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WES Phone Number: A non-profit social organisation, World Education Services (WES) assists immigrants, refugees, and overseas students in achieving their educational and professional objectives in the US and Canada. To support immigrants and refugees who possess international credentials in making the most of their skills and education to fulfil their academic and career ambitions. The organisation collaborates with institutional partners, community-based organisations, and policymakers through the WES Global Talent Bridge.

NameWorld Education Services
Phone number(+1) 800-361-3106
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wes phone number

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Products of WES Phone Number

Three categories of items are available from WES:

  • A free online tool called “Free Degree Equivalency” compares degrees from foreign universities to those from US or Canadian universities. The student can use this information to assess their eligibility for postsecondary education.
  • A WES service called the WES International Credential Advantage bundle (ICAP) provides colleges with verified transcripts and evaluation reports all in one bundle. WES maintains the documents and materials for future academic or professional usage.
  • The WES International Grade Point Average (IGPA) Calculator is a free web application. That translates international grades from more than 140 nations into the standard four-point US GPA scale.

As soon as you choose which institutions to apply to, you should submit an evaluation application because it could take some time to gather all the necessary paperwork and degrees. To assist you with your credential examination, please contact WES officials at http://www.wes.org/contact.asp.

How Much Does a WES Evaluation Cost?

WES Phone Number: International candidates will have to pay a fee to obtain a WES evaluation. The cost of the WES Evaluation depends on whether the candidate is applying as a graduate, transfer, or undergraduate student. View the suggested cost breakdown for the WES examination as well as the extra fees below:

  • For Freshman admissions, the document-by-document WES basic evaluation will cost USD 107.
  • For Transfer admissions, the course-by-course WES basic evaluation will cost USD 170.
  • For graduate admission, a basic course-to-course evaluation from WES will cost USD 170.

When applying for WES Evaluation as an international student. Additional expenses are listed in the following table and must be paid for:

Mode of WES Evaluation Delivery Costs to be Incurred
Standard mode of delivery (tracking not included)USD 11
International Courier Services (with tracking)USD 78
1-Day Shipping for US addressUSD 37 
2-Day Shipping for US addressUSD 26
Shipping between 3-5 daysUSD 16
Per Envelope Cost (sealed)USD 06
Per Duplicate Reports (ordered at the time of WES application)USD 32
wes phone number

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Please be aware that the charges are dynamic and subject to change. So candidates should confirm the costs in advance before applying for the assessment, keeping in mind the deadlines for submission.

Which Documents Are Necessary for the WES Assessment Process?

The following files are necessary for WES to review your academic records:

  • Transcripts of Records, or Academic Transcripts, or Annual Marksheet
  • Degree Certificates (or temporary certificates)

Make sure you submit your paperwork and complete the application well in advance of the deadline. WES will even check your documents with the organisations that provided them, if necessary. As an applicant, you could have to pay the institutes directly for the verification or pay an additional charge.

How do I submit papers for WES to review?

Applicants must verify the requirements based on the country in which they are applying. For instance, if an applicant wishes to have a credential evaluation of their high school diploma, they must take the following actions:

  • Request that the school exam department provide the applicant’s mark sheets and any relevant evidence to WES, sealed in an envelope and confirmed in a stamped envelope.
  • WES will review the documents and make the necessary updates after receiving the sealed package from the school.
  • The guidelines are available for download at the time of payment for the WES assessment, and digital transmission of the materials is also an option.

Before sending in the paperwork, candidates must:

  • Add the reference number that WES supplied.
  • Don’t provide original documents for review, please.
  • Check to see if the applicant’s academic institution can provide documents that can be electronically signed and submitted to WES.
  • Make sure you cover the shipping costs when mailing documents by courier.

FAQs on WES Phone Number

Q: What does WES Evaluation mean?

Ans: A WES credential evaluation compares your educational background to that of the United States or Canada. This facilitates a better understanding of your educational background by the institutions. This procedure aids in process standardisation, establishes assessment equivalency, and aligns the applicant’s educational history with the educational system in the US or Canada. As applications are reviewed at the consulates, credential examination benefits job searchers as well.

Q. How are degrees assessed by WES?

Ans. By completing the necessary steps, such as submitting your application, getting your WES reference number, and mailing the necessary papers, you can obtain an evaluation of your WES credential. Following that, WES generates the report, checks your credentials, and emails it to the designated recipients. Transcripts or mark sheets from the applicant’s prior school or the applicant are used to evaluate the degrees.

Q. When is the completion of a WES evaluation?

Ans. A WES evaluation for a document-by-document or course-by-course assessment will be finished in roughly 7 business days. WES sends the evaluated credentials to the applicant or the relevant colleges, depending on the type of evaluation. When all money has been received in full, there are no unpaid shipping charges, all paperwork is in order, and there are no unresolved application issues, the WES review process is considered finished.

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