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ComEd Phone Number (800) 483-XXXX, Email ID Details, Customer Service

ComEd Phone Number: Often referred to by its syllabic acronym, ComEd, Commonwealth Edison is the biggest electric company in Illinois. And the main supplier of electricity in Chicago and a huge portion of Northern Illinois. The approximate boundaries of its service area are Iroquois County in the south. The Wisconsin border is in the north, the borders of Iowa in the west, and Indiana in the east. Northern Illinois has relied on Commonwealth Edison as its main provider of electric distribution services for almost a century. ComEd is currently a part of Exelon Corporation, a holding company for gas and electric utilities headquartered in Chicago and one of the biggest in the country. In Northern Illinois, ComEd serves about 3.8 million people with electricity service. Every year, the corporation brings in about $15 billion in sales.

Trade NameComEd
Founded 1907
Phone Number(800) 483-3220
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comed phone number

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Founding history of ComEd Phone Number

ComEd Phone Number: The Isolated Lighting Company, founded in early 1881 by George H. Bliss as a division of Thomas Edison’s business, was the first ancestor of Commonwealth Edison. Its purpose was to market modest, Edison-patented generators and lighting systems that could service a single building or a few adjacent ones. The Western Edison Light Company took over this company in 1882. Several prominent Chicagoans found me with the dual goals of developing a central station electric system and taking over Isolated Lighting’s role as Edison’s representative in Chicago. On November 10 of that year, 1882, Western Edison installed the first incandescent illumination in a Chicago residence. That of investor John W. Doane.

Chicago Edison

John B. Drake, Robert Todd Lincoln, and John M.

The downtown area was bounded by North Avenue, 39th Street, and Ashland Avenue. In March 1887, Clark, the president of Western Edison, acquired a franchise from Chicago to supply electricity in that region.

After that, on July 2, 1887, they established the Chicago Edison Company, which eventually acquired all of Western Edison’s operations. Frederick Sargent, the principal engineer, created the first central generating station for Chicago Edison, which debuted in August 1888 at 139 (later 120) West Adams Street. Until it closed in 1914 or 1915, this initial station used a direct current technology patented by Edison to serve a region limited by Michigan Avenue, Harrison Street, Market Street, and Water Street (now Wacker Drive).

Get in touch with ComEd

Call ComEd at 1-800-EDISON-1 as soon as you leave the area if you notice any downed power lines. Representatives are on duty seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

The order in which email inquiries are received determines how they are all handled. Never use email to report an emergency. This form is used for service requests, billing, metre readings, claims for property damage, and inquiries about energy efficiency. Three to ten business days could pass. To expedite service, kindly supply your account number.

Other Methods of Contacting ComEd

There are other ways to get in touch with ComEd if you would rather not phone them. Using the live chat feature on their website is one practical choice. This enables you to handle any questions or issues you may have in real time by speaking with a customer support agent. ComEd can also be contacted through their social media accounts. ComEd is among the many businesses that regularly interact with their clientele on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can ask for help and get prompt answers by leaving a comment or sending a direct message.

Going in person to a ComEd customer service centre is an additional option. This gives you the chance to speak with a professional in person who can listen to your particular concerns and offer tailored support. Additionally, you can write ComEd a letter via conventional mail. You can send written correspondence with them by addressing your questions, comments, or requests to the address they have provided.

comed phone number

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Customer Service Options

ComEd provides a selection of customer service choices to cater to different requirements and issues. ComEd works to deliver readily available and effective customer service, regardless of your preference for more conventional means of communication or cutting-edge digital options.

ComEd’s customer care agents are available via phone to address questions and offer support for individuals who value individualised attention. Clients can get timely guidance and instruction from knowledgeable staff via this direct channel of communication, ensuring that their issues are successfully resolved.

FAQs on ComEd Phone Number

Q. How can I locate ComEd’s phone number?

Ans. By visiting their official website, looking through your recent bills, or doing a fast internet search, you can find the ComEd phone number. Typically, the customer support number is posted clearly on their website and invoices. Furthermore, ComEd’s customer care line can be reached at [insert customer service number here].

Q. How should I respond in the event of a power outage?

Ans. You must notify ComEd as soon as possible if you encounter a power loss. You can use their online outage reporting tool or their dedicated outage reporting number to achieve this. To assist ComEd in identifying the problem and accelerating its resolution, it’s also a good idea to see if your neighbours are having the same problem.

Q. Is it possible to pay my ComEd bill via phone?

Ans. Yes, you can use their automated payment system or speak with a customer care agent to pay your ComEd account over the phone. They accept several payment methods, such as electronic cheques and credit/debit card payments.

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