Milestone Credit Card Phone Number

Milestone Credit Card Phone Number, Email ID Details, Benefits

Milestone Credit Card Phone Number: If you have below-average credit and don’t want to make a deposit, the Milestone Credit Card is a decent option. With a $700 credit limit and no security deposit needed, the Milestone Card may be worth considering. That might help you manage some emergency costs a little bit, but any balance you carry over from month to month will have a very high annual percentage rate (APR). You shouldn’t use the Milestone Card for an extended period because its annual cost is significantly more than that of the typical credit card.

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Milestone Credit Card Phone Number

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Benefits of Milestone Mastercard

The Milestone card provides its holders with the following advantages:

  • $700 credit line: You have more options with a $700 credit line because many beginning cards have limits between $300 and $500.
  • Pre-qualification: The Bank of Missouri employs a soft inquiry to examine your credit report once. You have completed the pre-qualification process. This is also known as a soft draw; it does not affect your credit score. Consequently, you can check your eligibility for a Milestone credit card without having any impact on your credit score.
  • No security deposit: Secured cards are often available to non-prime borrowers from banks. To start an account with a protected card, you need to make a deposit. Furthermore, the amount of your deposit determines the maximum of your credit line.
  • Everywhere Mastercard is accepted, the Milestone credit card is as well. And it comes with the same perks and acceptance as a regular Mastercard thanks to its Mastercard logo. This credit card also comes with standard Mastercard benefits including fraud protection, identity theft protection, and $0 liability.
  • An aspect that helps establish credit is that the Bank of Missouri reports to all three credit agencies. Which facilitates the creation of a strong credit profile.

Review of the Milestone credit card: Is it worthwhile?

Customers with non-prime credit ratings can apply for the Milestone Mastercard from the Bank of Missouri. This usually refers to FICO® scores that are lower than 660.

Although the no-frills card does not have any additional benefits like cash back or bonus miles, it does report to all three of the main credit agencies. In addition, the Milestone Mastercard is an unsecured credit card, meaning that opening an account doesn’t need paying a security deposit.

If your credit history prevents you from being approved for a better card, then the Milestone Mastercard becomes worthwhile. For instance, this credit card can assist you in improving your low credit score if you just filed for bankruptcy or experienced a vehicle repossession. If you’ve never managed credit before, the Milestone Mastercard can also be an excellent option for you.

Milestone Credit Card Phone Number

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Pros and Cons of Milestone Credit Card Phone Number


  • There is no need for a security deposit.
  • reports to the three main credit reporting agencies
  • By going through the pre-qualification process, you may verify your eligibility without having your credit score impacted.
  • Accepted everywhere the Mastercard logo appears
  • There are several card variations available.


  • low credit limit
  • Not a rewards scheme
  • High variable annual percentage rate
  • You won’t know the version of the card you’ll receive until you complete the pre-qualification procedure.
  • There is an annual cost for each version of the card, and some may additionally have monthly fees.

FAQs of Milestone Credit Card Phone Number

Q. I don’t have an invite code; can I still apply for the Milestone?

Ans. If you have not yet received an invite code for the Milestone credit card, you can obtain one by completing a quick pre-qualification form at

Q. How can I get my brand-new Milestone credit card activated?

Ans. You will need to wait for your new card to arrive in the mail before activating it. After obtaining your card, proceed to and adhere to the instructions provided in our Milestone card activation guide.

Q. Does obtaining approval for the Milestone card require flawless credit?

Ans. You do not need perfect or even good credit to be approved for this card, while your credit may be so bad that your application will be denied. The Milestone card is specifically made for people with poor credit histories or little to no credit histories.

Q. How long does it take for the mail to contain my new credit card?

Ans. In 8–14 business days, new cardholders usually receive their new card through the mail.

Q. Is it possible to transfer balances from other credit cards to the Milestone Gold credit card?

Ans. No, balance transfers are not permitted for the Milestone card and the starter credit card with its extremely low limit.

Q. Is there no responsibility for unauthorised charges with the Milestone Gold credit card?

Ans. You will have complete protection against any fraudulent charges made to your account, just like with all Mastercard credit cards.

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