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DTE Phone Number (022) 2264 XXXX, Email ID Details, Vision, Core Value

DTE Phone Number: Detroit-based DTE Energy, originally known as Detroit Edison until 1996, is a diversified energy firm that develops and oversees energy-related companies and services across the US and Canada. Its operational units include a natural gas utility that supplies 1.3 million consumers in Michigan. An electric utility that serves 2.2 million people.

DTE is a multinational and national company. The DTE Energy portfolio includes non-utility energy firms that focus on power and industrial projects, energy marketing, and energy trading.

54.16% of DTE’s electricity came from coal as of 2022, 18.16% from nuclear power, 14.22% from natural gas, and 13.11% from renewable energy sources such as hydroelectricity, solar power, and wind.

Trade NameDetroit Edison
Founded 1995
Phone Number(022) 2264 1150
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dte phone number

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Mission Statement of DTE Phone Number

DTE Phone Number: DTE Energy firm is a diversified energy firm with headquarters in Michigan that develops and oversees energy-related companies and services around the country. DTE’s goal is to serve the communities we serve and safeguard the environment by offering our customers dependable, reasonably priced energy.

The company’s main goals and dedication to providing its clients with high-quality goods. Additionally, the mission statement lists services. It embodies the company’s goal to lead the energy industry while establishing the bar for community involvement and environmental sustainability.


To be a high-end energy provider that prioritizes client care adds value for all parties involved, and encourages sustainable development.

The long-term goals of the company are outlined in the vision. It lays out the organization’s trajectory, including its long-term objectives and aspirations. The mission of DTE Energy Company is to provide for the energy demands of its stakeholders. And consumers while increasing shareholder value via sustainable growth.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer-first mindset
  • Teamwork
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)
  • Safety and Health
  • Sustainability

The fundamental beliefs of the organization function as a set of guidelines that support decision-making and business operations. It is expected that the organization would demonstrate these principles through its actions and conduct. The principles of sustainability, safety and health, DE&I, teamwork, honesty. And customer-centricity represents DTE Energy Company’s dedication to creating a strong culture that values its workers, clients, and the communities it serves.

The strategic planning process of DTE Energy Company incorporates the company’s mission statement, vision, and fundamental values. They direct the company to provide its clients with dependable, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly energy. While preserving the environment and assisting the communities it serves. These components uphold the business’s dedication to providing top-notch goods. And services that satisfy the changing demands of its constituents, establishing a standard for other energy providers in the sector.

dte phone number

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Customer Focus

DTE is dedicated to offering reasonably priced energy and first-rate customer service. The business understands how critical it is to pay attention to what customers have to say and address their demands and worries. To achieve this, DTE has put in place a variety of customer service programs, including mobile apps that let users check their energy usage in real time and online bill payments. A customer satisfaction survey program has also been put in place by the business to get input from clients and pinpoint areas that need work.

DTE’s investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, which enable consumers to lower their energy costs while simultaneously lessening their environmental effects, is proof of the company’s dedication to its clients.


DTE is dedicated to keeping both its contractors and workers in a safe working environment. The business is aware that maintaining employee and community safety as well as its prosperity depend on it. DTE has put in place a thorough safety program that includes frequent safety training for staff members and contractors, stringent safety inspections, and a mechanism for reporting and looking into safety events to make sure it maintains this value. Additionally, DTE maintains strong collaboration with regulatory bodies to guarantee that it conforms to all applicable safety laws.

Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity

DTE is dedicated to establishing a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive work environment. The business is aware that a diverse staff fosters innovation. And creativity since it offers a range of viewpoints and ideas. DTE has put in place a variety of initiatives and programs aimed at luring. And keeping a diverse workforce, including unconscious bias training and diversity recruiting programs, to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. To help employees from different backgrounds and to give them networking opportunities, the corporation has also formed employee resource groups.

  • DTE Energy Company (DTE) is dedicated to conducting business with honesty, safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as a customer-focused approach.
  • To make sure it adheres to each of these principles, the company has put in place a variety of initiatives and programs, such as diversity recruiting efforts, ethics training, customer satisfaction surveys, and safety inspections.
  • DTE’s dedication to its basic principles distinguishes the business in the energy sector and fuels its continued success as a pioneer in the sector.

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