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Principal Life Insurance Phone Number, Email Address, Rating & Policies

Principal Life Insurance Phone Number: Principal Financial Services provides a life insurance product called Principal Life Insurance. Serving as a one-stop shop for life insurance, retirement planning, personal trusts, and other needs, the company serves individuals, employers, and institutional investors. Principal offers critical sickness, dental, disability, and vision insurance products through companies in addition to group life insurance. Principal provides a wide range of inexpensive and comprehensive life insurance products to suit both personal and corporate needs.

NamePrincipal Life Insurance
Phone Number800-986-3343
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principal life insurance phone number

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Principal Life Insurance Phone Number: One of the oldest life insurance companies in the US is Principal Life Insurance Company. This was first founded in 1879 as the Bankers Life Association and has been offering financial solutions to customers all across the world ever since.

Principal formally changed its name to Principal Financial Group in 1985, and the business went public in 2001. This Group is ranked 210th out of 500 companies by Fortune 500.

One of the most powerful organisations you will encounter is Principal Financial Group. Which has over 24 million customers globally and $675 billion in assets under management.

Policies and Plans Available 

The main life insurance provider provides a variety of plans and coverage alternatives. For instance, you have a choice between term life, universal life, and indexed universal life insurance.

Term life insurance from Principal Life Insurance is available for several years, 10, 20, or 30, depending on what works best for you. The term insurance starts at a mere $200,000. Child term insurance, premium waivers, conversion extensions, and mandatory death benefits are among the available riders for term life insurance. The One-Year Term OYT plan is an additional option. For people ages 20 to 99, it provides a face value sum ranging from $200,000 to $5 million. The OYT policy provides 12 months of temporary life insurance coverage as well. It is nonrenewable and does not allow for the addition of additional riders.

Plans for Universal Life Flex III, or UL Flex III, policies are also provided by the primary. In essence, it is an adaptable long-term insurance policy that is accessible to anyone ages 0 to 121. Its unique coverage protection has adjustable rates and a $25,000 starting point. The main also provides Indexed Universal Life Accumulation II (IU Accumulation II), which has a $50,000 face value and provides perpetual coverage from age 20 to 85. This specific policy also permits investment in indexes of the stock market. Other policy types, such as Variable Universal Life-Income IV and Indexed Universal Life Flex II, have different initial cash values, age ranges, and customised or additional benefits.

principal life insurance phone number

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Pros and Cons of Investing in Principal Life Insurance Company

Principal life insurance provides a variety of choices for long-term protection. You are free to select the option that best suits your needs and preferences among them. Buying an insurance policy directly from the primary has additional benefits, such as offering a variety of riders and several term conversion possibilities, depending on your preferences. The only drawback is that, despite all the variety of options it offers, whole life insurance is not one of them. You will need to look into other businesses in the sector.

Why choose that company?

Considering Principal Life Insurance’s high customer satisfaction rating and the range of riders it usually provides. It unquestionably exceeds a large number of its rivals and enjoys a respectable reputation in the industry. It offers life insurance coverage in many different nations throughout the world, and based on the kind of client feedback it has received thus far, you will find that selecting primary line insurance is the best option for you. Even while some of its services, like selective riders, aren’t offered in every state, you may find out more about that by speaking with a company representative directly. Principal Life and Health Insurance is among the most reliable insurance providers due to its promising position in the industry, rating, and customer service.


Principal Life Insurance has an excellent A+ rating from AM Best, according to NAIC. It has a solid reputation as a trustworthy business with a strong future in the industry. The main life insurance firm was placed ninth out of 23 companies on the list in another J.D. Power 2020 insurance survey.

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