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U-Haul Phone Number, Email ID Details, Mission, Pros & Cons

U-Haul Phone Number: The American corporation U-Haul was founded in 1945 and offers moving truck, trailer, and self-storage rentals. Washington was the founding location for Leonard Shoen and Anna Mary Carty. Working directly with manufacturers, U-Haul creates trucks that are fuel-efficient, comfortable to drive, and simple to load for household relocations. For all kinds of relocation, U-Haul provides a range of cars and guarantees the lowest price.

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U-Haul Phone Number: With a $5,000 investment, Leonard Shoen and his wife Anna Mary Carty co-founded U-Haul in the Washington town of Ridgefield in 1945 when he was 29 years old. He started constructing rental trailers and dividing the rental fees between owners of petrol stations that he franchised as agents. As strategies for expansion, he created one-way rentals and invited investors to become partners in each caravan.

Pros and Cons


  • You will save some money
  •  It’s easier to park and drive
  •  It’s fuel-efficient
  •  U-Haul rental trucks come in many different sizes
  • You get to choose the moving date


  •  Potential problems with truck rental insurance
  •  A limited number of passengers
  • Lack of moving assistance

Is renting a U-haul truck a smart idea?

Renting a U-Haul moving truck has a lot of important benefits. But before you book a U-Haul truck, exercise caution and weigh all the cons.

Sometimes it’s just wiser to do your homework and locate a reliable moving company with knowledgeable movers.

For modest or local moves, renting a U-Haul truck or van may be more practical. We suggest that you look for a reputable moving company with years of expertise in interstate transfers.

Long-distance migrations usually demand additional assistance and time. Additionally, you should think about getting moving insurance before making a long-distance move. All those things can be challenging to handle without the help of a reputable moving company.

The mission of U-haul phone number

Au-haul phone number: merco, the company that runs the U-Haul brand, strives to offer a variety of services that let customers store and move their goods as simply, effectively, and dependably as possible.

Equipment of U-haul phone number

Vehicles such as trucks, trailers, auto-transports, and other equipment make up U-Haul’s rental fleet. In fabrication facilities spread across North America, U-Haul truck boxes are joined to heavy-duty pickup trucks and van cabs made by Ford, GMC, and Ram. All of the cars run on gas, while earlier models included diesel 17-foot (5.2-meter) trucks that had to be returned to the rental car facility. There are six truck sizes available. with lengths ranging from 10 feet (3.0 m) to 26 feet (7.9 m), several trailer sizes, and two- and four-wheeled ‘Tow Dolly’ and ‘Auto Transport’ vehicles.

u-haul phone number

In contrast to typical cargo box trucks, which have their decks built over the back tires, U-Haul trucks feature lower decks that are built below the tops. Moreover, some vehicles feature a storage space above the cab that they refer to as “Mom’s Attic.” SuperGraphics, which are instructive pictures of several US and Canadian states and provinces, are painted on the trucks. Select local dealerships and the majority of corporate-owned centers also offer pickup trucks and cargo vans for purchase.

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Storage space rentals

Certain U-Haul locations provide self-storage lockers for weekly or monthly rentals, as well as monthly rentals for U-Boxes, which are portable storage lockers. Additionally, the U-Boxes are used to load items belonging to customers at one place so they can be sent to another. The majority of corporate locations have storage facilities.

Ford Explorer ban

A policy of not renting trailers meant to be hitched to a Ford Explorer was implemented by U-Haul in 2003. U-Haul states that it has decided not to rent this tow truck because of its history of incurring exorbitant legal fees to defend Ford Explorer towing combinations. Safety is not a concern with this policy. This is not a typical situation for U-Haul.” Regardless of the tire brand attached, this applies to all Explorer production years and models (such as the Ford Explorer Sport Trac). This is a result of the Firestone tires fitted on the Ford Explorer having a high failure rate.

Issues with safety

Numerous news organizations in Canada have discovered significant safety issues with U-Haul machinery. According to data cited by the Toronto Star in July 2005, almost 50% of U-Haul cars in Ontario were not safe to drive. Soon after, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation announced that 58 (19.6%) out of 296 U-Haul vehicles assessed during the summer of 2005 (or 43.5% of all inspections conducted) had out-of-service issues, making them unfit for use on public roads. Following suit in October 2005, CTV carried out independent nationwide checks and discovered that all 13 of the hired U-Haul vehicles had not complied with the most basic provincial safety regulations.

FAQs on U-Haul Phone Number

Q. Do You Need a Special Licence to Operate a U-Haul?

Ans. Since U-Haul trucks are not commercial vehicles, drivers are not required to possess a specific license to operate one of these vehicles. A driver needs a driver’s license that is current and unrevoked.

Q. Which U-Haul Size Is Best for You?

Ans. The amount of items you’re moving will help you decide which size U-Haul truck to rent. They come in a range of sizes. For short-distance moves that are one-way or in-town, one of the most popular options for renting is the 5′ x 9′ utility trailer. For most homes, this caravan is a practical choice for loading and unloading. If you’re moving a long distance, read this article to learn more about the sizes of U-Haul trucks.

Q. How Are U-Haul Moving Trucks Loaded?

Ans. It’s crucial to pack your U-Haul truck in the opposite order from what you want to unpack initially. To maintain the weight at the front of the truck and to make room for smaller pieces to stack on top, large furniture items should be put in the truck first.

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