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NLE Choppa’s Phone Number, Relationship, Net worth and FAQs

NLE Choppa’s Phone Number: Rapper NLE Choppa, formerly known as YNR Choppa. He is a better-known stage name for Memphis, Tennessee-born Bryson LaShun Potts. He was born on November 1, 2002. His 2019 single “Shotta Flow” launched him to popularity. It peaked in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). December of that year saw the publication of his debut extended play (EP), Cottonwood, which featured the song.

Birth nameBryson LaShun Potts
Born1 Nov, 2002
Phone number 901-245-5603
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nle choppa phone number

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Early life

On November 1, 2002, Bryson LaShun Potts was born to a Jamaican mother and an African American father. Raised in the Parkway Village neighbourhood of Southeast Memphis, Tennessee, he attended Cordova High School to play basketball. At the age of fifteen, he started freestyling with his childhood pals, and at sixteen, he began to take music seriously.

Personal life

Potts became a father for the first time on June 20, 2020. He stated, “I knew I needed to change and be a better person for my daughter” .

Potts started the “Awakened Choppa” YouTube channel in August 2020 to share his holistic, healthier lifestyle, which includes gardening and veganism.

Potts spent an indeterminate amount of time in a juvenile prison facility; he said that his stay there inspired him to change his behaviour. He added that being incarcerated had improved him. He had been an “eye-opener” in an episode of his YouTube series, The Rise of NLE Choppa.

Potts was taken into custody for narcotics, weapons, and burglary on March 29, 2021. Over the “Beat Box” track by SpotemGottem, which has gone viral, he dropped a freestyle titled “First Day Out”.

He got into a brawl with some of his friends in Santa Monica, California, on May 3, 2021. On June 9, 2021, he declared, without proof, that he had assisted in the girl’s cancer recovery.

He revealed on March 6, 2022, that he and his partner at the time, Marissa Da’Nae, had miscarried their son. They welcomed Da’Nae’s first child and Potts’ second child on August 16, 2023.

Who is the girlfriend of NLE Choppa?

NLE Choppa revealed his single status in a September 12, 2022 tweet. The American rapper ended his relationship with his long-term partner, Marissa, and is currently single. The tweet read as follows: It has received over 19,000 likes and over 1,900 retweets. To reaffirm that he was single and not in a relationship, he also tweeted a few follow-ups, saying:

nle choppa phone number

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NLE Choppa’s relationship with Marissa Da’Nae

Although the details of Da’Nae and Choppa’s first encounter are unknown, their romance became viral in 2021 and since then, they have been in tabloids and the press. Additionally, they have been posting adorable pictures of themselves hanging out together on Instagram.

Just as well-liked as Choppa is Marissa De’Nae. Her career in the American sketch comedy and game show series Wild ‘N Out has made her a well-known model, businesswoman, and television personality.

Marissa has such an impressive track record in business. She is the CEO of Brazy Collections, a clothes store that bills itself as a flamboyant yet opulent boutique. She also serves as the CEO of Lavish Extensions, a company well-known for its Grade A HD lace wig line.

Marissa’s fame increased when she dated NLE Choppa because of their intense love. They tragically lost their unborn son. They had already given the baby’s name, Seven Da’Shun Potts, and verified pregnancy rumours. Marissa shared the devastating news on Instagram.

What transpired between Marrissa and NLE Choppa?

TV personality and social media influencer Marissa Da’Nae with her ex-boyfriend NLE Choppa. Image: @mxrvssa (editor’s edit)
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NLE Choppa declared on September 12, 2022, that he and Marissa were no longer dating. The rapper seems certain about his split with Marissa, citing his spiritual struggles and personal progress as reasons for the breakup in a string of tweets.

Marissa posted on September 5, 2022, on Instagram. She described her experience with the breakup in a live broadcast. It wasn’t easy, according to Marissa, who said she hadn’t been able to sleep or eat well since their split.

Family & Personal Life

NLE Choppa’s Phone Number: Popular on social media is NLE Choppa. As of May 2019, his YouTube channel, which bears his name, had 745k subscribers. It was established on January 27, 2018. The well-known YouTuber Jake Paul was featured in his debut video, “NLE Choppa Cali Vlog.” NLE Choppa is actively active on Twitter and Instagram, among other social media networks. In addition to his rhyming, he is renowned for his dance abilities. He updates his Instagram feed frequently with dance videos.

Angela Ellis Potts, NLE Choppa’s mother, oversaw his early career and they have a close relationship. Ellis Potts has thousands of followers on Instagram, where she enjoys popularity. Choppa sells clothes and phone covers under the brand “No Love Entertainment” (NLE) on his website. His goal is to make “NLE” one of the most well-known brands in the US.

What is NLE CHOPPA’s net worth?

It is estimated that NLE CHOPPA is worth $21.5 million based on the information on our website. Even though NLE CHOPPA’s actual net worth is uncertain. The website estimates NLE CHOPPA’s net worth at $21.5 million, but further research is needed to determine the company’s true value.

Some have asserted, nevertheless, that NLE CHOPPA’s true net worth may be significantly greater. Taking into account alternative revenue streams for a YouTuber, NLE CHOPPA’s projected net worth is $30.1 million.

NLE Choppa is young and relatively new to the music business, but he has accumulated a substantial net worth. This article will cover the rapper’s aspirations for future development as well as the circumstances surrounding his unexpected wealth surge.

FAQs on NLE Choppa’s Phone Number

Q. What is the net worth of Choppa?

Ans. The projected amount of NLE Choppa’s net worth in US dollars is $13 million.

Q. NLE Choppa is vegan; why?

Ans. NLE Choppa sought medical advice before converting to a vegan diet due to his mental health problems and depression.

Q. Which team is NLE Choppa rooting for?

Ans. NLE Choppa is an avid fan of the NBA team, the Memphis Grizzlies.

Q. What is the number of kids that NLE Choppa has?

Ans. NLE Choppa was blessed with a daughter in 2020.

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