consumed is fixed. Your rate won’t fluctuate throughout the term of your contract, giving your energy expenses greater consistency and predictability. Unless you relocate outside of the company’s service region, you will need to pay a fee to stop your service before the contract expires.
  • Plans with variable rates: Variable-rate programmes, on the other hand, lack a fixed contract period and guaranteed rate. Rather, your monthly payment will fluctuate based on the cost of wholesale electricity. The benefit is that you can switch plans at any time without having to pay an ETF.

In our marketplace, enter your ZIP code to discover which Reliant Energy plans are offered in your city.

Changing or transferring Reliant Energy’s service

You can transfer your current energy plan to a new location in Reliant Energy’s service region if you’re moving to another deregulated area of Texas. To find out more about moving your service to a new address, get in touch with Reliant Energy using one of the channels listed on this page. If you can demonstrate that your new residence is outside of Reliant’s Texas service boundaries, you can transfer to a new provider without incurring an early termination fee.

Additional Reliant Energy projects

In addition to its energy programmes, Reliant Energy provides the following other residential services:

  • Packages for home security: Reliant provides automation and smart home security systems.
  • Protection against heat and air conditioning: These plans ensure the heating and cooling systems in your house, saving you money on unforeseen expenses.
  • Plans for surge protection: In the event of a power surge, Reliant’s plans for surge protection can assist you in paying for the costs of broken devices.
  • Backup power: Whole-home and portable power generators are additional dependable power options.

Giving back to the community in Texas is another commitment made by Reliant Energy. Reliant and its parent business, NRG, gave more than $4.8 million and over 4,000 hours of volunteer work to more than 200 community organisations in 2023.

Reliant Phone Number

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Service locations for Reliant Phone Number

Throughout Texas, there are deregulated localities that are part of Reliant Energy’s service region. The following areas are where the company collaborates with utilities:

  • The cities covered by AEP Texas Central’s service region include Corpus Christi, Laredo, and Harlingen.
  • AEP Texas North: This service area includes cities such as Abilene and San Angelo.
  • CenterPoint Energy’s service area includes Houston and the surrounding cities.
  • Oncor Electric Delivery: This service region includes the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex as well as other communities across the state.
  • Texas-New Mexico Power: This service area includes the areas surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, as well as many other portions of the state.

FAQs on Reliant Phone Number

Q. Is there a cancellation fee associated with Reliant Energy?

Ans. Depending on the Reliant power plan you have. If your plan is month-to-month, you won’t be charged if you decide to cancel at any time. However, early cancellation costs for fixed-rate plans are usually $150 for 12-month plans or $295 for 24-month plans.

Q. Does Reliant Energy verify references?

Ans. Yes, Reliant Energy will do a credit check before activating your service (unless you select a prepaid plan). You might have to pay a deposit on your plan if your score is low.

Q. Are all of the pricing displayed for Reliant Energy included?

Ans. The Reliant Energy rates on the Choose Energy marketplace include everything except taxes.

Q. How do I register for a service with Reliant Energy?

Ans. To get local rates, enter your ZIP code on Choose Energy. Next, select the plan that best suits your needs by filtering for “Reliant Energy” in the left-side panel, and then click “check availability.” You may finish the sign-up procedure in a matter of minutes from there.

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