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Eversource Phone Number: Eversource Energy is a publicly traded Fortune 500 energy corporation with corporate offices located in Hartford, Connecticut, and Boston, Massachusetts. Its regulated subsidiaries provide water, natural gas, and retail electricity to about 4 million Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire customers.

With over 4,270 circuit miles of electric transmission lines, Northeast Utilities was well-equipped 72,000 pole miles of distribution lines, and 6,459 miles of natural gas pipeline in New England after merging with Boston-based NSTAR in 2012.

Founded 1966
Phone number+1 (800) 286-5000
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eversource phone number

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With its headquarters located in Hartford, Connecticut, Eversource Energy was first established in 1966 under the name Northeast Utilities. The company has grown from its inception to become one of New England’s top energy providers. Supplying natural gas and electricity to millions of households and companies. Over the years, the company’s leadership has undergone numerous changes. Notable CEOs include James J. Judge and Thomas J. May.

Eversource Energy has committed to sustainability and lowering its carbon impact in addition to offering energy services. The corporation aims to cut its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and has made investments in renewable energy sources including solar and wind power. Providing incentives and programs to promote the adoption of energy-saving practices and technologies.

Mission Statement & Vision 

Mission statement

To create a cleaner future for everybody, Eversource invests in renewable energy sources and works hard to forge strong partnerships with our customers and local communities.


Eversource’s mission is to lead the energy sector by offering creative solutions that satisfy our client’s changing needs while also protecting the environment. Eversource will keep funding renewable energy projects and using outreach and education to encourage energy savings and efficiency.

Customer Service

Eversource Energy places a high value on providing excellent customer service and puts its clients’ needs first. The company’s commitment to offering first-rate services. Its goal statement includes things like responsive customer service and enhanced communication methods. About energy use, ES’s customer-first philosophy has given its clients the assistance and resources they require.

  • By improving the lines of communication with its clients, ES hopes to give its consumers timely customer service.
  • Customers are the center of attention for Eversource Energy. And the company’s customer-first philosophy has assisted them in making wise decisions regarding energy use.
eversource phone number

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Customer Focus

ES is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service by prioritizing the needs of its clients. By offering its clients the best possible services and enjoyable experiences. ES hopes to not only satisfy their needs but also surpass their expectations.

  • By making investments in customer service technologies to guarantee prompt, effective service and prompt response to customer needs. ES has proven its dedication to putting the needs of its customers first.
  • Energy-efficient rebates and programs to help customers cut back on their energy use are just a couple of the initiatives that ES has put in place to help its clients save energy and money.
  • By putting in place user-friendly websites, and smartphone applications. And social media channels offer quick and simple access to information and services. ES has made it simple for clients to communicate with the business.


For its clients, dependable energy services are important, and Eversource Energy recognizes this. As to the company’s vision statement, it ensures that energy services will be provided continuously by keeping its facilities and resources up to current, secure, and functional. The organization promotes sustainability as a dependable alternative energy source for powering its communities by investing in efficient and sustainable renewable energy sources (RES).

  • The business promises to act promptly and effectively in any emergency that might endanger the safety of its clients.
  • Eversource Energy guarantees that all of its clients receive a steady supply of energy. And that its facilities and resources are always accessible to meet their energy requirements.

Environmental Responsibility

Eversource Energy is dedicated to protecting the environment. And lowering its carbon footprint by endorsing eco-friendly behaviors that maintain ecosystem health and sustainability. The company aims to support its sustainability objectives by investing in eco-friendly facilities and renewable energy sources, as stated in its vision statement.

  • With its facilities and resources, ES promotes eco-friendly behaviors. And makes investments in renewable energy sources (RES) and other sustainable energy sources.
  • Through the preservation of ecosystems and the promotion of ecologically friendly practices. The company is dedicated to lowering its carbon footprint.


ES’s focus on core values has helped the company to achieve its position as a leader within the energy sector. The company is dedicated to maintaining its standards of integrity, innovation, customer focus, and safety, putting these values at the forefront of all operations. ES will continue to promote these values, taking appropriate actions to reflect its commitment towards them in a constantly evolving energy industry.

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