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Estes Express Phone Number: Estes Express Lines is a privately held goods transportation firm based in Richmond, Virginia. W. W. Estes founded the business in 1931, and the Estes family still owns and runs it today. In 1990, Robey W. Estes, Jr. was appointed president of the corporation; in 2001, he was made chairman and CEO. In 2023, his son Webb Estes took over as COO and President.

The biggest less-than-truckload (LTL) business in the US that is privately held is called Estes. It employed about 20,000 people and operated a network of over 240 terminals. It had over 6,700 tractors and 30,000 trailers as of February 2022.

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estes express phone number

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Estes Express Phone Number: Everything started in 1931 when our founder, W.W. Estes, purchased a secondhand Chevrolet truck for his rural Virginia neighbours to use for transporting livestock to the market. During the Great Depression, Estes was trying to find a means to support his family, but over time, his business expanded. Before long, he started delivering other items, farm supplies, and livestock to surrounding farms, small towns, and big cities. In the following five years, he brought on his first drivers, set up shop in Chase City, Virginia, and gave Estes Express Lines its official name.

This one-man trucking business has expanded over the last nine decades to become the biggest privately owned goods carrier in the country. Presently, Estes boasts over 22,000 workers and an extensive network of over 270 terminals. A fleet consisting of over 8,500 tractors and 34,000 trailers, and a presence in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Additionally, our business has no debt, solid finances, and several accolades for excellence in customer service, dependability, and safety.


Estes Express Phone Number: Robey W. Estes, Jr. is the president and CEO of Estes Express Lines. A multinational organisation founded by W.W. Estes and has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, in the United States. Currently, Estes Express Lines has about 20,000 employees. Estes Express Lines is a freight transport company that offers services in the following areas: LTL, Time Critical, Volume & Truckload, Global, Custom Solutions, and worldwide delivery.


The goal of Estes Express is to provide prompt freight solutions so you may spend more time concentrating on the things that matter.


Estes stated in 2016 that it employed more than 16,000 people to run 32,500 tractors and trailers, providing services to all 50 US states as well as Puerto Rico. The business brought in more than US$2.39 billion in revenue. 6% of Estes’s income came from its subsidiary, Estes Forwarding Worldwide, which provides international delivery services. In 2019, the company employed more than 20,000 people and had over 6,000 tractors and approximately 30,000 trailers under its operation.

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Improved onboarding results in reduced paperwork Workers frequently provide proactive customer service and might strike up more individualised interactions.

Account managers possess the capability to ascertain the subject matter of their customers’ calls and possess the necessary data for conducting sales calls or scheduling Zoom meetings.

W.W. Estes took great satisfaction in providing exceptional customer service when he established Estes Express Lines in 1931. With a strong transportation network, an award-winning safety record, and a reputation for dependability, Estes has been offering dependable solutions to customers for almost 90 years, making it the biggest privately owned freight shipping company in North America.

Estes is an asset-based provider of tailored logistics solutions and freight transportation, overseeing a network of roughly 265 terminals and a fleet of over 7,000 tractors and 30,000 trailers. The family-run business possesses the know-how and assets required to continue being adaptable and sensitive to the ever-changing needs of the shipping industry.

Meeting the needs of the client

System upgrades were necessary due to the growing demand for support agents to provide clients with accurate information since they were frequently unable to determine the nature of the problem or follow the caller.

Carrie Johnstone, Director, of Consumer Engagement, at Estes Express Lines, states, “We did not have a line of sight into if a customer called us in the morning in Richmond and then called another terminal in the afternoon.” We were unable to see from our system that they were contacting us regarding the identical problem as earlier in the day. Due to a lack of knowledge, neither we nor our clients could interact more intimately.

To personalise client interactions with the company regardless of the method of customer contact, Estes Express Lines decided to implement the Salesforce client Relationship Management (CRM) technology. And it was up to Capgemini to roll it out throughout the entire business.

FAQs on Estes Express Phone Number

Q. Who are Estes Express Lines’ founders?

Ans. W.W. Estes is the founder of Estes Express Lines.

Q. Estes Express Lines was established when?

Ans. In 1931, Estes Express Lines was established.

Q. In what sector of the market does Estes Express Lines operate?

Ans. Estes Express Lines is a competitor in the goods transportation sector.

Q. Which services are provided by Estes Express Lines?

Ans. Numerous services, including LTL, Time Critical, Volume & Truckload, Global, and Custom Solutions, are provided by Estes Express Lines.

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