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Victoria’s Secret Phone Number, Email ID Details, Mission Statement

Victoria’s Secret Phone Number: Victoria’s Secret is an American store of clothing, cosmetics, and lingerie. Roy and Gaye Raymond founded the business in 1977, and Les Wexner purchased its five lingerie boutiques in 1982. By the early 1990s, Wexner had grown the firm into 350 stores nationwide with $1 billion in sales, primarily through rapid expansion into American shopping malls. Victoria’s Secret was then the country’s largest lingerie retailer.

NameVictoria’s Secret
FoundedJune 12, 1977
Phone Number800-411-5116
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victoria's secret phone number

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Mission Statement

Victoria’s Secret Phone Number: Victoria’s Secret is an American store of clothing, cosmetics, and lingerie. Roy and Gaye Raymond founded the”To inspire women around the world to feel confident, amazing, and beautiful every day” as VSCO’s stated objective. This succinct and to-the-point phrase sums up the company’s mission to empower women by giving them access to premium goods and services that will improve their lives.


In line with its mission statement, VSCO’s objective is to empower women globally by offering customised products and services that meet their specific needs. The company’s mission statement, which reads, “to be the leading international retailer of lingerie, beauty. And accessories that inspires and captivates women around the world,” highlights how important it is to the business to continue growing its clientele while holding the top spot in the industry.

Customer Experience

Understanding and catering to each customer’s unique wants and preferences is part of VSCO’s commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. The company’s primary goal is to make sure that every one of its different clientele feels cherished. And appreciated by providing high-quality goods and services.

Customer-Centric Approach

VSCO’s vision statement places a strong emphasis on taking a customer-centric approach. The business understands that client loyalty and satisfaction are critical to its success. VSCO aims to comprehend and anticipate its clients’ demands to deliver outstanding purchasing experiences. This strategy has been essential to the company’s expansion. And success since it has helped cultivate a foundation of devoted and devoted clients.

  • VSCO consistently innovates its offerings to cater to the evolving demands of its clientele.
  • Customer feedback is a major factor in the company’s products and services. And VSCO aggressively seeks it out using several strategies.
  • VSCO makes significant investments in educating its staff to deliver first-rate customer service and to make sure that the company’s values uphold a dedication to client happiness.


The company’s dedication to authenticity is also reflected in VSCO’s vision statement. The business thinks that developing trust and consumer loyalty with its clients requires authenticity. Apart from implementing efforts to ensure ethical and sustainable production of its products, VSCO is committed to transparency and candour regarding its sourcing and manufacturing practices.

  • In addition to putting forth great effort to lessen its environmental impact, VSCO is dedicated to sourcing products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • VSCO collaborates with groups that share its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.
  • The business supports its employees’ professional growth and encourages them to communicate with clients in a real and sincere manner.
victoria's secret phone number

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The company’s dedication to innovation is also emphasised in VSCO’s vision statement. The business understands that innovation is critical to maintaining a competitive edge and offering clients cutting-edge goods and services. VSCO makes significant R&D investments to provide fresh, cutting-edge goods that satisfy the changing demands of its clientele.

  • VSCO uses technology to give its clients customised shopping experiences.
  • The business leverages data analytics to learn more about the preferences and behaviours of its customers, and it uses this knowledge to guide its marketing and product development initiatives.
  • To remain relevant and competitive in the market, VSCO continuously increases its offers and investigates new product categories.

In conclusion, the company’s commitment to innovation, genuineness, and customer satisfaction is embodied in VSCO’s vision statement. The company’s vision statement serves as a guide for achieving its goals and leads the entire strategy.


Victoria’s Secret Phone Number: Victoria’s Secret is an American store of clothing, cosmetics, and lingerie. Roy and Gaye Raymond founded the Victoria’s Secret & Co. (VSCO), we understand that we must uphold sustainable business practices and safeguard the environment. Our goal is to reduce the negative environmental impact of our activities and goods while simultaneously promoting beneficial social and economic developments in the local communities where we operate.

  • We have established a sustainability council to oversee the management of our sustainability strategy and objectives, which include things like waste reduction, product design, and the sourcing of resources.
  • We periodically report on our progress towards our lofty targets of reducing waste, water usage, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Through initiatives like responsible sourcing and community investment programmes, we also assist sustainable development in the communities where we operate.

Victoria’s Secret & Co. (VSCO) is still dedicated to upholding these fundamental principles and leading our sector. We think we can add long-term value for our stakeholders, including consumers, workers, and stakeholders, while also making a positive, just, and sustainable impact on the world if we uphold these values in everything we do.

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