Express Scripts Phone Number

Express Scripts Contact Number (800) 282-XXXX, Contact Information

Express Scripts Contact Number: Pharmacy benefit management (PBM) is a service provided by Express Scripts Holding Corporation. In terms of overall revenue, it ranked as the 22nd largest company in the US in 2017. Held the top spot among pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies. In 2016, Express Scripts brought in $100.752 billion in revenue. The business has been a direct subsidiary of Cigna, a Connecticut company, since December 20, 2018.


Express Scripts

NameExpress Scripts
Founded In1986
Phone Number(800) 282-2881
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Express Scripts Phone Number

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How to Find the Express Scripts Contact Information

Express Scripts Contact Number: It’s easier than you might think to locate the Express Scripts phone number if you’re a new customer. There are multiple methods to find this crucial contact information.

Check your insurance card: Examine your insurance card. Your insurance card will likely have Express Scripts’ phone number printed on it if your plan includes prescription coverage. Find the phone number for member services or customer service.

Go to the official website: To find Express Scripts’ phone number, go to their official website, which is a trustworthy source. Just go to their homepage and search for the “Customer Service” or “Contact Us” sections. The majority of businesses make their contact details easily accessible by prominently posting them on their website.

Speak with your employer or insurance company: If you can’t locate the number any other way, try contacting your insurance company directly. Your employer’s human resources department. They ought to be able to provide you with the correct Express Scripts phone number.

By Calling the Express Scripts Number

Now that you have found the Express Scripts phone number.

Prepare the necessary information in advance: Get any pertinent information that might be needed before placing the call. This could include the number from your insurance policy, information about your prescriptions, and any particular queries or worries you may have. Having these details at hand will facilitate the conversation and guarantee that you receive the support you require.

When you’re ready to call, select the Express Scripts number and follow the instructions. Take note of any menu options or voice prompts that appear. The purpose of these prompts is to route your call to the relevant division or service.

Talk with a representative: After you’ve been put through to a representative. Explain why you’re calling and give them any information they might need. Be ready to succinctly and courteously explain your position or pose questions. Keep in mind that customer service agents are there to help you, so during the chat, show them respect and patience.

Express Scripts Phone Number

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Extra Contact Details

Even though calling Express Scripts is frequently the easiest way to get in touch with them. There may be situations in which other means of communication are more appropriate for your requirements.

Online chat: As an alternative to phone calls, a lot of businesses now provide online chat services. If you would rather type out your questions or find it more convenient, see if Express Scripts’ website offers an online chat feature.

Email support: If your question is not urgent and does not require an immediate response, sending an email could be a good choice. Look for an email address designated for customer service inquiries on their website.

Express Scripts Contact Number: FAQs

Q. When did Express Scripts get its start?

Ans. In 1986, Express Scripts was established in Missouri’s St. Louis County.

Q. Which sector is Express Scripts a competitor in?

Ans. Express Scripts is a competitor in several markets, including the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Q. How do I file an Express Scripts complaint?

Ans. The objective complaint writing and answer-providing system on can be used to file a complaint about Express Scripts and receive a response from the company’s representatives. The Express Scripts complaint section is where you can file complaints about product shipment, payment, communication, billing, and any other aspect of the Express Scripts service.

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