Mercury Credit Card Phone Number

Mercury Credit Card Phone Number (866) 686-XXXX, Email ID Details

Mercury Credit Card Phone Number: Depending on the specific offer you receive, the Mercury Credit Card. An unsecured credit card for those with fair credit, may turn out to be either great or fairly awful. An annual fee might not be charged, and certain customers might receive one point for each dollar spent. But rewards are not included in the base package. WalletHub has gathered information about the Mercury Credit Card to facilitate better card comparison for customers. The financial institution concealed the information.

NameMercury Credit Card
Phone Number(866) 686-2158
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Mercury Credit Card Phone Number

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Mercury MasterCard stats

Although there are a tonne of benefits to this unsecured card, there are a few things you should be aware of before applying.

  • There is no annual fee. There are late fees of up to $38.
  • APR, or annual percentage rate, ranges from 25.90 to 27.90% and is dependent on the prime rate.
  • The advance of cash APR varies according to Prime Rate and spans from 27.90 to 29.90%.
  • Depending on the amount of the cash advance, a 5% or 10% fee
  • A minimum $1,500 credit limit. There have been reports of credit limits that are two or three times higher than this minimal amount.
  • A three per cent foreign transaction fee is applied to each overseas purchase.
  • Depending on how much you’re moving, there will be a balance transfer fee of either 4% or 5%.

The cardmember agreement paper contains additional terms and conditions that you can read and comprehend.

Pros and Cons of Mercury Credit Card Phone Number


  • Get a free FICO score check.
  • Zero culpability for fraud.
  • No yearly cost.
  • One of the most well-known brands is Mastercard.


  • Foreign transaction fee: 3%.
  • The rate of interest (25.15% to 28.15%) is high.
  • $5 or 4% of the transferred sum, whichever is higher.
  • The only method of application is by mail with a pre-approved offer.

When Can I Apply for a Mercury Credit Card?

The issuer must provide you with a reservation code or preapproved offer before you can apply for the Mercury Credit Card. The invitation is contingent upon meeting certain financial requirements set forth by Mercury and should lead to an application being accepted unless:

  • There has been a negative shift in your credit history.
  • You don’t fit other predetermined requirements, including having a high debt-to-income ratio, that the issuer was unable to check before removing your credit.
  • Your identity cannot be verified by the issuer.

When you apply for the Mercury Credit Card, you must mention the reservation code that was sent with the invitation to apply. In addition to confirming the pre-filled personal information, there are a few questions to answer.

Mercury Credit Card Phone Number

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Who issues the Mercury Credit Card?

Under licence from Mercury Financial LLC, The First Bank & Trust in South Dakota is the issuer of the Mercury® Rewards Visa® Card. The bank’s private holding company, Fishback Financial Corporation, was established in the US in 1880.

At that point, Horace Fishback and his uncle Bert Olds opened a check-cashing facility in the rear of their general store to satisfy the need for banking services in Brookings, South Dakota. The Security National Bank, which subsequently changed its name to First Bank & Trust, was born out of this client service.

The bank has 22 locations in South Dakota and Minnesota and provides financial services to 17 municipalities.

There are no US or Canadian banks, but Mercury Financial LLC (formerly CreditShop LLC) is the owner of the Mercury® Rewards Visa® Card and several other North American businesses. With more than 160 workers and its headquarters located in Austin, Texas, it bills itself as the biggest credit card company in the US that is not a bank. In 2021, it rebranded itself as CreditShop LLC.

Examine Several Options for the Mercury Credit Card

The details of the Mercury® Rewards Visa® Card are a little unclear. However, we do know that it provides a free FICO Score, offers cash-back rewards, and has no annual fees. That’s not terrible because a lot of the options that were analysed have a yearly price in addition to multiple other fees.

Last Thoughts

Customers have generally had nothing but great things to say about MasterCard, particularly those who are looking to start credit from scratch.

High-interest rates are a common drawback, albeit one might mitigate them by maintaining a credit utilisation rate of no more than 30%. It would be wonderful to finish the application and consider it a way to raise your credit score if you receive an invitation letter from Mercury.

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