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Open Sky Phone Number: The trade name for a wireless communication system developed by M/A-COM Inc. and currently a part of Harris RF Communications is OpenSky, a registered trademark of Harris Corporation. Using a novel architecture, OpenSky technology provides voice-over IP transport for radio communications applications.


Open Sky

NameOpen Sky
Founded In1 Jan 2009
Phone Number(800) 859-6412
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The State of New York terminated its contract with M/A-COM on January 15, 2009. Due to ongoing, unresolved problems with OpenSky technology. Rejecting the OFT’s assertions, Tyco Electronics filed a complaint in the New York State Court of Claims. Against the New York State Office for Technology. Tyco Electronics refuted a number of the NY-OFT’s public critiques of the business and the system in the complaint. Which said that SWN (which includes OpenSky) “worked as contracted.” The case further stated that the state improperly withdrew $50 million from the standby letter of credit the firm prepared. The company by claiming that its technology malfunctioned, and impeded the company’s ability to construct the system on schedule.

For US$675 million, Harris Corporation acquired Tyco Electronics Wireless Systems on May 29, 2009. Along with its OpenSky and other wireless communication technologies.

At the end of 2014, a Project 25 Phase system was scheduled to take the place of the Pennsylvania Statewide Radio Network, which was experiencing ongoing issues with the State Police and other customers. It will be multi-band VHF/UHF/800 and should be operationally complete by the end of 2021.

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced international connectivity
  • Increased competition
  • Economic benefits
  • Job creation
  • Airline safety and security
  • Tourism growth
  • Cultural exchange


  • Unfair competition
  • Job displacement
  • Environmental concerns
  • National security risks
  • Loss of domestic market share
  • Impact on local economies
  • Loss of national control
  • Cultural homogenization

Contact Customer Service

  • Phone: Simply dial (800) 859-6412 to reach OpenSky customer care by phone. You’ll be put through to a live agent if you follow the instructions.
  • Using the app: Additionally, you can contact customer assistance using the iOS and Android OpenSky mobile app. After clicking the “menu” button, choose “Contact Us.”
  • letter: If you would rather communicate by letter, you can send general inquiries, billing disputes, and communications to:
    • OpenSky Card Services
      PO Box 9224
      Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9224

Remember that sending a letter to customer care is the least convenient option. This is because mail inquiries take a few working days to get to their intended recipient.

Open Sky Phone Number

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Q. OpenSky: What is it?

Ans. Drone operators may securely navigate the sky by using OpenSky, a free mobile and web application that gives them information about airspace, including when and where it’s safe to fly. OpenSky offers support for both business and recreational drone users.

Drone operators may quickly obtain airspace clearances, pre-plan their flights, and view information on restrictions on airspace by utilising the OpenSky app.

Q. Will OpenSky work with my drone’s GCS (ground control system)?

Ans. OpenSky does not currently integrate with GCS. We are looking for ways to integrate GCS actively. To stay up to date on the newest developments, subscribe to our mailing list at

Q. Is OpenSky reliable and secure?

Ans. Over the past seven years, Wing has created a variety of tools and technology to assist commercial drone delivery; the OpenSky app is a result of that experience. To guarantee that our data is timely and satisfies the regulator’s safety requirements, OpenSky underwent a rigorous onboarding procedure with the FAA before releasing the app. Drone pilots may take to the sky with confidence thanks to apps like OpenSky that have been certified by the regulator.

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