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Mom’s Meals Phone Number: Mom’s Meals is a subscription service that brings fresh food right to your door to improve your health. The company offers meal plans for a range of medical conditions and dietary patterns in addition to letting you personalise your weekly menu based on your food preferences. This page examines Mom’s Meals and discusses how to use it, what it costs, and where to begin.

NameMom’s Meals
Phone Number+1 877-508-6667
Founded In1999
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Mom's Meals Phone Number

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How it works

Mom’s Meals is a meal delivery service catering to the elderly and people with long-term health issues like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or kidney disease. You can be certain that your dietary requirements are being satisfied because dietitians have developed a range of menus that are appropriate for specific medical conditions.

You have the option of ordering 10, 14, or 21 meals a week, and you can choose from a variety of chef-selected dishes or each meal separately. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose to receive entrées for lunch and dinner or breakfast. You can also remove items from your menu that contain specific ingredients, like eggs, fish, milk, soy, tree nuts, or wheat when you customise it.

Mom’s Meals provides meals for those experiencing food insecurity and collaborates with numerous health plans and government agencies in addition to providing plans for individuals and carers.

Pros and cons


  • convenience
  • variety
  • adjustability for specific dietary needs
  • affordability
  • flexible plans and commitment-free ordering


  • limited information about ingredients
  • shipping costs
  • no refund policy for delivered meals

Mom’s Meals service

A person might start getting Mom’s Meals because of:

  • enrolling in the programme themselves to have easy access to nutritious food
  • health plans that provide the service following a hospital stay
  • Case managers authorising the programme to enhance the mental and nutritional health of their clients

Mom’s Meals gives customers the option to choose each meal they eat. There are many options available to them, some of which are tailored to specific health issues.

Every meal is prepared ahead of time and kept for up to 14 days in the refrigerator. But the manufacturer advises against freezing its goods. The heating instructions on all entree labels usually call for reheating in the microwave.

Mom's Meals Phone Number

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Conditions for which Mom’s Meals may be beneficial

It can occasionally be difficult for older adults to consume enough food. Older adults may lose interest in eating, become less capable of preparing food, or both as a result of changes in their unique health and dietary requirements. The “General Wellness” meals from Mom’s Meals can assist organisations and people in addressing the dietary changes brought on by ageing.

For those who suffer from the following medical conditions, Mom’s Meals also offers additional meal plans:

  • Heart disease: Less than 800 mg of sodium and less than 30% fat are included in each meal plan. They also satisfy the American Heart Association’s (AHA) dietary recommendations.
  • Diabetes: These meals were created by dietitians with expertise in diabetes control to assist individuals with diabetes in maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Less than 75 grams (g) of carbohydrates are present in each meal.
  • Cancer: These meals were created by dietitians with training in oncology to adhere to recommendations from the American Institute for Cancer Research. These meals guard against weight loss while promoting healing. At least 25 grams of protein and 600 calories are included in each meal.
  • Kidney disease: By reducing the workload on the kidneys, these meals support them. There is a maximum of 700 mg of sodium, 833 mg of potassium, and 330 mg of phosphorus in each meal.

Additionally, Mom’s Meals offers the following:

  • pureed meals, suitable for those with trouble swallowing
  • Foods free of gluten for those who have celiac disease
  • vegetarian foods, for those who wish to limit their consumption of animal products

What Is the Cost of Mom’s Meals Meal Delivery Service?

For qualified clients who are recovering from a hospital stay, Mom’s Meals meal delivery costs may be reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid waiver programmes, or other insurance plans.

Customers who do not qualify for government assistance or who do not have an eligible health plan can purchase meals from nine different menus for just $7.99 per meal through the self-pay programme. Puréed, gluten-free, and renal-friendly options run $8.99 per meal, but shipping is always $14.95 flat. In summary, Mom’s Meals is genuinely affordable and provides excellent value; however, the expenses associated with shipping and additional dietary needs can mount up.


Q. Which Cooked Meal Delivery Service Is the Best?

Ans. Food is a personal matter, and seniors have different needs, so deciding which meal delivery service is “best” is difficult. The best service is one that is dependable, reasonably priced, makes use of top-notch ingredients, and offers meal options that satisfy dietary needs and preferences. And depending on the individual, this will undoubtedly differ. For our complete response to this query, click this link.

Q. How Many Meals a Day Should an Elderly Individual Eat?

Ans. For most people, eating three regular meals and a few healthful snacks each day is ideal. However, portion sizes may need to be adjusted because many seniors have decreased appetites and capacities. Above all, it is crucial to carefully consider the necessary caloric intake and nutritional balance for each individual. For our complete response to this query, click this link.

Q. Which Foods Are Not Good for Seniors?

Ans. With age, some foods become more difficult to digest. The most common foods that seniors may find they need to limit or avoid are raw seafood, some nuts and seeds, unpasteurized milk and juice products, and bean sprouts. These will vary depending on individual physiology. For our complete response to this query, click this link.

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