molina healthcare phone number

Molina Healthcare Contact Number, Email ID Details, History, Vision

Molina Healthcare Contact Number: Molina Healthcare is a managed care organization that works with government programs to give low-income individuals health insurance. With its headquarters located in Long Beach, California, the organization caters to more than 2.2 million members nationwide. With more than 30 years of experience in the medical field, Molina Healthcare is well-known for providing excellent treatment.

NameMolina Healthcare
Founded 1980
Phone Number(855) 882-3901
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molina healthcare phone number

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Molina Healthcare Contact Number: C. David Molina, a Long Beach, California, emergency department doctor, created Molina Healthcare in 1980. He had witnessed a surge in patients visiting the ER for ordinary ailments like the flu or sore throats, as physicians refusing to take Medi-Cal were turning them away. Regardless of their financial situation, Molina aimed to treat the lowest-income patients when he opened his first primary care facility.

Molina Healthcare made a deal in September 2020 to pay roughly $380 million for the entirety of the Affinity Health Plan’s assets.


J. Mario Molina, MD, the son of Dr. Molina, managed the company for twenty years. He served as the company’s president and CEO. Mario’s younger brother John served as Molina Healthcare’s CFO. Following their father’s death in 1996, the two assumed control of Molina’s activities and proceeded to grow the business. The Board of Directors terminated J. Mario and John from their roles in May 2017 and stated poor financial performance as the cause for the change in leadership. The former CFO of Aetna, Joseph M. Zubretsky, was named president and CEO of Molina Healthcare in October 2017 by the firm.


J. Mario Molina, MD, a physician, ran the business for his father, Dr. Molina, for twenty years. He served as the company’s CEO and president. Mario’s younger brother John Molina held the position of CFO of Molina Healthcare. After their father passed away in 1996, the two took over Molina’s business and proceeded to grow it. In May 2017, the Board of Directors dismissed J. Mario and John, citing subpar financial results as the basis for the leadership transition. Joseph M. Zubretsky, a former Aetna CFO, was named president and CEO of Molina Healthcare in October 2017 by the firm.

Awards and recognition

The 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility went to Molina Healthcare. According to the award, Molina Healthcare’s programs, policies, and workplace culture have placed them in the top 20% of employers in the country for fostering an efficient and adaptable work environment. Business Ethics magazine listed Molina Healthcare as one of the top 100 corporate citizens in 2006. Dr. J. Mario Molina, who was the CEO of Molina Healthcare at the time, was named one of the top 25 prominent Hispanics in America by Time magazine in 2005.

According to sales, the company came in at position 155 on the Fortune 500 list of the biggest US corporations in 2021. According to sales, the company came in at number 126 on the Fortune 500 list of the biggest US corporations in 2023.

molina healthcare phone number

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Mission Statement

MOH’s mission statement is ‘to provide quality healthcare to people receiving government assistance.’ The foundation of MOH’s activities is this mission statement. It emphasizes MOH’s dedication to giving individuals in need inexpensive, easily accessible, and excellent healthcare services. The Mission Statement of the MOH reflects its dedication to serving the impoverished and promoting universal access to healthcare.


The goal of MOH is to set the standard for high-quality, universally accessible, and reasonably priced healthcare services. The company is guided by this aim to continuously innovate and push boundaries in the healthcare sector. MOH aspires to lead the way in healthcare technology innovation and offer its members exceptional services. The vision emphasizes MOH’s dedication to adapting to the shifting healthcare environment and meeting new community healthcare requirements.

Core Values

The MOH bases its work on five key values. The company’s culture is shaped by these values, which also propel the achievement of its goals and objectives. ‘Members First,’ the first fundamental value, places the members at the center of every choice and action that MOH does. ‘Integrity,’ the second fundamental principle, aims to connect MOH’s operations with moral and ethical standards. ‘Teamwork,’ the third core value, promotes cooperation and coordination amongst teams to provide high-quality services. ‘Innovation,’ the fourth fundamental principle, encourages an entrepreneurial attitude and stimulates ingenuity to tackle difficult healthcare problems. ‘Commitment,’ the fifth core principle, represents MOH’s commitment to empowering communities and giving them access to high-quality healthcare services.


Molina Healthcare Contact Number: To sum up, MOH’s fundamental values, vision, and mission statement serve as the cornerstones of its operations. These elements are essential to formulating MOH’s long-term objectives and business plans. MOH is steadfast in its commitment to its mission and vision, as seen by its commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services to the underprivileged population and advancing equitable healthcare possibilities. MOH’s guiding principles of member-centricity, teamwork, and innovation guarantee that the organization provides high-caliber, reasonably priced healthcare services that support wholesome communities.

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