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DentaQuest Phone Number, Email ID Details, Customer Satisfaction, Pros & Cons

DentaQuest Phone Number: c. Its prevention strategy, incorporates improved care, greater accessibility, value-based financing, and creative solutions. In addition, DentaQuest provides Medicare Advantage health plans with scalable provider networks, flexible plan designs, and concierge-level support.



Founded In2001
Phone Number 800-466-7566
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The Vision of DentaQuest

The dental business with visionTM, DentaQuest, is the parent company of See the Difference Experience Makes EyeQuest. As the biggest dental benefits administrator in the US and the leader in the Medicaid market, DentaQuest is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive dental and vision benefit solutions that are both patient-centred and economical. EyeQuest has established a solid reputation as a trustworthy partner for health plans looking for a workable solution for managing their vision programmes since its founding in 2008. Over 1.5 million members nationwide currently have access to EyeQuest’s complete eye care coverage. EyeQuest provides its customers with great value by offering robust provider networks, adaptable plan options, and cutting-edge technology.

DentaQuest Phone Number

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About 37 million Americans receive dental and vision insurance, and the country’s largest Medicaid dental benefits administrator was in place. Better oral health through prevention is the only way to improve everyone’s general health.

has worked for over 30 years to develop outcomes-based, reasonably priced dental. Vision solutions for any market segment in collaboration with health plans, state agencies, brokers, and employer organisations. Placing the member at the centre of everything, collaborating with neighbourhood associations, and raising money through grants, contributions, and sponsorships to create quantifiably healthier communities across the nation.
In the US, Sun Life offers a wide range of insurance products and services, including dental, vision, life, disability, voluntary medical stop-loss, and care navigation. DentaQuest is one of these offerings.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable premiums: The dental insurance premiums offered by DentaQuest are among the most reasonable available. In many states, the monthly rates are as low as $8. Even the most affordable plans completely cover all diagnostic and preventive care.
  • Offers orthodontic coverage: For both adults and children, DentaQuest dental insurance provides orthodontic coverage through personal and marketplace plans. Many personal dental insurance plans from other carriers do not cover orthodontics. If you anticipate requiring this coverage, DentaQuest could offer a suitable plan for you.


  • Low customer ratings: Numerous online consumer review boards have low customer satisfaction ratings for DentaQuest dental insurance. Customer support at DentaQuest is frequently criticised for being poor and unresponsive. Based on the company’s responsiveness to customer concerns, DentaQuest has received a C+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which awards it a 1 out of 5-star customer review rating. On Trustpilot, it has a rating of 1.3 stars out of 5.
  • Doesn’t cover any services out-of-network: DentaQuest does not cover any services provided by out-of-network oral health centres under certain of its plans. Certain states only allow certain plans to cover care provided by out-of-network providers. There are restrictions on the coverage when it comes to out-of-network providers. The patient is responsible for the difference between the amount that the provider invoices DentaQuest and the amount they charge self-pay consumers. DentaQuest pays the same percentage as it pays for in-network services. This frequently results in a sizeable amount of the bill being the patient’s responsibility.
  • Long waiting periods: Long waiting periods apply to all dental care except for diagnostic and preventative services offered by DentaQuest in several of its insurance plans. For complicated services, the majority of personal plans have an 18-month waiting time.
DentaQuest Phone Number

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DentaQuest Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with DentaQuest is low. 64 customer reviews totalling one rating out of five are available on DentaQuest’s Better Business Bureau profile. In the previous three years, the website has additionally received 120 DentaQuest complaints. Inadequate customer service denied claims, and trouble locating in-network providers are among the frequently voiced grievances.

But DentaQuest came in third place with 784 points out of 1,000 in J.D. Power’s 2022 Dental Plan Satisfaction Survey. Cost, coverage, customer service, communication, dental plan costs, and claims and reimbursement were all taken into account.

FAQs about DentaQuest Phone Number

Q. Who purchased DentaQuest?

Ans. DentaQuest was acquired by Sun Life Financial Inc. in 2022. From CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, it purchased DentaQuest.

Q. For what duration has DentaQuest operated?

Ans. For more than 20 years, DentaQuest has been in business. In 2001, it was established.

Q. Is there a sale of DentaQuest?

Ans. At the moment, DentaQuest is not for sale. The final sale occurred in 2022.

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