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Uship Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Pros & cons of moving with uShip

Uship Phone Number: A shipping marketplace called uShip links consumers looking to ship items with truck drivers who have extra room on their rigs. Based in Austin, Texas, uShip has operations all around the world. Uship is a trustworthy company that assists consumers in finding high-quality, reasonably priced transportation. Compared to other moving service providers, uShip can save costs because it is not a moving firm.

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History of Uship Phone Number

Uship Phone Number: Together with co-founders Jay Manickam and Mickey Millsap, CEO and founder Matthew Chasen created the uShip business strategy while pursuing an MBA at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. The uShip team took part in multiple business contests in 2004 and came in first at the University of North Texas. They also finished second in the Venture Labs Investment Competition, which was originally known as the US MOOT Corp Competition. After that, was introduced in the US, and Benchmark Capital provided money for the website in 2005.

A&E’s reality television series Shipping Wars, which followed a collection of independent shippers bidding to bid on and deliver shipments through uShip, focused on uShip from 2012 to 2015.

A Shipping Price Estimator, created by uShip, offers transport service estimates based on a weighted average of comparable items shipped across comparable distances on the uShip marketplace.

Pros & cons of moving with uShip


  • Ideal for transporting heavy products or equipment, pianos, cars, crates, and individual furniture pieces.
  • Compared to making reservations directly with moving firms, you can find offers that are much more affordable.
  • can assist you in planning several components of a challenging move.
  • offers a safe method for you to pay your driver after you select one.


  • You have to operate within the space and time constraints that a truck driver has already set aside.
  • Until you receive an offer or a bid, you have no idea what pricing you can get.
  • Not all drivers are trustworthy or professional.
  • You can end up starting over if you can’t locate a driver and route that works for your needs.

Uship pricing: The expense of moving

Rarely are long-distance moves inexpensive. Using a moving firm for a cross-country move typically costs about $4,700. You can send your stuff across the nation for a lot less money when you use uShip.

uShip is a shipping marketplace that links consumers looking to send items and truck drivers with spare room on their rigs. It is not a moving firm. You can save money compared to other moving service providers if you can discover a reliable driver who has enough room for your belongings and travel arrangements that work with your move.

Uship phone number

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Does an uShip relocation involve insurance?

Each provider on the uShip marketplace is responsible for their insurance coverage, thus it is your job to make sure your driver has enough insurance before hiring them. If you currently have a homeowners’ or renter’s policy, you can get information about your coverage by getting in touch with your insurance provider.

uShip works with Roanoke Insurance Group to offer optional cargo insurance in case you don’t have homeowners’ or renters’ insurance to safeguard your possessions while in transit. The value of the products you are insuring, which you will input at the time of booking, determines the cost of coverage. Deductibles can change.

If you are shipping without a protection plan, you can have additional peace of mind with the Ship with Confidence Guarantee. Up to $500 in reimbursement may be given by uShip if you don’t obtain services or if your things are delivered damaged.

How uShip compare against the competitors

Although uShip serves as a middleman between you and a third-party company that moves your goods, full- or even self-service moving solutions are still necessary. We would suggest using one of our recommended interstate moving firms, such as International Van Lines or American Van Lines if you have complex needs or a tight deadline.

Nonetheless, uShip is a great and typically reasonably priced choice for transporting a few things, particularly across large distances.

It’s ultimately your responsibility to do your homework on the candidate you’re employing, even though uShip lets consumers rate those suppliers on its website. Regretfully, the organization may not have conducted background checks on its movers, which could have led to some clients becoming victims of fraud.

uShip has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, with over 90% of evaluations describing the business as “excellent” or “great.” The majority of unfavorable evaluations focus on issues that customers have with the shipping companies rather than uShip. The majority of negative evaluations are addressed by uShip with more channels for customer service.

All we can advise is that before you give your driver your money or turn over your possessions, thoroughly investigate them. While uShip may be a reputable business, it doesn’t go above and above to make sure its clients are happy.

How uShip relocation operates

Uship Phone Number: You have the option to either post your ad on the uShip app or the website and invite bids from shippers, or you can set a fixed price and watch who takes it. To help bidders make an educated estimate, you should provide an inventory of every item you want to transfer.

After that, you have to wait. You’ll receive an alert through the uShip mobile app or your account on the website if a driver bids on or accepts your asking price.

After receiving bids, you can speak with the driver you choose to hire in more detail about your shipping needs. Although each vendor has a page with reviews from uShip drivers, an overall rating, and other pertinent information, you are ultimately responsible for determining whether or not a driver is reliable and competent enough to hire.

You can proceed to checkout after choosing a service provider, but it’s crucial to understand that you will need to pay in advance for your services.

Payment is secure since you make it through the uShip platform to the driver. You and the driver you hire are in complete control of the price and include shipping services, so feel free to bargain. You should emphasize communication before hiring them so you know exactly what you’re receiving for the price because each quote will contain different shipping services.

From there, you may use the platform to set your delivery location and schedule pick-up and drop-off. Because you’ll be working with an independent vendor, there can be significant variations in the shipping procedure. Proactive communication is advised to guarantee a seamless shipping procedure.

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