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Fortiva Phone Number: Email archiving software as a service (SaaS) provider Fortiva. Paul Chen, the former CEO and creator of FloNetwork (which DoubleClick later purchased), founded the company in 2005. With its “hybrid” approach, Fortiva’s SaaS email archiving service leverages services and storage “in the cloud” while maintaining control over email services at the customer site. Consequently, the company asserted that it could provide organisations with the advantages of a managed solution along with the benefits of an in-house product.

Founded 2005
Phone Number800-245-7741
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Fortiva Phone Number

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Fortiva Phone Number: The mounting storage prompted the founding of the company. And issues as well as the legal and regulatory hazards associated with email use by enterprises. Being among the first businesses to create a product “from the ground up” with software as a service. It was also recognised right away for coming up with a novel way to safely store and retrieve emails without needing all of the data to be accessible at all times.

Following the release of its first product, a $5 million fundraising round. With the appointment of two clients as references, Fortiva made its debut in February 2005. Venture finance firms McLean Watson and Ventures West provided support to Fortiva. In September 2008, the $8 million overall series A financing was revealed.

In May 2008, Proofpoint, Inc. acquired Fortiva. The Proofpoint brand is still used to market and sell the company’s archiving service.

How to get in touch with customer support for Fortiva Credit Cards

By phone: Enter your account information when required when you call (800) 245-7741. Then, to speak with a customer support representative, adhere to the automated instructions.
Through email: After entering your details in the email form provided by Fortiva, click “Send.” A response ought to reach you in a day or two.
Through the mail: Please direct any questions to the following address: Fortiva
P.O. Box 105555
Atlanta, GA 30348-5555

Does using a Fortiva credit card make sense?

The Fortiva Mastercard® Credit Card’s value is determined by your financial circumstances and long-term objectives. That being said, because the Fortiva Mastercard is unsecured, it can be an alluring option for those who need to establish or repair their credit. However, due to its hefty fees, it might not be worthwhile to open an account with this credit card in the long term.

You are ultimately the one who understands your financial situation the best, therefore it is up to you to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this credit card and decide which option best suits your needs.

Pros & Cons of Fortiva Phone Number


  • assists people with bad or limited credit in raising or improving their credit score
  • Free access to your credit score and reports to major bureaus are included with opening a Fortiva account, which does not require a security deposit.
  • safe transactions with an EMV chip that prevents counterfeiting
  • Features Free transaction alerts and zero fraud responsibility
  • and has simple access to their account online to view transactions and make payments.
  • provides 3% cashback incentives for petrol, groceries and utilities.
  • offers 1% cashback incentives on additional eligible purchases.


  • has higher fees than many credit card programs that are secured.
  • comprises expensive annual fees as well as first-year monthly maintenance costs.
  • Interest rates are higher than normal for borrowers with fair credit.
  • excludes any sign-up bonuses or introductory deals.
  • includes two fees: 3% for foreign transactions and 3% for balance transfers.
  • doesn’t submit your progress information to other bureaus, such as VantageScore
  • The fee for cash advances is $5 or 5%, whichever is higher.
  • refuses requests to raise credit limits for those with excellent payment records
  • Provides no clarity regarding the requirements or specifics of the rewards programme
Fortiva Phone Number

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Benefits of the Fortiva Credit Card

The Fortiva card includes a rewards programme that offers cash back on purchases, however, this Mastercard does not allow you to accrue miles or points. You receive 3% cash back on groceries, petrol and utility purchases, and 1% cash back on other qualifying purchases.

Remember that the benefits on this cash-back credit card are only paid for actual purchases; they do not apply to balance transfers, cash advances, interest, or fees. Additionally, the rewards are only paid on completed transactions, not ones that are still pending. On the month of your account opening anniversary, you receive your accumulated rewards returned as a statement credit against the remaining amount of your purchases, provided that your account is kept in good standing.

How the Fortiva Credit Card compares to other cards

In comparison to other credit choices, including several secured cards, Fortiva’s Mastercard performs poorly.

This is because, by keeping the balance in your security account, you usually pay less for secured credit when all the costs are added up, along with the higher-than-average regular APR.

Even worse, the ambiguous rewards scheme does little to offset the exorbitant fees associated with keeping a Fortiva card in your wallet.

FAQs of Fortiva Phone Number

Q. What makes the Fortiva credit card good?

Ans. Numerous criteria determine if the Fortiva Mastercard is a decent credit card for you. An option to secure credit cards if you have poor credit is the Fortiva credit card. Opening a secured credit card, on the other hand, can be less expensive due to the high fees as you keep the money you deposit when you start an account.

Q. Is Fortiva a Mastercard or a Visa?

Ans. Anywhere that accepts the Mastercard credit card brand will accept the unsecured Fortiva credit card. As a result, you are protected from fraudulent transactions with lock-out protection, alerts when a transaction occurs, and Zero Fraud Liability for purchases made without your consent. To lessen the possibility of cards being counterfeit, the Fortiva Mastercard also has an EMV chip.

Q. Do foreign transaction costs apply to Fortiva?

Ans. Yes, there are fees associated with using this credit card overseas. A 3% transaction fee is applied to purchases made by Fortiva cardholders in foreign currencies.

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