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Xcel Energy Phone Number, Email ID Details, Benefits, History

Xcel Energy Phone Number: A U.S.-regulated electric utility and natural gas delivery company, Xcel Energy Inc. serves over 3.7 million electric customers and 2.1 million natural gas customers in portions of eight states (Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and New Mexico). Its headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Northern States Power-Minnesota, Northern States Power-Wisconsin, Public Service Company of Colorado, and Southwestern Public Service Co. are its four operating subsidiaries.

Xcel Energy declared in December 2018 that it would provide all carbon-free. Clean electricity by 2050 and reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2035 (compared to 2005 levels). Xcel is the first significant US utility to establish a target of this kind.

Trade NameXcel Energy
FoundedJune 17, 1909
Phone Number 800-628-2121
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Brief History

The Northern States Power Company (NSP) in Minneapolis, and the Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) in Denver. And the Southwestern Public Service (SPS) in Amarillo formed the foundation of Xcel Energy. The Pecos Valley in New Mexico is where Southwestern Public Service Co. (SPS) had its start in 1904 when Maynard Gunsell was granted an electricity license for the 2,000 citizens of Roswell, New Mexico. He eventually became too burdened by the financial hardship of starting this new business, so he sold the franchise to W.H. Gillenwater, who called his company the Roswell Electric Light Co. Later, he sold the business to a Cleveland, Ohio, investment group that was also the owner of Roswell Gas Co.

Environmental Benefits

Since 2005, Xcel has already cut its carbon emissions by more than half. According to our targets to reduce carbon emissions by 2030, an electric vehicle fueled by Xcel electricity will be at least 80% cleaner than a typical gasoline-powered vehicle, up from over 55% presently. According to our estimates, by 2030. Five million fewer tonnes of carbon emissions would be produced annually if every fifth vehicle was powered by electricity. Additionally, clients have the option to charge using 100% carbon-free energy right now thanks to our renewable energy programs.

Grid safety

To provide the energy industry with cyber and physical security intelligence, Xcel Energy and the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Centre collaborated to establish a new “threat information sharing community” in 2017. The Energy Analytic Security Exchange is the name of the new community (EASE). The FS-ISAC Sector Services team is in charge of it; FS-ISAC is a group that provides physical and cyber risk intelligence to the financial services sector. The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC)-managed Energy Information Sharing and Analysis Centre is another resource the energy sector uses to gather threat intelligence.

Xcel Energy Phone Number
Xcel Energy Phone Number

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Advanced Grid in Colorado

Xcel Energy launched the Advanced Grid Intelligence and Security (AGIS) initiative in 2016. This long-term project focuses on distributed generation, power dependability, and consumer information exchange. To increase grid security, Xcel would construct an “intelligent grid” in Colorado as part of the plan. The $500 million program would require clearance, which the business requested from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.


Customers have had the option to specify that all or a portion of their electricity comes from renewable energy sources since 1998 thanks to Xcel Energy’s Windsource program. About 96,000 people signed up for Windsource in 2015. 2011 saw 261,800 natural gas and over 2.3 million electric customers participate in Xcel Energy’s residential and business energy efficiency programs.

Customers can also receive incentives from Xcel Energy to install solar panels. With a capacity of roughly 121 megawatts (DC), more than 10,600 photovoltaic systems had been built by the end of 2011. Early in 2011, Xcel Energy halted the solar rebate program. A month later, it reached an agreement with representatives of solar power producers to reinstate the program while it is subject to a thorough public review.


Q. Partners in Energy: What is it?

Ans. Communities in Minnesota and Colorado looking for tools to advance their energy planning can take advantage of Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program. We assist you in determining the energy goals of your community, creating a plan, and putting methods into action that make use of your special local resources throughout a two-year commitment. We’ve put together a team of professionals with expertise in energy consulting, process, and implementation coaching to support your teams at every stage, enabling and enabling contributors.

Q. Does Partners in Energy come with a price?

Ans. Neither Partners in Energy nor our resources are free to use. The quantity that you must invest depends on your plan’s outreach techniques or needs. Your energy action plan’s strategies might fit inside your current spending limit, or you might see that your program has to be strengthened.

Q. How can we submit a Partner in Energy application?

Ans. Visit xcelenergy.com/PartnersInEnergy to download an application or learn more about when other communities can join. To request a presentation or if you have any special queries, send us an email at PartnersInEnergy@xcelenergy.com.

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