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Homeaglow Phone Number, Email Address, Official Website and FAQs

Homeaglow Phone Number: One of the best home services is HomeGlow, which focuses on organising and cleaning your area. Right now, you can get it anywhere in the United States. operating in 50 American cities and providing services to more than 200,000 clients. Every cleaner on Homeglow must pass a stringent certification process in order to keep their average platform rating of 4.8 stars.

Observation: What is absent? Transporting bulky items, working outside, cleaning carpets, getting rid of mould or vermin, eliminating stubborn stains, tidying up pet messes, washing curtains, and cleaning places that are difficult to reach.

Formal NameHomeaglow
Headquarters Location  2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, Delaware, 19808, United States
Founded Year2015
Co-FounderAaron Cheung, Xiao Wei Chen
Phone NumberCustomer Service: (650) 666-2482 Toll-Free Number: (833) 450-1848
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Homeaglow Phone Number

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What’s included in the Homeaglow service?

During appointments, cleaning professionals on the Homeaglow platform might carry cleaning supplies. Please send a note with the necessary instructions for your cleaner to use if you would prefer them to use your own products, or get in touch with them via the Upcoming Appointments section of your dashboard.

Numerous factors determine how long cleaning your home takes and how much you can accomplish in that time. The ensuing list delineates typical tasks that our cleaners execute while on the job:


  • Washing sinks, showers, and toilets
  • sweeping every surface
  • cleaning all mirrors, glass surfaces, and furniture
  • Vacuuming and mopping flooring
  • Taking out garbage

Common Rooms & Bedrooms:

  • general surface dusting
  • Cleaning mirrors, glass surfaces, and furniture
  • Cleaning and vacuuming floors
  • Removing trash


  • General surface dusting
  • Dishwashing and loading the dishwasher
  • Dusting the outside of the refrigerator, cabinets and stove
  • Cleaning and vacuuming floors
  • Removing trash

Extras (upon request and given time constraints):

  • Cleaning inside the oven / fridge
  • Folding/Washing Laundry
  • Interior windows

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Homeaglow Phone Number

How does HomeaGlow determine prices?

At HomeAglow, there is a two-hour minimum booking requirement and hourly cleaning fees. Your cleaner’s rate and the number of hours you select determine the total cost, which also includes a booking fee that starts at 5%. If you have an active ForeverClean membership, you can receive up to 50% off your cleaning.

As soon as you make a reservation, you will see the approximate cost; however, if you extend your appointment by more hours, the price may change.

Should you possess a voucher, the hours covered by it will be utilised initially, and any additional hours will be billed at your cleaner’s regular hourly rate.

Navigating to Your Upcoming Appointments > Your Upcoming Appointments > “Payment Details” will allow you to view the claimed job estimate.

When making your appointment, you can leave a note for your cleaner requesting additional services (like cleaning the oven or refrigerator) if you’d like a deeper cleaning. If there are more tasks than the cleaner can complete in the allocated time, they can also get in touch with you to discuss extending the appointment.

By listing your top priorities in your notes or as they come in, you can assist your cleaner.

How can I see, change, or reschedule the details of an appointment?

Using your account dashboard, you can:

1. View Your Appointment Status & Contact Your Cleaner

The status of your request for an appointment is visible. A cleaner’s profile, reviews, and a link to get in touch with them directly are visible once they have accepted.

2. Reschedule, Change Your Cleaner, or Cancel

You have the option to modify the cleaner, pick a different time and date, or withdraw your request entirely.

Important: You can only amend your request up to roughly 24 hours prior to the start of the appointment.

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How do I cancel a personal appointment?

  • First, visit Homeaglo’s official website.
  • Then, from your dashboard, choose the appointment that you wish to cancel.
  •  Click “Manage Appointment” once the appointment has opened.
  • To cancel this appointment, select it.
  • Click “Leave Appointment” if you’re certain you want to cancel rather than reschedule your appointment.
  • As long as you cancel up to 24 hours before the start of the appointment, there is no penalty.


1. How do I leave feedbek in homeaglow?

Ans: Simply follow these steps to provide feedback for Homeaglow:

  • Sign in: Please sign in to your Homeaglow account if you are an existing user in order to receive better support.
  • Go to Feedback: After logging in, locate the section pertaining to reviews or feedback. Perhaps it will say something like “Leave Feedback” or “Rate Your Experience.”
  • Give your thoughts: Tell us what you thought of Homeaglow in your review. You can share specifics about the service you received, things that you liked, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Send in your review: To submit your comments, adhere to the instructions. Perhaps you could write a review or assign a star rating to your experience.

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