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PSI Phone Number: PSI Exams

PSI Phone Number: PSI is a testing organisation that offers proctored exams in a variety of fields, both in-person and virtually. Industry-specific PSI exams are frequently required for government, state, or local occupational licences. The Talogy brand currently offers the Calliper, a personality and cognitive test that is another popular PSI test.

You must locate the particular test you are about to take if you are required to take a PSI online exam. A summary of some of the primary topics covered in PSI exams is provided below; additional details are available further down this page:

Trade Name  PSI Exam
 Phone Number1-877-526-6833 1-800-733-9267 1-800-367-1565
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Find Out More About the PSI Test:

FAA Exams: Exams mandated by the FAA for pilots and mechanics consist of sixty distinct tests.

Real Estate Exam PSI: A real estate broker or salesperson must pass the PSI Real Estate Exam, an online test.

PSI Industry Skills Tests: These are certification exams for gas technicians, barbers, architects, dentists, MRT technicians, and real estate brokers.

PSI Cosmetology Exam: Cosmetologists must pass the written PSI Cosmetology Exam in addition to the practical exam in order to obtain a licence.

Insurance Exams:The insurance industry offers PSI Insurance Exams in all fifty states, which certify insurance analysts, claims adjusters, and agents.

Leadership Tests:Assessments aimed at determining a candidate’s suitability for a leadership role include the leadership test.

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PSI Exams: Online & Assessment Center-Proctored Testing

How does the proctored online PSI exam operate?

Certain PSI exams are available as remote online proctored exams or in-person through a PSI centre.

During an online proctored exam, you will connect to a PSI server using a computer with the Internet and a webcam.

Ensuring that no notes or other prohibited test materials are available during the test. For this, you will have to present your room and work area in front of the proctor after proving your identity with a picture ID. To ensure that no fraud occurs. Proctor PSI will use your webcam, microphone, and screen recording during the remote online proctored exam.

PSI Personality & Behavioral Exams

PSI offers a range of personality assessments for different companies and job roles. Some of these have only a personality test component. such as the PSI behavioral/personality test used by software company Jotform, while others, such as the famous Caliper Tology assessment, have both behavioral and cognitive sections that test reasoning and math skills. To know exactly which test you will take, you should confirm with the company you are applying to work for.

PSI Cognitive Exam

The Basic Skills Test and the Employee Aptitude Survey are two examples of the cognitive tests developed by PSI.These exams all use a set of multiple-choice questions to assess a candidate’s verbal, mathematical, and logical abilities. Find out more about the particular cognitive exam from the organisation you’re applying to so you can better prepare for it.

PSI Leadership Tests

Many organisations that wish to choose candidates for all management levels can take leadership tests from PSI. Typically, the candidates participate in an online personality assessment test where they must respond quickly to a series of questions.

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PSI Public Safety & FireFighter Candidate Assessment (FCA)

Around the country, PSI offers exams for a variety of public safety jobs. It is most well-known for being the primary testing provider for applicants seeking to become FDNY firefighters. In addition to qualified candidates, emergency dispatcher job applicants might also need to pass PSI exams.

What is the PSI Exam Center’s customer service phone number?

There are various phone numbers you can use to reach the PSI Exam phone number. For general questions, call the PSI toll-free customer service line at 1-877-526-6833. In case you are specifically attempting to get in touch with the PSI customer service team, their phone number is 1-800-733-9267. For inquiries concerning their corporate office, call 1-800-367-1565. You can contact PSI by phone with any questions or concerns you may have regarding exam schedules, registration, or other services related to PSI exam centres.

PSI Phone Number: FAQs

Q. How can I contact the PSI Exam Center Help Center via email?

Use the customer service email address to get in touch with the PSI Exam Center Help Center. The purpose of this email is to address your questions regarding various test-related concerns and to offer PSI support. This covers exam times, venues, costs, and study guides. The PSI customer support team can offer email guidance if you have questions about a specific exam or need help preparing for it. Please use this email address to get fast assistance.

Q. What Are PSI Exam Center’s Customer Service Business Hours?

Ans: The PSI customer service team is available from 7 AM to 7 PM CT, Monday through Friday, during the week. They provide guidance and support to people who are looking for PSI support regarding exam dates, registration procedures, and other services linked to the PSI Exam Center. Public holidays and weekends are closed for business at the PSI Exam Center. You can contact the support team during PSI customer service hours to get help, whether you need help setting up an exam or need advice on exam-related issues.

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