Lane Bryant Credit Card Phone Number

Lane Bryant Credit Card Phone Number, Email ID Details, Rewards, Benefits

Lane Bryant Credit Card Phone Number: Over the years, the clothing firm Lane Bryant has used several slogans, one of which being “Nobody fits you like Lane Bryant.” Regretfully, the Lane Bryant Credit Card falls short.

It has all too typical shop credit card disadvantages, such as an extremely high annual percentage rate (currently 29.99%), a meagre reward structure, and few redemption choices.

Trade NameLane Bryant
Phone Number1-866-886-4731
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Lane Bryant Credit Card Phone Number

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The Lane Bryant Card’s Operation

Lane Bryant Credit Card Phone Number: Customers of women’s plus-size retail business Lane Bryant can apply for a retail reward credit card, much like many other retailers do. In reality, Comenity, a financial services provider that offers credit card services to hundreds of retailers nationwide, is the one offering the card. Although the card has many alluring benefits, applicants should be aware of certain limitations and drawbacks before submitting their application.

The credit card that Lane Bryant provides is exclusively offered in-store and isn’t connected to any card networks, such as Visa or Mastercard. The card can only be used online and in Lane Bryant family stores, including Cacique, Lane Bryant, and associated outlet stores.

Cardholders have the option of carrying a debt and making smaller payments over time, or paying off the entire balance each month. Due to the card’s 25-day grace period. Individuals who pay it off in full each month can completely avoid paying interest.

Rewards and Benefits

Loyal customers can take advantage of several benefits when they use the Lane Bryant in-store credit card.

Cardholders can accrue points, which they can then use for future purchases. When the account is connected to a Lane Rewards Membership, a point is given for every dollar spent at participating retailers or on the Internet. Cardholders are eligible to redeem 3,000 points for a $10 bonus.

When they open and utilise their account on the same day, new cards receive a $20 discount off their first transaction.

The card also offers customers:

  • Standard shipping is free with qualifying orders of $75 or more.
  • Extended returns (with a rewards membership, of course)
  • special occasions
  • special deal for birthdays

The rewards programme divides cardholders into many tiers, which are as follows:

  • Spend up to $349 on silver to receive longer returns for 60 days and earn 15 points for every $1 spent.
  • Spend between $350 and $799 on gold to receive prolonged returns of 60 days and earn 20 points for every $1 spent.
  • Spend more than $800 to become a platinum member, earning 25 points for every $1 spent and 60 days of extended returns.
Lane Bryant Credit Card Phone Number

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Where Is the Lane Bryant Card Available?

The Lane Bryant Card can only be obtained through the completion of an application. This can be completed in-store at the register, or online by applying. The same criteria that apply to any other credit product—income, credit score, and other debt—also apply to approval and credit limit.

What Sort of Credit Is Needed to Apply for a Lane Bryant Card?

The minimum credit score needed to get approved for this credit card is not stated by Comenity or Lane Bryant. However, it’s safe to assume that to be eligible, you most likely need at least fair credit. That’s at least 580, based on Experian. Naturally, this is not an absolute rule. Before applying for this credit card or any other, it’s a good idea to verify your credit score.

Alternatives to the Lane Bryant Card

The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card is exclusive to the Victoria’s Secret family of businesses, just like the Lane Bryant card. Every dollar spent on purchases earns one point, and for every 250 points, $10 in coupons is provided. After a cardholder accumulates more than 1,000 points, this is doubled to $15 for every 250 points. $15 off the first purchase made with the credit card is awarded to new cardholders. The yearly interest rate on this card is 24.99%.

Both a store-only version and a version with additional Visa affiliation are available for The Gap credit card. This makes it possible for Gap Visa cardholders to earn bonus points anywhere Visa is accepted. There is a 20% sign-up discount and a point system for new Gap cardholders. Five points are awarded for every $1 spent at the Gap family of businesses, which includes the Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and the outlets; purchases made at other retailers only earn one point per dollar (Visa-enabled cards only).

For every 500 points earned, regular clients receive $5 reward coupons. Once they achieve Silver rank, regular customers also receive an additional 20% in bonus points per quarter. Both cards have an interest rate of 25.99%.

Lane Bryant Credit Card Phone Number FAQs

Q. How Is the Lane Bryant Card Granted?

Ans. The Lane Bryant Card application is available online or in-store at the register. Finding out if you’re approved only takes a few minutes throughout the entire process. If so, your account is opened instantly and ready for use immediately.

Q. Which Other Retailers Accept My Lane Bryant Card?

Ans. Any Lane Bryant, Cacique, or outlet store accepts the Lane Bryant Card. The card can be used online at any of their websites as well. You are unable to use this credit card at any other store because it is an in-store credit card.

Q. What Benefits Does the Lane Bryant Card Offer?

Ans. Those who possess a Lane Bryant Card have the ability to accrue points that can be applied to future purchases. Additionally, you can connect it to your Lane Rewards account to earn additional benefits like free delivery, bonus points, and access to exclusive events for cardholders.

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