lexi rivera phone number

Lexi Rivera’s Phone Number, Email ID Details, Partner, Career

Lexi Rivera’s Phone Number: Sister of web video and social media celebrity Brent Rivera, who is also a social media sensation. She has more than 8 million Instagram followers and over 26 million TikTok fans. Lexi Rivera frequently works on video content together with Brent and other well-known creators like Pierson Wodzynski and Andrew Davila. She also frequently includes her mother in videos in which she plays practical jokes on her to see how funny she gets.

NameLexi Rivera
BornJune 7, 2001
Phone Number1 (715) 820 3420
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lexi rivera phone number

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Romantic Affairs & Partner

Lexi Rivera’s Phone Number: She once had a love relationship with fellow internet celebrity “Hayes Grier.” He’s one of her brother Brent’s best buddies. They were frequent hangouts and even had a cameo in one of Hayes’ YouTube videos. But in a previous video, Lexi Rivera referred to him as her close friend and outright refuted any dating rumours that had been floating about.

In 2020, she started dating Ben Azelart, a boy who was born on January 10, 2002 and is one year her junior. The adorable duo amuses their followers by producing an abundance of adorable and humorous stuff.

The Things That Make Lexi Rivera Unique

Any adolescent would be astounded by their older siblings’ achievements when it came to them. This isn’t the case, though, for Lexi Rivera, who maintains her ground and thinks that girls should live their lives just like everyone else.

Because of her intense love for gymnastics, Lexi Rivera is already making waves with her talent. She became a well-known social media star with the assistance of her older brothers, Brent and Brice, in addition to her perseverance.

lexi rivera phone number

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Beyond Fame

Lexi Rivera adores gymnastics and athletics. She is energetic and sporty. Lexi Rivera frequently hangs out with her siblings and friends and enjoys taking trips with them. She cooks better than anyone, but she especially loves pizza. It is clear from her Instagram account—which has amassed over 8.2 million followers—that Lexi Rivera enjoys taking photos.

She enjoys dressing casually but stylishly. She is stylish. Lexi Rivera speaks and writes Spanish. Chinese food is her favourite food, while Hunger Games is her favourite movie.

Nationality and Ethnicity of Lexi Rivera

Being an American citizen, Alexa Brooke Rivera, also known by her moniker Lexi, is of White ethnicity and holds American nationality. Lexi has amassed a sizable following thanks to her outstanding TikTok and YouTube videos.

Lexi Rivera’s stature, weight

Rivera is five feet and one inch tall. Lexi Rivera is a great fit for her height because of her gregarious personality. Her measurements are 34-28-35, her bra size is 34C, and her shoe size is 5 (US). Her physical characteristics include brown eyes and blonde hair. She also has white skin, which makes her seem youthful and appealing.

Lexi Rivera Professional Career

When Lexi first began creating YouTube videos, she worked with her brothers. August 21, 2010, was the initial day she launched her channel. Along with many others, she films videos with Ben Azelart, Andrew Davilla, Caleb Burton, Dominic Brack, Pierson Wodzynski, and the Stokes Twins. Lexi currently has more than 8 million YouTube subscribers. With 221 videos posted thus far, the youthful YouTuber has 1.7 billion channel views in total.

With more than 8.4 million followers on Instagram, she also has a verified blue tick. She has amassed 20.1 million followers on TikTok. Her lip-sync videos are what she mostly posts. Lexi is also quite active on Instagram, where she occasionally shares videos of her gymnastic feats in addition to regularly updating her account with lovely photos of herself. She has without a doubt one of the best social lives in the country.

Lexi Rivera Family: Parents and Siblings

Lexi’s parents gave birth to her. Her mother Laura Rivera is a teacher, and her father John Rivera is a firefighter. Among her three older brothers, Lexi is the youngest member of the family. Throughout her career, Lexi had support from Brent, Brice, and Blake Rivera, who enabled her to achieve her current status. Her brothers are all well-known on social media, and her brother Brent is an American YouTuber who is well-known for being one of the co-founders of Amp Studio, a content group and talent incubator.

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