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Costco Travel Phone Number, E-mail ID, Services & History

Costco Travel Phone Number: Costco is renowned for offering excellent value, and high-quality merchandise. A wide selection of goods all in one location. Being one of the biggest membership warehouses, it serves both businesses and consumers. Costco Travel is one area, though, that is occasionally disregarded.



Founded In15 Sep, 1983
Phone Number1-800-955-2292
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Costco Travel Phone Number,

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Costco has been around for more than 40 years. Recall that in 1976, San Diego, California’s first Price Club was established by Sol Price, a trailblazer in the warehouse club retailing industry, out of a converted aeroplane hangar. James D. Sinegal and Jeffrey H. Brotman established the first Costco in Seattle, Washington, in 1983. A decade later, Price/Costco was formed by the merger of The Price Company and Costco. On October 30, 1999, they renamed it Costco Wholesale Corporation. Costco expanded and opened locations across a number of nations, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Far East, and Australia.

Is Travelling at Costco Worth It?

The limited selection of options is one possible drawback of using Costco Travel. Although there are many different packages and deals available on the website, it might not offer as many options as other travel booking websites or those that work directly with hotels and airlines. This might be particularly relevant for travellers seeking more unusual or off-the-beaten-path locations.

It’s vital to remember that while Costco Travel does provide a number of upscale and luxurious options, these might also be more limited than those offered by other luxury travel booking services. Furthermore, reservations for specific travel experiences, like cruises or all-inclusive resorts, might be restricted.


The same teams of buyers who hunt and haggle to score peanut butter also score amazing travel deals.
With their purchasing power, Costco’s buying teams can negotiate better rates on lodging, car rentals, and airfare with travel suppliers. After that, they give those savings to you!

  • Flexible payment options: Having options is always a plus. With Costco Travel, you can pay for your trip however you see fit by choosing the recurring payment option.
  • Kirkland Signature Vacations: Here’s my excuse to fall in love with the Kirkland brand if you haven’t already. This feature can be used to locate the most affordable travel options.
  • Executive-level members receive 2% cash back on their travel purchases from Costco.
  • Benefits: Room upgrades, food and beverage/spa credits, and more are available to Executive-level members!

Pros and Cons


  • special offers
  • Booking convenience
  • Outstanding client support
  • Adaptable modes of payment


  • yearly enrollment
  • Not able to reserve flights independently

How Does Costco Travel Work?

Choose the desired travel option from the Costco Travel homepage. Find your vacation by entering your dates, destination, and point of departure! Check the details and complete your travel arrangements after selecting the package, flight, or rental car of your choice.

Bookings can be made without requiring the creation of a Costco Travel account. To manage or cancel your reservations, make payments, and view, print, or email your itinerary, it is advised that you create an account.

Costco Travel Phone Number,

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Online shopping is accessible in the US, Taiwan, Korea, UK, Canada, and Mexico.

To use this service, non-members of Costco must first create an account. However, some deals and deeply discounted merchandise are exclusive to members. You may ask for a price adjustment if, after 30 days of purchasing an item online, it turns out to be less expensive than you paid for it. You can make adjustments to a product that you purchase in-store or online at This also applies to the return policy.

Depending on the stores, there is either an indoor or outdoor food court. Every store has a unique menu. In addition to the most popular item on the menu hot dogs with drinks, other popular items include pizza, frozen yoghurt, Pepsi drinks, baked goods like chicken bakes, and sandwiches. Occasionally, a seasonal menu is offered.

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