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Powell and Sons Phone Number, Email ID Details, Pros and Cons

Powell and Sons Phone Number: Powell and Sons is a perfect family business located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, a breathtaking city. Since its founding in 1987 by Art and Buck Powell, a father and son partnership, Powell and Sons has grown to become one of the region’s most reputable furniture retailers. This company offers a wide range of useful services, including design consultations, bespoke upholstery work, fabric cutting, and even rug repair, in addition to an amazing collection of home furnishings to suit every taste. Experienced employees closely monitor every order and offer cordial customer service at every turn.

Trade NamePowell and Sons
Founded 1952
Phone Number+1 574-354-4685
Email Addresslogin now to view the detail
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Official WebsiteN/A
Powell and Sons Phone Number

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The Spectrum of Services

Powell and Sons is a jack of all trades, offering services that span from winery to tree care and construction. Let’s dive into what they offer:


Powell and Sons have created a buzz with their range of wines. From Powell and Sons Steinert Flaxman Shiraz to Powell and Sons Eden Valley Shiraz, their selection is impressive. The grapes are sourced from vineyard sites spanning the Barossa and Eden Valleys.

Tree Services

If you have tree-related needs, Powell and Sons are at your service. They can help you plant trees or relocate those causing inconveniences.


Powell and Sons have ventured into the construction sector in collaboration with BBB. For more information, their official website is the go-to source.

The Pros and Cons

Every business has advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a summary of Powell and Sons’ advantages and disadvantages:


  • Diverse Services: Powell and Sons offer a variety of services.
  • Informative Website: Their website provides detailed contact information.
powell and cons


  • Service Quality: Customer reviews have pointed out poor service quality.
  • Inactive Social Media: Their social media pages are not updated regularly.
  • Low Ratings: A significant number of Powell and Son’s complaints have led to low ratings.
  • Lack of Information: Important information is missing from their website.

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The Verdict

Is Powell and Sons an able supplier? Our findings provide conflicting information. Despite being registered and having SSL certificates, the business sends customers’ service requests to other businesses, which annoys them.

Our research indicates that before hiring the organisation, make sure you do a full background check on them.

An Overview of Client Complaints

Red flags have been raised by customer complaints about Powell and Sons. Numerous clients have voiced their displeasure with the business’s methods:

  • Service Relay: Clients have complained that Powell and Sons’ website redirects them to other businesses when they ask for local services. This lack of openness raises serious concerns.
  • Non-Responsive: Interruptive advertisements abound on the website, and questions from customers are frequently not addressed.

Many customers advise looking for more respectable businesses for their service needs, such as Angi Leads or other local service providers, in light of these accusations.

Reviews of Powell and Sons from Texas

Like everywhere else, Powell and Sons have received mixed reviews in Texas. Here are a few quotes from both favourable and unfavourable reviews:

Positive Reviews

  • Tennessee’s Marguerita gave Powell and Sons high marks for their roof repair work and expressed her happiness with the result.
  • Michelle thought the business did extremely skilled and professional work.

Negative Reviews

  • Many clients complained that Powell and Sons relied too much on outside contractors for services, which produced mediocre work.
  • Consumers brought to the attention the company’s contradictory information provided by field employees and customer service agents. The business’s policy of disclosing client data to other vendors was also criticised.


Powell and Sons Phone Number: Powell and Sons have room for development, as evidenced by customer feedback and complaints. It’s crucial for those looking for services to approach Powell and Sons cautiously and conduct in-depth research to be sure their needs and what the company offers match.

The purpose of this post is to shed light on Powell and Sons’ position; readers are welcome to leave comments with their experiences and opinions.


Q. Powell and Sons Foundation Repair is located where?

Ans. Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee 37150, USA 523 Witcher Hollow Rd is the address of Powell & Sons Foundation Repair.

Q. What are the phone numbers for Powell and Sons Landscaping?

Ans. Regarding landscaping services:

• Address: Elkhart County, IN, US | Kosciusko County, IN, US
• Phone number: +1 574-354-4685

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