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Ladwp phone number: The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the biggest municipal utility in the country, providing more than four million residents and local businesses in the City of Los Angeles and several surrounding cities and communities in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, with an average of 435 million gallons of water per day (487,000 acre-ft per year). The LADWP has 8,100 megawatts of electric generating capacity (2021–2022).

NameLos Angeles Department of Water and Power
Founded 1902 (water)
1916 (electric)
Phone Number1-800-342-5397
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ladwp phone number

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Ladwp Phone Number: The biggest municipal utility in the country is LADWP. Our water system supplies over 4 million residents, companies, and tourists with an average of 450 million gallons of water each day. Our power system generates around 8,100 megawatts of consistent electric capacity. Since providing electricity to Los Angeles in 1917 and water in 1902. LADWP has continuously changed to suit customer needs and deliver dependable power and water services in an economical and ecologically conscious manner.

Power system

Approximately 5,200 gigawatt hours (GWH) were delivered by LADWP in the Owens Valley and more than 1.5 million residential and commercial users in 2019–20. In total, the company supplied more than 21,130 GWH.

Together with additional natural gas sources, the four natural gas-fired generating units operated by the LADWP inside city limits make up 24% of capacity. It wants to get away from coal by 2025, although coal-fired units in Utah and Arizona already provide 21% of its electricity. A further 14% is produced from nuclear energy, derived from Arizona’s Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. About 2 percent of its electricity comes from hydropower. The majority comes from Hoover Dam and the remaining portion from the water that falls from its mountain sources through the Los Angeles Aqueduct system.

The California Department of Water Resources provides raw water delivery and lake-level control. The LADWP also manages the Castaic Power Plant as a pumped storage facility. During the day, water moves from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir, producing electricity at peak demand. At night, when there is surplus capacity, the water is pumped back up. This facility generates about 1,600 megawatts or 22% of the overall capacity.

Across five Western states, the LADWP operates a diversified and vertically integrated power generating, transmission, and distribution infrastructure that serves over 4 million people in Los Angeles with electricity.

Water system

In 2019, the LADWP pumped approximately 159 billion gallons (602 million cubic meters) of water via 7,340 miles (11,813 km) of pipe to 735,600 water service connections. During the 2016–2020 fiscal years:

  • 48% of the water comes from the Sierra Nevada through the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which uses no electricity because it is gravity-driven;
  • The amount of water used in a given year from a given source can differ significantly.

The LADWP is investigating several new water sources, including a new direct connection to the California Aqueduct, increased use of recycled water, increased use of stormwater capture and reuse, and increased conservation, in response to the possibility of increased demand combined with reduced supply from the Mono and Owens basins. Many of the outdated pipes are reaching the point of wear and tear. These are full and unable to meet demand in the future. LADWP has replaced pipelines on several L.A. boulevards, including Olympic and Exposition.

ladwp phone number

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Service Territory

Parts of Los Angeles are not the only places where LADWP offers services.

  • Bishop, California Culver City,
  • California South Pasadena,
  • California West Hollywood,
  • California

LADWP provides services to four million people and businesses within its service area.


Ladwp Phone Number: The Corporate-International Style building, created by A.C. Martin & Associates and finished in May 1965, houses the headquarters of LADWP. Constructed on Bunker Hill, the 17-story structure houses the 3,200 employees of LADWP. And serves as a consolidation of 11 offices located around Downtown Los Angeles.38 It was named a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument on September 21, 2012.

On November 16, 2000, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power’s General Office Building has renamed the John Ferraro Building in honour of the late Los Angeles City Councilman John Ferraro. The building made a significant appearance in the science fiction thriller film Inception (2010).

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